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How Beliefs and Superstition Affects How Users Play Online Games 



Superstitions and benefits have always influenced human behavior beyond traditional rituals and routines. In online gaming, these steps also significantly influence many people´s gameplay. They affect how players engage with games, make decisions, and perceive the chance of success. In this article, we dive deeper into the players' minds to see how they affect their way of playing. 
The Psychology of Superstition

The psychology behind superstition has been heavily researched throughout our history. Humans seek patterns and causality, even in places that do not exist. This type of thinking is often seen when people play slots online, as humans expect previous things to happen again. Players also develop rituals to replicate past game rounds and control the game´s outcome. This is, however, a bit pointless, as slot games are entirely based on luck.  

Superstition in Online Casino Games 

Online casino games such as poker, roulette, and slots are perfect examples of how superstitions affect the player's behavior in the games. Despite being protected by random number generators (RNGs) to ensure the safety and fairness of the slots, some people tend to think that their superstitions can affect the RNG. 

Lucky numbers and symbols often find their way into the player's mind, making the player think of their luck being special or leading to the player always choosing similar numbers as they believe certain numbers bring more luck. 

Cultural Influences on Gaming Superstition 

Cultural background does significantly influence the superstitions the player adopt. In many cultures for example in Asia the number eight is considered lucky due to its phonetic similarity with the word for prosperity and wealth, but for example the number four is associated with death so Asian people tend to build some superstitions around numbers. Other cultures may have also superstitions around some typ of number combinations or time of the day these all can affect the players mood when playing online games. 

The Impact of Beliefs on Player Behavior 

Beliefs and superstitions do lead the players, unfortunately to make irrational decision that contradict with the games optimal strategies. This can affect the players winnings in long-term, and are also a sign of responsible gaming risk as the player believes that he is not fully in control of the gaming himself. Below we go through the impacts more in-depth: 

Transparency and Education 
Providing clear information and instruction on how the games work especially explaining on how the RNG works in casino games, can help the player leave the superstitions on things they can actually have control over. Education and transparency is the key for responsible gaming, and also to ensure the integrity of the games as well. Educational initiatives can also make the player realize how the games work before wagering with his own money further safeguarding the player on the site. 

Fair Design Practices 

Ensuring that games are designed fairly to all player can also help mitigate the impact of any superstitions. Providing clear, and easily understandable odds, showing RNG´s, RTP (Return to player %), payout information, and also clear bonus terms and conditions. These games, and the feature on them are key to encourage the responsible gaming, and help the player to stay in control of his own playing. 

Support Systems

Offering the correct support systems to the players, who might feel like they are not fully anymore in control of their gaming or who have already been negatively affected by their superstitions or just overall have lost the control of their gaming need to be referred to the correct support systems. License requirements in most casinos make sure that casinos display this information clearly on the site. Usually the provided support systems are services for gambling addicts searching for help, forums talking about healthy gaming habits that can help mitigate the negative effects of the gaming. 


Superstitions and beliefs are deeply ingrained with humans, and especially in certain cultures, and upon researches they have noticed the severe affects on peoples daily lives through the superstitions they possess. This can also been seen on the players activity with online casino where their gambling decisions are sometimes controlled by beliefs and superstitions instead of the most logical gaming pattern. 

These type of actions have the, unfortunate side affect of potentially to negatively impact the player, and lead the player of losing the control of his own gaming. In these scenarios it´s important the player is well informed of the support systems that are designed to help. Also the display of fair play elements such as RTP, RNG, and information on how the said game works are crucial. As the online gaming industry continuously keeps growing the safety of the players is key for healthy future. We look forward seeing even further steps on how the casinos can help, and protect their player to make sure all the players even with superstitions and beliefs are correctly protected by gaming harms. 



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