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ERIC PREVEN’S NOTEBOOK - If you meet a very good plumber ancient wisdom suggests considering marrying him or her, forthwith. 

But good luck finding one. We are currently experiencing a shortage of trade workers including plumbers. 

One community college set up a special ramp onboarding program to help young folks explore a career that does not require debt but can be quite lucrative. The program had room for eighteen potential plumbers, but they only got three, so this is a real problem -- recruitment is a bitch.  

And yes, it is hard to convince people, even though it is not true, that the work of a plumber i too hard and disgusting. No job is perfect, but plumbing can be an honorable career and the world needs more plumbers.   

I wonder if the county of Los Angeles might consider a Trade Parade.  

Not to be too clever, but this is a term that comes up in summer locations where workers migrate from the city or San Bernandino or Riverside County to do the work.  Of course, in the process, there is the inevitable clogging up of the roadway and the toxic fumes.  

Summer is here so three cheers for the trade workers and hopefully our pool of prospective trade workers.   

Smart Speaker:  Would you rather work a trade or be a bureaucrat? 


It used to be every Tuesday that the most majestic of Boards of County supervisors would gather at the Kenn Hahn Hall of Administration and face the public. It was a respectable and entertaining affair but for many years, city council down Grand Park got more attention.  

Sure, Mike Antonovich scored points with his puppy giveaways and Gloria Molina, Zev Yaroslavsky and Felon Mark Ridley-Thomas could mix it up nicely, while Don Knabe and his boy ran the table. The Marina Del Rey is a story for the ages but this Tuesday, Lindsey P. Horvath will be bringing out an18875-word agenda with 97 separate items, and after it is all done, she plans to take a general public comment.   

The comments will come after all the reports and comments among the Supervisors. This group relishes the opportunity to issue long directives constantly reminding ... 

The meeting starts promptly at 9:30 but who knows about the Presentations?  At press time there was no Eastern European delegation scheduled or impressive not for profit in to be honored.  

Just the meeting.  


1. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts 

2. Ensuring Public Safety Resources in Los Angeles County to Address Encounters with Black Bears and Other Wildlife 

3. Los Angeles County’s Acceptance of Grant from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority for the Fifth Round of Funding from the Investment in Mental Health Wellness Grant Program for Children and Youth

4. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of Ernesto Jimenez 

5. Transparency and Accountability: Proper Maintenance and Accounting for All Cameras in the Los Angeles County Jails, Court Holding Tanks, and Patrol Station Lockups 

6. Addressing the Needs of Older Adults in Los Angeles County through Comprehensive Outreach 

7. Care with Pride: Affirming and Expanding the Gender Health Program

8. Children and Older Adults Drowning Prevention   

Smart Speaker:  FACT check:   

"Given these findings, and the fact that in the county three children drown each day, we must continue to do more and also ensure this information is reaching diverse audiences in multiple languages and in culturally appropriate ways."  

Smart Speaker:  While a Google search confirmed drowning is a significant public health concern in Los Angeles County. The sites I reviewed noted that the county experiences around 100 drowning incidents, which translates to approximately 0.27 drownings per day.  Which is it?  Either way, let's do whatever we can to prevent it.  One thing we could do is not jack up the price to become a Junior Lifeguard.  We can get the Lessees to pay for it, we already have their money. See Gary Jones of Beaches and Harbors.  

To celebrate Los Angeles County Arts and Health Week,  Supervisor Solis plans to highlight the work of the LA Opera, the Department of Arts and Culture, and the County Health Departments, by declaring the week of June 10, 2024, as “Arts and Health Week."  

Smart Speaker:  Also a quick revision, to jack up the parking fee waiver from f $6,000 to $10,000 waived!  This means the county pays the tab, she calls out who can attend.  Thanks, I think  

Item ten was a SUBSTITUTE: and it was so long and wordy. Even Chat GPT couldn't make sense of it. jk.

Supervisor Mitchell proposes creating a Care First pretrial services agency within the Justice, Care, and Opportunities Department. The Director must report on plans within 60 days and form a steering committee within 90 days. The committee will develop accessible, viable, and measurable pretrial services. Relevant data and program metrics will be transparently reported without delaying pilot programs.


The Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protections Ordinance update includes directing the Director of Consumer and Business Affairs to revise the Rent Registry registration process for Small Property Owners, requiring self-certification under penalty of perjury. A report is due by March 31, 2026, detailing updates and fair return case outcomes, with recommendations on formulas, pass-throughs, and application processes. The 4% rental increase cap in unincorporated areas extends until December 31, 2024, with annual rent increases limited to 60% of CPI change, capped at 3%, unless the DCBA decides otherwise.  

