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Community Proposes Alternative Homeless Housing Site


HOUSING PROJECT - At the Westside Neighborhood Council's (WNC) Land Use Committee meeting on August 30, 2023, a public comment identified an alternative site for the Midvale-Pico project, located at 1977 Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.

This site offers potential for a larger interim housing project, permanent supportive housing, and safe parking within its 26,000 square feet of indoor space across five structures.

A site visit was arranged for WNC, WLA Homeless, and WSSM Board members. Discussions with listing brokers revealed that the property, listed "for lease," could also be purchased or made available as a lease-purchase. This property had previously been of interest to CD 5 under former Councilmember Paul Koretz, but funds for purchase were unavailable at that time.

After the WNC meeting, CD 5 staff were invited to visit the site, generating considerable community excitement. The property is within the community, negating NIMBY concerns, and would not disrupt nearby homes or businesses. It could potentially eliminate a large homeless encampment nearby.

During a tour, CD 5 staff member Fernando Morales expressed concerns about the time required to pursue the property. Community members countered that the Mayor's Executive Declarations should expedite actions, as seen with the Midvale-Pico site. They highlighted the opportunity to develop interim housing and future permanent supportive housing, urging CD 5 to consider a public-private partnership.

In a meeting with Mayor Bass on November 18, WSSM President Broide discussed the property, and the Mayor expressed interest. Detailed information was later presented to the Mayor, who directed her staff to follow up, but no action has been taken by the Mayor's office.

The CD 5 office's progress has been minimal, with inquiries redirected to community members for nonprofit contacts. Despite the potential benefits of the Sepulveda site, CD 5 has continued to focus on additional sites rather than alternatives to Midvale-Pico, frustrating community members.

At a BizFed housing program on May 2, 2024, Barbara Broide raised the issue with the Mayor's Deputy overseeing Housing, expressing frustration over the lack of serious consideration for the Sepulveda site.

Key Attributes of the Sepulveda Site:

  • 26,000 square feet of secure warehouse space in five structures.
  • Four structures are electrified, plumbed, and ADA accessible.
  • Fully fenced and secured property.
  • One structure has a partial kitchen, suitable for dining and staff offices.
  • 24 on-site parking spaces, with potential for safe parking.
  • Space for outdoor activities.
  • Close to a large homeless encampment and key social services.
  • The current owner is open to negotiations supportive of the City's homeless housing efforts.

The community urges the City to explore the Sepulveda site as a viable solution for homeless housing, emphasizing the need for dedicated efforts to secure and develop the property.