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How Wokers Paint Targets on the Backs of Jews and Blacks


THE VIEW FROM HERE - The term Woke began as a sensible observation that minorities have unique perceptions of American life in which the majority does not share. It has been distorted into a left wing, anti-White, anti-Jewish and anti-Black political movement. 

Why Wokeism is anti-Black 

In the 1940's - early1960's, we marveled at how so many Blacks had "overcome." In those days, "overcome" was the word most associated with Blacks. Both Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony were local icons – Black and White; our city was proud of both.  Martin Luther King’s stature was like Mahatma Gandhi’s. Eldridge Cleaver, Ralph Emerson (Invisible Man), and Muhammad Ali became cultural icons for both Black and White. The list of those who overcame is virtually endless. 

One should not confuse the ability of some to "overcome" to mean that society in general was not predatory, trying to keep everyone in their places. Nonetheless, the subconscious lesson during the Civil Rights Era was that a lot of Blacks were superheroes.  

Today, the Woker characterization of Blacks has become "helpless victim."  The subconscious lesson from Wokers is that Blacks are whiners, looking for handouts in the form of reparations.  If one has to chose between stereotypes, the strong hero is far wiser than the weak victim.  As Americans, however, we should follow the Declaration of Independence and MLK and treat each person as an individual based on their own character and not their race, gender, ethnicity, etc.  When the Woker stereotype of Blacks as angry victims is forced on us each day, it invades our minds, making it hard to see the individual. 

Blacks do not Benefit From Woker Anti-Black Stereotypes 

While Wokeism harms those Blacks who believe that their entire lives may be summed up in the words “victims due to white entitlement,” the Wokers low expectations for Blacks is seen by the Alt Right as part of a nefarious plot to marginalize and then erase Whites.  In Alt Right circles, Woker low expectations is an admission that Blacks are inferior which in their minds explains Affirmative Action. Its purpose is to replace qualified Whites with unqualified Blacks.  The Whites who are susceptible to this theory are usually the most unqualified.  They eagerly accept the dichotomous thinking, “it’s not my fault, it’s them.”  

Alt Right & Wokers Recapitulate Europe’s Religious Wars 

Similar to the religious wars which plagued Europe for centuries, today’s wealthy and powerful and their political attack dogs like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gladly sacrifice the well being and lives the average American.  While the wars between the Catholics and Protestants may have made sense to believers, to outsiders the wars were fought by idiots over nonsense.  In a polarized society, the Wokers and the Alt Right spew incoherent rubbish which feeds into hyper-emotionalism.  This article analyzes how Woke Identity Politics paints targets on the backs of Jews and Blacks. 

The Dem’s Promotion of The Grand Replacement Theory 

Woker Identity Politics posed an existential threat to replace Whites years before the 2011 French publication of Le Grand Remplacement by Jean Renaud Gabriel Camus.  As former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, when the minorities become the majority of the voters, they will replace Whites.  Law enforcement advised Pelosi that it is dangerous to provoke the Alt Right, which is a tiny fringe, but extremely violent.  The Alt Right posed a criminal threat, but not a viable political force.  Pelosi’s persistent Identity Politics and the rise of Wokeism have made the violent Alt Right into a political force, such that it attempted to overthrow of the US government on January 6, 2021. 

Le Grand Remplacement in America 

Everyday supporters of Woker Identity Politics do not care how these policies are painting targets on the backs of Jews and Blacks.  We saw it in Charlottesville’s Tiki Torch march with the chant, “Jews shall not replace us.” Probably 98% of the nation thought, “Huh? Why would Jews want to replace those loons and goons?”  Law enforcement knew, but prudently kept silent, knowing that publicity is to Alt Right as gasoline is to a fire.  While the Dems used Charlottesville to raise money, law enforcement went to work with criminal prosecutions. In Congress, however, Speaker Pelosi made certain that the Alt Right icon Donald Trump suffered no consequences for his behavior.  (See Unchecked, The Untold story Behind Congress’s Botch Impeachments of Donald Trump by Bade and Demirjian) 

The Alt Right knew what “Jews Shall Not Replace Us” meant, but it took Payton Gendron to explain the significance of “Jews Shall Not Replace Us” to justify his murder of ten Black people at a Buffalo supermarket.  The Alt Right theory is that since Blacks are too dumb to engineer the replacement, the clever Jews are directing the Replacement of Whites by Blacks.   May 14, 2022, NBC News, The Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect allegedly posted an apparent manifesto repeatedly citing 'great replacement' theory, by Ben Collins.   After Charlottesville’s chant, Jews were singled out and murdered, e.g. Oct 27, 2018, white supremacist Robert Bowers killed 11 at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, April 27, 2019, White supremacist John Timothy Earnest shot one woman and injured three others.  In 2015, Dylann Roof had singled out Black churchgoers for the same reason, i.e. someone had to protect the white race.  While anti-Semitism and inter-group bigotries are millennia old, these murders were spurred by the existential threats which Woker Identity Politics have been making against the Alt Right for over a decade. 

While Le Grand Remplacement is a typical paranoid conspiracy theory, it is hard to dissuade the Alt Right that it is not true. Nancy Pelosi still has not renounced her threat, i.e., minorities shall replace Whites when enough voters are minorities.  On October 2018, in a New York Times opinion piece, columnist Michelle Goldberg published “We Can Replace Them, In Georgia, a Chance to Rebuke White Nationalism”.   Goldberg wrote: “Right now America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power, terrified at being swamped by a new multiracial polyglot majority.” 

Is anyone so naive as to think that a French lunacy theory could have become so popular among people who call French Fries “Freedom Fries” without Pelosi’s Identity Politics and without Wokers’ using it to advance their own political fortunes?  Polarization brings not only divisiveness, it also brings political power and greatly enhances fund raising.  April 8, 2021, Hate Money Stalks America. The Romans had meme for it, Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule).  Rule whom? Answer: naive Americans of all hues and ethnicities. Yes, all of us - Blacks, Whites and in-betweens – are dupes, re-enacting the insanity of Europe’s religious wars for the fun and profit of the 1%. 

Law Enforcement and Defense Agencies Knew The Alt Right Was a Violent Law Enforcement Problem 

The American Jewish Committee AJC (I was assistant Los Angeles area director in early 1970's) and B’nai B’rith’s Anti-Defamation League ADL have worked with law enforcement for generations and they know that extremists tend to be violent and crave attention.  The last thing one should do is provide these mentally ill people publicity.  Publicity swells their ranks and touches off lone wolf attacks on synagogues, Jewish Community Centers and random Jewish people on the street. Despite all the warnings of law enforcement, Pelosi’s Identity Politics and Wokers devote an inordinate amount of attention to White Supremacists.  Charlottesville’s Unite The Right rally was not the brain child of the Alt Right, but of Wes Bellamy, Charlottesville’s Black vice mayor.  Over the warnings and protests of other community leaders for him to stop provoking the Alt Right into confrontations, Bellamy finally got Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler to bring the Alt Right rally to Charlottesville by promising them a huge counter demonstration of Antifa. At no time prior to Charlottesville or afterwards did the national Dem leadership condemn or even criticize Wes Bellamy.  It was left to law enforcement to arrest and prosecute the thugs, while the Dems used Charlottesville for fundraising. 

Whenever Jews or Blacks are murdered, Dem politicos rush to the microphones to denounce the murders, but never to denounce the racial agitation which their Identity Politics and Wokeism has provoked. 

While the GOP makes certain that paranoid lunatics have guns, Dems tell the murderers where to aim. Both parties are playing a deadly game with our lives.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].  The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com.)