Small Property Owners are defined based on specific ownership and unit criteria, excluding certain entities. 

Smart Speaker:  This is dense and sounds preposterous to a member of the public. 

 12. Acceptance of the State Workers' Rights Enforcement Grant Award 

 13. Administrative Support for the Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority 

 14. Commemorating Juneteenth: A Commitment to Freedom and Reflection in Los Angeles County 

 15. Gender Affirming Resource Closets for LGBTQ+ Foster Youth in Los Angeles County 

16. Proclaiming June 2024 as Silicosis Awareness Month 

 17. Reimagining the Office of Child Protection 

18. Understanding Methamphetamine in Los Angeles County

 19. Approve Updated Resolutions Authorizing Participation in Round 2 of the Homekey Program 

 20. Proclaim June 2024 as “Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month,” and June 15, 2024, as “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day” in Los Angeles County  

Proclaim June 2024 as “Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month” and June 15, 2024, as “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day” in Los Angeles County. Instruct the Director of Aging and Disabilities to conduct community outreach and provide educational materials in multiple languages about the prevention, reporting, and elimination of elder abuse. Report back to the Board in 30 days on the motion’s outcomes. Encourage residents to wear purple in honor of these awareness events. 

Smart Speaker: Surprised we are not doing this already.  

21. Proclaiming June 2024 as “Refugee Awareness Month” in Los Angeles County  Local refugee service organizations include, but are not limited to:  

• Catholic Charities of Los Angeles; 

• Church World Service; 

• Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service; 

• International Institute of Los Angeles; 

• International Rescue Committee; 

• Islamic Circle of North America; 

• Jobs Vision Success SoCal; 

• Refugee Forum of Los Angeles; and

 • Uplift Charity


Smart Speaker: Largely faith-based..  

22. Countywide Signature DIAlogue Fee Waiver 

23. Join an Amicus Brief in Support of the Federal Rule Regulating Ghost Guns 

24. Proclaiming June 12, 2024 as “Philippine Independence Day” in Los Angeles County 

25. 2024 Countywide Wellness Challenge - Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center 

26. Sustainability Planning Consulting Services 

27. Blanchard and Cogen Landfills Gas Extraction System Maintenance, Monitoring, and Reporting Services Contract 

28. General Services Agreements Renewal 

29. Recommendation To Continue Proclaimed Local Emergencies

30. Department of Children and Family Services Lease Amendment 

31. Countywide Classification/Compensation Actions 

32. Dispute Resolution Program Services 

33. Equipment Maintenance Service Contracts 

34. Youth Permanency Partners Services Sole Source Contract 

35. Training, Staff Development and Master of Social Work Internship Program Services Contract 

36. Transportation Services Contract 

37. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit+ Tailored Services Contracts 

38. Children’s Law Center to Funding Agreement 

39. Exclusive Negotiation Agreement 

40. Workforce Services Contracts 

41. Social Enterprise Employment and Training Master Agreement 

42. Health Care Language Interpreters Services Agreement 

43. Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Services Agreements 

44. Temporary Healthcare Personnel Agreements 

45. Non-County Trauma Center Provisions for Reimbursement Memorandum of Agreement Amendments 

46. Sole Source Training Contracts 

47. Pharmacy Benefit Management Services Sole Source Contract Amendment 

48. Healthy Families America and Parents as Teachers Home Visiting Programs Sole Source Contract 

49. Los Angeles County Pedestrian Plans for Unincorporated Communities Contract 

50. Spending Plans Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer Settlement 

51. High Impact HIV Prevention and STD Community Engagement Services Sole Source Contract

52. High Impact HIV Prevention Services Contract 

53. Laboratory and Clinic Equipment and Medical Device Maintenance, Calibration, and Repair Services Sole Source Contract Amendment

54. Comprehensive Tobacco Control Services Amendment 

55. Weed Abatement Service Agreements 

56. Pest Control Services Agreement 

57. 2024-25 Action Plan and Loan Approval for Permanent Local Housing Allocation 

58. Minor Leases, Licenses, and Permits for Recreational or Park Use 

59. Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Automatic Transfer Switches Modernization and Manual Transfer Switches Retrofit Project Contract 

60. Brackett Field Airport Sewer Pump and Main Replacement Project 

61. Acton and Agua Dulce Shuttle Services Contract 

62. Broadway and Walnut Grove Avenue Improvement Project Cooperative Agreement 

63. Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account Project List 

64. On-Call Water Conservation Best Management Practices Services Contract 

65. Coastline Drive 12-Inch Waterline Improvements Project 

66. Tissue Collection Services Agreement 

67. As-Needed Diesel Exhaust System Repair and Replacement Services Contract

68. Maintenance and Repair Services Contract

69. California Coverdell Program for Fiscal Year 2023 

70. Los Angeles County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation Leaseback Ordinance Amendment 

71. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, Amir Rofougaran, et al. v. Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles, et al.  [$250,000, so modest] 

