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ERIC PREVEN’S NOTEBOOK - Consider that the County of Los Angeles has replaced half of its regular Board meetings with odd hearing items and lengthy policy discussions, frequently without taking any general comment.  

Yesterday, two city council members with county connections Katy Yaroslavsky (CD5), and Eunisses Hernandez (CD1) and a former city attorney lobbyist Tim Mcosker (CD15) pressed to take a proposal to the voters to adopt a once-weekly meeting schedule.  Why would the City be trying to cut back from three meetings a week?   The public was not amused, but the biggest force that day was the college students who were upset with LAPD's encampment work on campus, along with the 41.18 opponents who were also upset with other encampments. 

Why cut back? The argument is the council members are busy out in the districts getting things done. If only that were true.  

The history of the expansion to three meetings relates to the council members getting big salaries and they are now among the highest city council salaries nationwide. In 2017, they gave themselves a raise, which "elevated my blood pressure.”  

But even more upsetting than the county and city meetings this week, was the fact that even a self-described open government advocate, was unable to give a damn public comment. For no good reason, I was de-selected in three straight meetings.  Giving public comment has become like a lottery and Eunisses and Katy want to make the odds even tougher..    

Dr. Genievieve Claveurel said on page 273 of the County Board transcript from Tuesday "Yes, I want to speak on general comment. Every week, the AT&T connection for the board is not working. Today I got kicked out twice, and they did not respond when I dial 1 then 0. It happens constantly. I just wish you would look at what is going on and what AT&T is doing. Thank you so much." 

Last Friday, I was denied public comment at City Council by Harris Dawson, who I had freshly written about.  Tuesday I was denied the right to give any public comment, despite hanging on the line until late in the afternoon.  And at the city council on Wednesday I was denied any comments on anything including a Special meeting - my specialty. 

As I tweeted, "Today is the third meeting in a row I’ve been de-selected from participating. Three different pitchers, throwing three different pitches. The ‘lower hand’ without notice, the ‘welp we’re out time’ and the sociopathic mute, ‘hang up, next speaker’. 

When I went back to YouTube for Tuesday's City Council meeting, it was not working - only an hour and thirteen minutes of a six-hour meeting was available.    

Don't get me wrong, all the festive presentations, including the consul from Mexico and De Leon's mariachis, 


Monica Rodriguez's CD7 large white flower is back from drycleaning as she commends the Consul from Mexico. 


Paul Krekorian's Huskies, from North Hollywood High are great.  He trotted out a baseball team from North Hollywood, and said, briefly playing the role of affable director, "Your on TV." and  "every day is a great day to be a huskie."  Truth.   

Another true statement I recall from the director Ridley Scott is, "Good FBI officers are not noticeable. You would never look at them."  

Everyone was highly impressed when Tim Mcosker the lobbyist and councilmember respectfully addressed the Huskies with big-time respect.  At the same respect level as when he respectfully greeted the Galaxy mascot Cosmo.   

Tim McOsker and Cosmo of The Galaxy both self identify as large headed.  Does that say Herbalife?😠


The short take, his Banning boys got their butts respectfully kicked in the championship game. Go Huskies!" 

Smart Speaker:  I wonder if Tim McOsker ever recuses himself... and we are loving the new disclosure protocol at the County Board of Supervisors.  

Item 7, was a very nice alley dedication that runs East and West between 4329 Degnan Boulevard and 4335 Degnan Boulevard as “Sika Dwimfo Way."  I would call it an agendized announcement for the CD10 Herb Wesson  proxy, Heather Hutt. Kudos, during election time.  

Later in the meeting, during a category called Announcements, Eunisses Hernandez (CD1)... stood up and seemed to be seeking a concurrence on an item related to the cease-fire in Gaza. It was not on the agenda, so somewhere between awkward and a Brown Act Violation.   

We all love "Fam" rallies but apparently, Eunisses has no appetite for meetings where everyone is heard - (except sharp critics of course). Fewer meetings with voices that are not cherrypicked by... the Fam.  The City Fam. 

County Reparationista:

I was so stunned by the number of recusals going on at the county board meeting, I nearly fell into the hole. [Over 20!] So, below, you will find the scope of what we are dealing with for just one 97 item meeting.    

Kudos to Supervisor Hilda Solis for not recusing herself on a single item!  Highly impressive! 

If the county is serious about informing the public about the contributions they receive, why not post it on the agenda? Cobbling it together takes time and these meetings are long muthas...  

Sup. Holly J. Mitchell, Sup.: Thank you madame chair. I feel compelled to explain why this is last [Reparations item]. I don't want people to make assumptions based on the content and why it is last. First of all, it has been a very heavy deep rich board meeting today. housing, budget cuts. The provision of culturally appropriate services to LGBTQ+ community. All issues are relevant in a deep profound way for residents in L.A. County.   

