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Democracy Dies in Discussion

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Lofty Points and Long Shots

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Clarence Thomas and Harlan Crow


Boot His Bottom off the Bench

Which Is More Lethal – Wokeism or MAGA?

Taxi Driver was one of a number of movies in the 1970s that presented a menacing underclass, unemployed and threatening social stability. FILMPUBLICITYARCHIVE/UNITED ARCHIVES VIA GETTY IMAGES


The ENABLERS Act:  Is the American Bar Association’s Opposition to Transparency in Financial Transactions Warranted?

IN THE SENATE - H.R. 5525 of the 117th Congress is the ENABLERS Act—an acronym for Establishing New Authorities for Businesses Laundering and Enabling Risks to Security.

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Clive Charles Hamilton, Professor, Australian author, and public intellectual

DC DISPATCH w/Sara Corcoran