72. City of Alhambra Election 

73. Azusa Unified School District Election 

74. Baldwin Park Unified School District Election 

75. Centinela Valley Union High School District Election 

76. Duarte Unified School District Election 

77. Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Election 

78. Los Nietos School District Election 

79. Palmdale School District Election 

80. Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Election 

81. Walnut Valley Water District Election 

82. Castaic Union School District Levying of Taxes 

83. Rowland Unified School District Levying of Taxes  

84-A. Approve the Projects and Budgets and Award a Design-Build Contract for the High Desert Crisis 

Residential Treatment Program, Crisis Stabilization Unit, and Mental Health Hub Projects  

Award and authorize the Director of Public Works to execute a design-build agreement with The Penta Building Group, LLC, for the design and construction of CP Nos. 6A019, 6A020, 6A021, for a not to exceed maximum contract amount of $27,353,447, inclusive of the base amount of $26,519,447, and the design completion allowance of $834,000 

Smart Speaker:  These guys at Penta Building Group, LLC are not strangers and have worked on Olive View Medical Center Nurse Call and Fire Alarm replacement,  LA County Women's and Children's Hospital Demolition, Baseball parking at Pepperdine, lots of USC projects including but not limited to USC Track and Field Lockeroom.  

And plenty of work in Las Vegas. They did the Palms King Suites Bowling Alley for ten guests... (4200 square feet) Nearly $10 Billion in Construction| PENTA Building Group 

Super glamorous suite (in a cheesy low-end sense).  

To keep everyone honest on the project, the Director of Public Works Mark Pestrella plans to execute two consultant services agreements with Abbott Construction LLC and Kemp Bros. Construction, Inc., to pay stipends in the amount of $45,000 each to the second and third highest ranked qualified proposers.  They were not selected as the best value design-builder. 

Smart Speaker:  Thoughtful. Where is the Harvard-Westake lease, and why have you ignored this request, Mr. Pestrella? Are you worried about the tree massacre in Studio City?  

 84-B. Continuing the Work of Reparations in Los Angeles County 

The Reparations work is excellent but needs to be edited down. This summary has been Chat GPT'd to size. 

cc Jim @ Axios 

The County of Los Angeles recognizes its role in systemic racism and is committed to reparations for Black residents. The ARDI Initiative, established in July 2020, aims to dismantle racism with guidance from the California Task Force’s 2023 report. Efforts include specific compensation for African American descendants and exploring sustainable funding. The California Legislative Black Caucus introduced bills to advance reparations, including Senate Bill 1403. As part of its commitment, the County will grant free access to assets like beaches and museums to eligible individuals on Juneteenth 2024. 

Smart Speaker:  Let me add, that there better be FREE access to The Lucas Museum of Narrative Storytelling, Supervisor Mitchell, as we continue our inclusionary efforts in Expedition Park.  

84-C. Exclusive Right to Negotiate with the State of California for Potential Development to Create the Los Angeles County Care Community 

87. County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment 

88. County Code, Title 6 - Salaries Amendment 

89. Los Angeles County Facilities 2 Inc. Public Leaseback Ordinance 

90. Vermont Corridor Site 2 Renovation Project 

SD-1. County Sanitation District No. 27 and Newhall Ranch Sanitation District Recommendations and Approval of Minutes 

1-D. Exclusive Negotiating Agreement 

2-D. Fiscal Year 2024-25 Budget of the Los Angeles County Development Authority 

3-D. 2024-25 Action Plan and Loan Approval for the Permanent Local Housing Allocation Funds 

4-D. Microsoft Enterprise Server and Cloud Azure Services Contract 

5-D. Laserfiche Software Support Plan Services Contract 

1-P. 2024 Annual Plan of Revenues and Expenditures  

Public Comment   

Smart Speaker:   What time would that be?  Approximately.?  



Madame Clerk: 

Starting at 10:00 am on the very same Tuesday is the majestic meeting of the City Council of Los Angeles ...and their 39-item, 6318-word city agenda. For benchmarking: The county has a 18875-word agenda with 97 separate items.  