The way that our agenda works is agenda items get numbered based on when they are put forward on the agenda. Frankly, my team and I were working with a number of advocacy groups, reviewing documents, to really make sure that we were bringing forward the best motion possible on this topic given the weight severity, and importance of this topic. And so it was a green sheet motion on Friday. which gave it a very high agenda item.  Which gave it a very high agenda item number. Which puts it closer to the end of the meeting. I want the people to understand the process to not make any assumptions about why it was last today. 

Smart Speaker: Wait, Barger's 84-A was top of the show and that was on the green sheet? Remember the design-build from the Penta LLC bros, the group the Trojans simply adore!  Frankly, everybody adores!!! Go Wavies They did the bowling alley suite in Vegas...  Thanks to Pestrella for putting this together and paying Abbott Construction LLC and Kemp Bros. Construction, Inc.,  stipends in the amount of $45,000 each to the second and third-highest-ranked qualified proposers— no recusals.  Huh!  

"Get him out here" Cheat Sheet

Actually, DO not let this man speak in general public comment after what follows, even after he hung in there all day until four o'clock reminding the public of the rich county history.  

The board voted on Items: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12-14, 16-27, 28, 29-40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 49-51, 53-57, 59-65, 66, 67-83, 84-c, 88, 89, 90, SD1, 2D-5D, 1P.  

Motion: Supervisor Barger moved to approve the items with noted exceptions. Motion carried 5-0.  

The Rule of Necessity was invoked for Recusals on items 1D, 39, 45, and 58 to ensure a quorum. 

Item-Specific Recusals 

Item 28: General Services Agreements Renewal 

Supervisor Hahn: Contribution from Mayor Mario Trujillo.  


Item 39: Exclusive Negotiation Agreement 

Supervisor Mitchell: Contributions from Angela Minifield and David Carlyle. 

Supervisor Horvath: Contribution from Thomas Safran. 

Supervisor Barger: Contribution from Thomas Safran. 

Rule of Necessity: Barger selected by random to vote. 


Item 40: Workforce Services Contracts 

Supervisor Hahn: Contribution from Bill Starr.  


Item 41: Social Enterprise Employment and Training Master Agreement 

Supervisor Hahn: Contribution from Downey Restaurant Group. 

Supervisor Horvath: Contribution from Special Services for Groups.  


Item 44: Temporary Healthcare Personnel Agreements 

Supervisor Mitchell: Contributions from Washington, Angela Minifield, and David Carlyle.  


Item 45: Non-County Trauma Center Provisions for Reimbursement Memorandum of Agreement Amendments 

Supervisor Mitchell: Contribution from Paul Viviano. 

Supervisor Hahn: Contribution from Prime Healthcare Services Inc., St. Francis Medical Center. 

Supervisor Barger: Contribution from Prime Healthcare Services Inc., St. Francis Medical Center.

Rule of Necessity: Barger selected by random to vote.  


Item 46: Sole Source Training Contracts 

Supervisor Barger: Contribution from Tom Moen. 


Item 48: Healthy Families America and Parents as Teachers Home Visiting Programs Sole Source Contract 

Supervisor Horvath: Requests item be held. 


Item 52: High Impact HIV Prevention Services Contract 

Supervisor Barger: Contribution from Al Sinella.  


Item 58: Minor Leases, Licenses, and Permits for Recreational or Park Use 

Supervisor Mitchell: Contribution from Glen Dake. 

Supervisor Horvath: Contribution from Glen Dake. 

Supervisor Hahn: Contribution from Glen Dake. 

Rule of Necessity: Hahn selected by random to vote. 


Item 84-A: Approve the Projects and Budgets and Award a Design-Build Contract for the High Desert Crisis Supervisor Barger: Requests item be held.  


Item 87: County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment 

Supervisor Mitchell: Requests item be continued to June 25. 


Item 1-D: Exclusive Negotiating Agreement 

Supervisor Mitchell: Contributions from Angela Minifield and David Carlyle. 

Supervisor Horvath: Contribution from Thomas Safran. 

Supervisor Barger: Contribution from Thomas Safran. 

Rule of Necessity: Horvath selected by random to vote.  


Additional Recusal and Voting Details 

Item 1D: Mitchell, Horvath, and Barger recused. Horvath was selected by random to vote.


Item 39: Mitchell recused for contributions from Angela Minifield and David Carlyle. Horvath and Barger were recused for contributions from Thomas Safran. Barger selected by random to vote.  


Item 45: Mitchell recused for contribution from Paul Viviano. Hahn and Barger recused for contributions from Prime Healthcare Services Inc., St. Francis Medical Center. Barger selected by random to vote. 


Item 58: Mitchell, Horvath, and Hahn were recused for contributions from Glen Dake. 

Hahn was selected by random to vote.  


Next is a public hearing item on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at 9:00 am. The next policy presentations meeting is Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 9:30 am.  Also, the special meeting for the budget deliberations is Monday, June 24, 2024, at 9:30 am and the next regular meeting of the board is held on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at 9:30 am. 

Mark your calendars!

(Eric Preven is a longtime community activist and is a contributor to CityWatch.)