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Joe Biden’s Blood Libels


THE VIEW FROM HERE - After Thursday’s, June 28, 2024's, Presidential Debate between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, we see that he (Trump) is energetic, still quick witted, with his memory in tact despite his DSM-5 personality disorders (Histrionic and Narcissism with paranoid features.)  The latter (Biden) is obviously not mentally competent to be President.  There is another more significant difference – only Joe Biden has engaged for months on end in a series of Blood Libels against the Jews. 

Definition of Blood Libel: 

The world’s new authoritative source on word definitions, the WWW, states that Blood Libel means: 

(1) “The false accusation that Jews murder non-Jewish children to use their blood for their religious rituals and holidays.” Biden has yet to make this most notorious blood libel – give him time 

(2) “Any false or purportedly false accusation of murder of a non-Jew by a Jewish person or organization.”   Biden habitually, falsely accuses Israel of murder non-Jews. 

(3) “Any false or purportedly false accusation of guilt, especially of guilt in mass murder or homicide.”  Biden also makes these false claims against the IDF and Israel contrary to facts. 

For months Biden has falsely criticized the IDF actions as “over the top” and “indiscriminate” due to the number of Palestinians killed.  Biden is knowingly lying, unless he is more mentally incompetent that he showed in Thursday night.  One huge fact, which Biden ignores, is that the normal ratio of military deaths to civilian deaths is 1 to 9; that’s one soldier for every 9 civilians dead.  After months of lying about the civilian deaths in Gaza, even the UN had to admit that the ratio is about 1 to 1, that is, only one civilian for each Hamas soldier.  The IDF has the world record for protecting civilians.  A factor one will not hear from Hamas Joe. The number would be even smaller if Hamas did not use civilians human shields and prevent many Gazans from heeding the IDF’s evacuation warnings.  

Following his orders from Nancy Pelosi, Biden found the IDF behavior so horrible that in order to “save the children,” he would stop sending offensive weapons to Israel.  (Yeah, right, tell the Rams that they may make only defense plays, but have no offensive game plan.)  Also, when Hamas’ and other Islamists’ rocket fall short of Israel and murder Gazans, those deaths are attributed to Israel.  By using the false data from both Hamas and the UN, Biden has been engaging in Blood Libels #2 and #3.  However, in his dotage, perhaps Biden only repeats what the Obamaists tell him. 

Biden accuses Israel of starving the Gazans: (1) there is no starvation and (2) the humanitarian aid is stolen by Hamas and then resold at exorbitant prices, thereby enriching Hamas leadership by hundreds of millions of dollars.  For months’ Biden blames the lack of aid through the Rafah Gate on Israel, only for the world to later find out that Egypt controlled the southern side and Hamas controlled the northern side.  When the IDF took control of the northern side, Egypt refused aide to enter Gaza. Again, this was hailed another act of Jews trying to starve Gazans. 

When the IDF brought humanitarian aid to Gaza, the Gazans attacked each other and then attacked the IDF guards who were bringing the aid.  When the IDF defended itself, it was reported that “the IDF is killing innocent Gazans.” Biden thought that dropping food from an airlift would solve the problem of “Israel blocking the aid.”  The pallets fell on Gazans killing them. 

More recently, there is another Biden fiasco – the $250 million dock to deliver humanitarian aid to Gazans.  What little aid made it ashore, went to Hamas warehouses. US soldiers were not allowed to step foot on Gazan soil! That should tell Hamas Joe something about the mentality of Hamas that its snipers would kill US soldiers’ bringing aid.  Had Hamas Joe listened to the IDF, he would have known that the entire dock was sheer nonsense due to sea and weather conditions.  Now, the dock is being dismantled without Hamas Joe’s admitting any mistake, but still blaming only Israel for the plight of Gazans. 

Once in a while some administration official will say that Hamas uses human shields, but only in passing and never with vigor that the Biden Administrations proclaims its Blood Libels.  Even under the White House definition of anti-Semitism, blaming Israel for things which it did not do is a form of anti-Semitism which impacts world Jewry including US Jews at UCLA and our synagogues. 

From what we can intuit, the only reason the Administration will occasionally mention Hamas as mass murderers responsible for the bloodshed and suffering is to give its lap dogs in the Jewish Community, e.g., the ADL, the AJC, and some JFEDs, a few words to say, “See, Biden supports Israel.” (The ADL, the AJC, and some JFEDs appear to have become wholly owned subsidiaries of Democrat Party’s Woke Left and its racist and anti-Semitic DEI. In return, state and federal governments promise to give the agencies millions of dollars.) 

Biden’s Blood Libels can be passive as when a member of the Squad falsely labels Israel a “racist state.” The Dem Squad also calls Israel an apartheid state and accuses it of genocide.  Hamas Joe stands silent, knowing that his silence signals approval.  There is nothing racist about Israel: (1) Jews are of all races, a minority of Jews are not Ashkenazic, (2) Israel grants full citizenship to individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, or religion. Over 18% of Israelis are Arab Muslims who may hold any office including the Knesset and the Supreme Court.  The most ludicrous claim is that Israel is a genocide side state. In November 1948 there were 156,000Arabs in Israel.  At the end of 2023, Israel’s Arab Moslem population was 1.782 million (18.1% of all residents). In 1967, Gaza had 394,000 ppl. Today, it has over 2.1 million. For Biden and the Squad, this is “genocide.”  

Referring to Gaza as occupied by Israel is a type of blood libel since Israel withdrew in 2005.  Where is Joe Biden to combat these lies by his party?

Whether it has been by his own utterances of Blood Libels, silence when he had a duty to speak out forcefully, or his nefarious actions to hinder Israel, for months Biden has engaged in vicious Blood Libels against the IDF, Israel and by extension against US Jews.  No wonder thugs attacked Adas Torah while the LAPD consulted a Thomas Guide map to find out where the Pico Robertson section of Los Angeles is located.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])