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Los Angeles’ Cast of Cowards, Villains, and Dupes


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Omnia Los Angeles in tres partes divida est: Cowards, Villains, and Dupes.  LAPD Chief Michael Moore is current Coward in Chief.  The Pollyanna’s amongst us hope that he turns out to be more under-cover cop than coward. Presently, facts point to his cowardice. Bases for conclusion are.

(1) Jason Reedy still has not been arrested

Jason Reedy’s non-arrest is similar to a maskless bank robber whose robbery is video and audio taped and who then publicly claims that the bank robbed him.  How Trumpian!  Not only that, for months afterwards with his horde of Mayor Bass allies, Reedy taunts and intimidates his political enemies.  Maybe someday, the victims’ 911 calls to the LAPD about political terrorism will be released, if they have not already been destroyed.

(2) The LAPD allows the suspect in making the illegal tape to conduct the investigation.    There’s supposed to be nothing new under the sun, but the suspect doing the investigation?!? Ecclesiastes 1:9

(3) The LAPD leaks misinformation to LA Times, a major co-conspirator in the political dirty trick

One problem with leaking disinformation -- it allows people to divine what is in the works.  The articles about Santos Leon and his wife Karla Vasquez lay the foundation for the LAPD to claim “End of story. Tsk, Tsk, bad Mr. Leon.”  Too many political hot shots have egg on the faces and blood on their hands to let the investigation reveal the leakers behind the political sabotage.  The cover-up is simple: it was a marital spat between Santos and his wife Karla which resulted in the taping. Thus, the LAPD will close the books on the False Narrative of the councilmembers’ being anti-Black, on the January 6th style attack on city hall, on the closing down of the city council sessions by physical intimidation, on the political terrorism against the families and children of those whom the wokers targeted, on Jason Reedy, and on all other Karen Bass supporters.  Since last October, The LAPD has shown no interest in the causal link between the illegal tape and subversion of the democratic process.

Let’s be clear about causation.  If I poison the food at Chez Pouelle to do-in my partner’s lover and everyone else in the restaurant gets food poisoning, I will be liable since I started the chain of causation resulting in foreseeable harm. I do need to know who is poisoned or which waiter delivered the food.  But for my illegal act of poisoning the food, no one would have gotten sick. Causation in this case, however, is more complicate.

(4) Crimes Can be Reversed Engineered

Most law enforcement agencies know that crimes have three phrases: the planning, the crime, and the aftermath.  The LAPD can focus on the end crimes of Jason Reedy’s stalking, assaulting, and battering councilmember Kevin DeLeon.  The LAPD then has jurisdiction to expose the extensive planning and the motive for the terrorist threats by Reedy and other Karen Bass supporters in Black Live Matter which resulted in a number of other criminal acts.  That inquiry brings the LAPD back to the KNOCK LA release and False Narrative promotion of anti-Black racism.  It matters naught whether the LAPD makes the illegal taping or Reedy’s battery the lead criminal offense.

Let’s Look at the New Evidence

There is additional significant evidence which Los Angeles Magazine published it on July 21, 2023.    It is the verbatim blurb with Reddit’s release of the audio tape. 

LA County Federation of Labor Scam 

Wow, you know it happens, but when you actually hear it, it's unbelievable. The labor movement is in bed with City Hall. All you have to do is look closely and listen to the recording I just received of LA Fed President Ron Herrera and Nury Martinez (no relation, lol). Someone helped me connect the dots earlier this month. 

- Herb Wesson contributed $100,000 to a non-profit organization that's run by the LA County Federation of Labor at the beginning of 2021 when Wesson was on city council. Maybe 2020. 

- A couple months later, his son, Justin Wesson gets the Chief of Staff job at the LA fed without having any background in the labor movement. 

- A couple months later, a staffer for Monica Rodriguez named Rosie Cruz, gets a job at the LA Federation of Labor 

- The LA Federation of Labor gets a $20,000,000 government grant and hires Nury Martinez's field coordinator, Andres Sandoval 

- Martin Ludlow gets multiple contracts with the LA fed. Remember him? He and Miguel Contreras were investigated for fraud and Contreras would have gone to jail if he didn't die first. 

- The wife of Justin Wesson works as the Chief of Staff for Nury Martinez, Alexis Wesson. 

- If Rick Caruso wins the Mayor's race, he will clean house at City Hall, including making sure Nury Martinez is out. That would put [Justin] Wesson out of a job. So, the LA Fed is putting all it's money in Karen Bass's campaign. 

- Rumor is, Justin Wesson left his post in July to focus on fundraising for Karen Bass, BUT apparently, he's still on payroll at the LA Federation of labor.

Not only is there no hint of city council president Nury Martinez being anti-Black, but it also relates the mutual support between Black and Mexican politicos in Los Angeles.  Just start with the Reddit title: “LA County Federation of Labor Scam” It’s angry that the Labor Federation supports Mexicans and Blacks at city hall.

Who Is the White Knight Who Will Ride to Los Angeles’s Rescue?

Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso. Who does he have in his gun sights for elimination? Nury Martinez.  Who is anti-Black? No one!  For Angelenos who do not know, prior councilmember Martin Ludlow, city council president Herb Wesson, his son Justin are Black. Who supports them? The Mexicans. 

Whom does the Reddit scenario make into villains? Karen Bass and her Mexican supporters at the Labor Federation.   It’s Wokers vs. moderate LA politicos.  Who is posting this screed on Reddit?   Someone named Martinez? Who was running to be Councilmember for CD 13? Hugo Soto-Martinez. Who had a beef against the Labor Federation? Soto-Martinez.  In which publication did the story turn into a false claim of racism – KNOCK LA – which supported Hugh Soto-Martinez. 

Back in October 2022, Angelenos were unaware of the incipient Woker-Developer Alliance.  Who had the moolah and was spending millions on media ads to become mayor of LA? Rick Caruso.  Who had the clout to promote the False Narrative of racism? Rick Caruso! Who introduced religious bigotry against Scientology into the political campaign? Rick Caruso!  November 3, 2022, CityWatch, Religious Bigotry Attacks Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times’ Boundless Villainy 

Since virtually no one holds KNOCK LA to any journalistic ethics, calling its behavior “villainous” would be redundant. The Los Angeles Times knew for an absolute fact that its story was false.  Despite its history of anti-Mexicanism dating back to 1881, it has pretensions of objectivity.  Interesting, it seems to have not only had the False Narrative of racism prepared prior the tape’s release, it then embarked on a constant campaign to cover-up its perfidious conduct.  It was so successful in subverting the democratic process to over-turn the election of non-woker Nury Martinez, that the LA Times won a Pulitzer Prize. If LA’s media were not filled with craven cowards, station managers would have been telling the LAPD and the public how it had to run with the False Narrative of Racism or lose millions of dollars in Caruso campaign ads. The word extortion comes to mind.

Who Are the Dupes?

We are all the dupes if we continue to believe the non-stop lies.  Political terrorism against councilmembers, their homes and their children would not exist if we were not dupes.  The LAPD’s proper focus on the criminal subversion of the democracy should be: who turned a Reddit tape which was devoid of racism into a 100% False Narrative to drive non-Wokers off the city council?  Chief Moore faces the moral challenge of a lifetime. While the truth will set him free, it will also lose him his job.

(Richard Lee Abrams is a former attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected]. The opinions expressed within this content are solely Richard Abrams’ and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of CityWatchLA.com or its affiliates.)