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A Guide to Texas Pro Sports Teams

Texas is a big state with a number of pro sports teams


TEXAS SPORTS - American culture can be found all across the world. Hollywood films and even the fast food can be found from London to Bucharest. US Sports are also incredibly popular, with some of the big teams and players known by fans far from the cities they play in. 

But you may not know about the individual states. Texas has a population of almost 30 million – almost 10 million more than the whole of Romania. So it is no surprise that there are a lot of sports teams to support. Texas sports betting might not be completely legal for its residents, but a little information about the Lone Star State’s teams might be able to help you. Here’s a quick guide to the pro sports outfits in Texas. 

American Football 

Two cities dominate the world of Texas pro sports – Dallas and Houston – and both have a representative in the NFL, the elite American Football league in the world. The aptly named Houston Texans is one, although this is a franchise that has not known too much success in its 20-year existence. 

The Dallas Cowboys is another case altogether. Nicknamed ‘America’s Team’, the Cowboys were a football machine in the 1970s and enjoyed a similarly successful time in the early 1990s. It has been a while since a Super Bowl appearance now, but they are still an icon of the sport around the world. 


Soccer took a little longer to break the US. But now there are millions of players all over the country and a national league that attracts some of the best players on the planet. There are now three Major League Soccer teams in the Lone Star State – FC Dallas, Austin FC and Houston Dynamo. 

Austin have just finished only their second ever season, even though they made it to the MLS semi-finals in 2022. Dallas and Houston go back a little further and it is the Dynamo that have won more trophies. They have lifted the MLS Cup twice, while Dallas have only ever made it to the final once, when they lost in 2010. 


Baseball is regarded as America’s pastime and nowhere does the sport seem more at home than in Texas. Once again, it is Dallas and Houston that boast Major League Baseball teams and both the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros have a lot of support in their localities. 

Neither have been particularly successful in their long histories though. The Rangers, who are based in Arlington (just outside Dallas) have never even been able to win a World Series. But Houston has recently become one of the big teams in the league, winning the Fall Classic twice in the last five years – and are the current champions.

Dallas has teams in all the major sports leagues in the US 

Dallas has teams in all the major sports leagues in the US


The NBA is the home for the best hoops stars – and Texas has three representatives. Dallas and Houston have a team apiece, but it is the Spurs of San Antonio that can claim to be the most successful basketball franchise in the state. Five championships puts them only behind the Lakers, Celtics, Warriors and Bulls on the all-time list. 

The Dallas Mavericks may be a regular playoff contender, but they have only won one championship – back in 2011. The Houston Rockets have done slightly better, winning twice in their four visits to the finals. All three teams could do with a little more success though. 

Ice Hockey 

Texas might not be the first place you think of when it comes to ice hockey. Although the winters can get cold, the sport would not seem to be a natural fit. But the NHL has been successful in bringing hockey to warmer climes than Dallas – Phoenix, Arizona is a perfect example. 

The Dallas Stars used to be the Minnesota North Stars before the move. But it is as a Texan franchise that the Stars won the Stanley Cup. Just six years after moving, Dallas became the 1999 champions. There have been further finals appearances since – but no more championships as of yet.