A public hearing will be held regarding various street lighting district improvements and maintenance ordinances. Recommendations included denying protests and confirming assessments, as well as adopting ordinances for each district. Additionally, there was a continued consideration of a termination of a Covenant and Agreement related to the vacation of Werdin Place. The recommendation was to approve the termination, subject to certain conditions, and authorize the City Engineer to execute and record a release from the agreement.  

Items 13-23 cover a range of topics:  El Pueblo Board Meeting Schedule: Proposes giving the Board discretion to set its meeting schedule, requiring at least one monthly meeting, with biannual reports to the Council.   

Chick Hearn Court: Directs the Department of General Services to sell or transfer surplus land. [For...?]  

LA Administrative Code Definitions: Seeks to update definitions in line with current agreements.  


Herbalife24 Triathlon Refund: Recommends refunding $116,449.37.  

Smart Speaker:  This company ran a multi-level marketing platform aimed at hardworking poor Angelenos who believed, and Villaraigosa worked there. 

Urban Greening Grants: Authorizes agreements for greening projects.   

Items 18 - 22 are LAPD Donations:  accepting donations for police service dogs, facility renovations, and youth programs.  [Everyone loves donations!] 

Mental Health Contract Amendment: Proposes extending a contract for mental health call diversion services, with increased compensation.  

24-0537: A report requests the LAPD's After-Action report on their response to college campus protests at USC and UCLA, including decisions on deployment and recommendations for policy changes.   

Smart Speaker:  Interesting instinct to get in there... but shouldn't the Universities? Whatever.  

13-1301-S8: Recommends accepting a grant for the Securing the Cities program and authorizing various agreements and budget modifications for the program.  

23-0187-S1: Proposes amending Charter Section 1070 regarding the LAPD Board of Rights, including changes to the board composition and appeals process.   

23-1027: Requests summarizing recommendations for Charter reform into two categories and developing ballot measure language for November 2024.   

24-0488: Suggests amending the City Charter to require nominees to city boards and commissions to submit financial disclosure forms and complete ethics training.   

13-0933-S7: Amends prior action on Arts Development Fee Update to change fund usage.   

20-0023-S1: Approves loan and regulatory agreements for accessibility retrofits of affordable housing developments.   

24-1200-S20 to  24-1200-S24: Confirm appointments to the Community Forest Advisory Committee for various council districts.   

24-0465: Establishes salary rate for the General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. 

[$240,621, so not too shabby] 

 24-0600: Considers the Mayor's veto message regarding the budget.   

24-0635: Renews Greater Leimert Park Village/Crenshaw Corridor Business Improvement District.   

24-0632: Authorizes a transfer to address payroll shortfall for the LAFD..   

And then on Wednesday, the City Council reconvenes on 18-items with a modest 2650-word agenda.   

Wednesday's agenda encompasses various initiatives and proposals:   

Amendment to Trucking Regulations: The Planning and Land Use Management Committee recommends preparing an ordinance to regulate trucking-related uses in the Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan Area.   

Combatting Forced Labor Practices: The Public Safety and Public Works Committees seek reports from relevant departments regarding efforts to monitor and combat forced labor practices within the city.   

Temporary Alley Closures: A motion proposes temporarily closing alleys adjacent to specified locations to address safety concerns.  

Sherman Way Tunnel Management: Efforts are underway to develop a comprehensive plan for maintenance, security, and beautification of the Sherman Way Tunnel.   

Historical Designations: Various intersections and sites are proposed for designation to honor contributions to Los Angeles' history, including sites related to Laurel & Hardy and Disney Bros. Cartoon Studio.   

Funding Reallocation: There's a proposal for reallocating funds for Californians For All youth programs.   

Lease Amendments: Lease amendments are proposed for properties the Los Angeles World Airports owns.   

Designating Enforcement Locations: Locations in Council Districts 3 and 11 are proposed for enforcement against sitting, lying, sleeping, or storing personal property in public spaces.   

Smart Speaker:  Blumenfield and Park.  

Temporary Protected Status: A resolution proposes support for granting Temporary Protected Status for Guatemalans residing in the United States.   

Gate Replacement: Funding is proposed for the replacement of the gate at Fire Station No. 34.   

Lease Negotiation: Negotiations are proposed for a no-cost, non-profit lease with LA's BEST for office space in City Hall.   

Mayor's Veto Message: The Mayor's veto message regarding the budget is scheduled for consideration 

Destination Crenshaw Project: Funding is proposed for the Destination Crenshaw Project in Council District 8.   

Smart Speaker:  Marqueece Harris-Dawson took over and will take over as Council President. On Friday he went far out of his way to deselect me because of my critical article.   

Kudos to the playa... we wish you the best of luck.


(Eric Preven is a longtime community activist and is a contributor to CityWatch.)