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Los Angeles: Greenbuild Hosts Largest Ever Green Building Expo … Invites Your ‘Green’ Ideas


ACTION ALERT--Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the largest green building expo, comes to Los Angeles for the first time, on Oct. 5-7, 2016.  To that end, the first opportunity to get involved is the Legacy Project.  


Launched by the U.S. Green Building Council-Los Angeles (USGBC-LA) Chapter, the Greenbuild LA Legacy Project will be built and unveiled during the expo.  The project is a gift from the national USGBC and USGBC-LA Host Chapter to Los Angeles for hosting the conference and will be a permanent and enduring means of service, education and thanks to the local community. The Request for Proposal (RFP) can be accessed at here with the due date of January 27, 2016. The project must be completed, i.e. built and delivered, by September 1, 2016.

Along with the Legacy Project, people also have the opportunity to submit Spotlight Ideas on the website, ideas that serve similar goals to the Legacy Project, but may not yet be feasible or deliverable. Spotlight Ideas submitted to the website are intended to encourage people to dream and help foster, support and grow great Legacy Project ideas into full RFP submissions through community engagement. Selected standout ideas will be eligible to showcase at Greenbuild 2016. To submit an idea, see due dates and criteria, and learn how to build support, please visit.

The theme for the Los Angeles conference is “Iconic Green”, drawing on LA’s status as home to some of our nation’s and the world’s most iconic imagery, talent and landscapes, and submissions should consider what ‘iconic’ means for their project / idea. Both the Legacy Project RFP and Spotlight Ideas are open to all, and there is no submission fee. The ideal Legacy Project submission should be permanent, scalable, service varied socio economic backgrounds and be accessible to a larger general audience among other carefully chosen criteria.

“We are so excited to help guide the Legacy Project for Los Angeles,” state Greenbuild 2016 Legacy Project co-chairs Coomy Kadribegovic of AECOM and Maya Henderson of Bentley Mills. “Both the final Project and the Spotlight Ideas provide people from across L.A. the chance to inspire and be inspired by others, address an important green building issue, and stimulate change, idea by idea.”

Adds USGBC-LA Executive Director Dominique Hargreaves, “The final Legacy Project, in particular, will contribute to greening the local area, while also offering a visual explanation of why a sustainable built environment for all communities is so vital to our existence. The USGBC-LA is committed to transforming L.A. into a sustainable region through education (the ‘why’), innovation and action, and having Greenbuild and this project here will hopefully get a lot of people to take an active interest.”

Past conferences have sponsored projects that continue to serve their communities long after the attendees from Greenbuild have departed. These projects include an interactive playground in Philadelphia, a green building educational center in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, and a new urban food studio in Washington, D.C. 


(Julie Du Brow is a communications consultant for the U.S. Green Building Council-L.A., among others.  Julie is an occasional contributor to CityWatch.)





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Pub: Dec 22, 2015