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Has Backlash Against Wokeism Begun?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - One unforeseen outcome of Iran’s attack on Israel has been the worldwide turn against Wokeism.  One should not assume that this shift against Wokeism is permanent.   

The Arabs Sided with Israel 

There is no better source to bust the lying Woke Narrative about Palestinians being victims than other Arabs.  Both Jordan and Saudi Arabis supported Israel and the entire world knows that the Hamas-Israel War is the specific brouhaha giving rise to the deluge of Woke support for Hamas. Foremost and more harmful have been the US Woke US Congressmen whose followers chant not only “Death to Israel” but “Death to America” and the US media which has fed the US public a steady stream of lies and false information which can only be characterized as anti-Semitic, e.g., the reality is that Jews are the indigenous people and are not colonists, The Palestinians have rejected all Two State proposals in favor of the One State solution based on the corpses of all Jews between the River and the Sea. The US media acts as if this Hamas-Israel war is a replay of the George Floyd murder only this time the US media is cheering for the murderer Derek Chauvin. Long before, Hamas’ October 7 pogrom against 22 Israeli towns, the murder of 1200 men women and children and the taking of hostages, the Woke had decided that Israel was the aggressor .  

Woke Ideology is not Limited to Promoting the Destruction of Israel 

Under Wokeism, Jews have been permanently cast as the Oppressors and any and all minorities are the Oppressed. The theory advanced by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s Identity Politics is that White Racism is responsible for all the world’s ills.  The actions of individuals are irrelevant since all Whites are villains due to White Privilege whereby they steal the productivity of minorities, and thus, minorities, e.g. Hamas, have no responsibility for their own behavior.  This warped philosophy is why Los Angeles has seen a huge increase in crime and a decrease in police arrests of Blacks.  America’s most liberal family, the Kennedy’s, have publicly come out against Los Angeles’ Woke DA, George Gascón and they have correctly identified him and his policies as the prime cause of LA’s crime wave.  

Although we have the video of Black Lives Member Jason Reedy’s attack on city councilmember Kevin DeLeon, Woke Mayor Karen Bass will not allow Reedy to be arrested and she went so far as to have the foolish LA City Attorney intervene to declare Reedy innocent by announcing there will be no prosecution, (although the city attorney has no jurisdiction over felonies).  Likewise, Mayor Bass and even President Biden sided with the Woke perpetrators of the false narrative that three Mexican councilmembers were anti-Black and when Woke mobs descended on the councilmembers’ homes, Bass prevented the LAPD from providing adequate protection.  As a result of Woke death threats against her son, city council president Nury Martinez resigned. No official had the backbone to stand up to the Woke anti-Mexican defamation. Mayor Bass likewise thwarted the LAPD investigation into those behind the racist anti-Mexican False Narrative.  It is important for Angelenos to realize that the same perverted ideology which supports the extermination of all Jews “from the river to the sea” has targeted Los Angeles for a Woker take-over. 

Iran’s Missile Attack on Israel Gave Biden A Chance to Move Away from Wokeism 

Biden’s kissing up to US Wokers has been an international disgrace. Although Biden’s was caving into the Woke pressure to abandon Israel, it seems that behind the scenes he has been working to put to together a pro-Israel, Pro-USA, pro-Arab alliance against Iran, Houthis, Hezbollah, and Hamas.  While most military experts think Israel could have successfully repelled the Iranian attack, the reality is that the US, UK, France, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia all helped Israel by shooting down Iran’s drones and missiles. The Houthi’s launched some attacks from Yemen, which were nullified.  

While Jordan and The Saudis have to pretend support for the Palestinians to quell the Arab street which has been fed a diet of lies for over 70 years about the evil Jews, it is clear that Iran is their enemy and so too are Hamas, the Houthis and Hezbollah.  The Houthi’s interference with world trade is why US inflation rose to 3.2% which imperils Biden’s re-election. 

Congressional Resolution that “From River to the Sea” is Anti-Semitic 

The US Congress passed a resolution that the Woke - Hamas slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free” is anti-Semitic. The final Vote was 377-44-1  All the Anti-Semitic Wokers opposed the resolution.  According to Bill Maher, the Dearborn, Michigan Wokers crossed the Rubicon with “Death to America.”  The rally’s leader anti-Israel activist Takek Bazzi’s went on to declare that the United States as "one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth.” Bazzi was merely repeating core Wokeism – America is inherently evil and along with Jews as Oppressors, America needs to be destroyed. 

USC Thought Wokeism was a Good Idea 

The University of Southern California, failing to learn the lesson from the US Congressional hearing with the presidents of three Ivy League presidents, thought selecting an anti-Semitic student as speaker at its graduation was a wise choice. USC had 100 candidates , but decided on the one who supports the extermination of Jews.  Harvard’s president, Claudine Gay, could at least pretend that she had no role in the calls for the extermination of Jews and try to hide behind Free Speech.  USC, however, intentionally selected this student. In the past, Wokers’ promoting hatred of Jews was acceptable and even laudable at our colleges and campuses, but America has had enough of this vitriol.   

USC refuses to take responsibility for its promoting hatred, but instead it claims that it had to cancel the valedictorian speaker because of fears of violence. That way USC casts the opponents of bigotry as the villains.  Woker LA Times joined in the cover-up story with its title, “Citing Safety Concerns, USC Cancels Pro-Palestinian Valedictorian’s Graduation Speech.”  Right after Iran attempted to devastate Israel by launching hundreds of drones, ICM’s and other missiles at Israel, The LA Times ignores the bigotry of the speaker to pretend that the victims are the bad guys.  The fact that Iran’s attack was a failure does not erase that fact that Iran tried. 

Columbia University called before Congress  to explain its support for anti-Semitism as a form of free speech consistent with its code of conduct. Columbia admitted its error and was “changing policies and punishing offenders, while also protecting free speech.”  Congress should likewise request USC’s President to explain USC’s selection of an anti-Semite for valedictorian speaker.  The speaker does not claim her views were misunderstand, but instead she says her anti-Jewish position remains the same. 

It’s Too Soon To Rejoice 

Just as the day before Iran’s missile attack on Israel was too soon to rejoice in its gigantic failure, it is too soon to say that this rejection of Wokeism will continue. Not only is Wokeism100% contrary to our individual inalienable rights, but also parallels Nazi’s philosophy that race is determinative.  Like German Nazism, US workers have selected Jews as Oppressors who must be destroyed. The difference between Nazism and Wokeism is that Wokers also hate White people. For them, America is “one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth.”

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])