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US Wokers Beat the War Drums Against Israel


THE VIEW FROM HERE - US Wokers are committed to Israel’s destruction because it is the world’s only Jewish state and in Woker dogma, all Jews including US Jews are Oppressors who need to be destroyed.  A monkey wrench has been thrown into its unrelenting delegitimization of Israel’s right to exist and its marginalization of US Jews in education, business and government.  Joe Biden, the UK, and France as well as Jordan and Saudi Arabia all supported Israel when Iran launched its anemic attack on Israel. 

The Woker dogma sided with Iran and Iran should attack Israel due to the prior attack on the Syrian consulate, killing senior Iranian officials.  Generally, an attack on an embassy can be considered an attack on the embassy’s country.  BTW. The alleged consulate was a “military building of Quds forces disguised as a civilian structure in Damascus". See CNN   This ploy is consistent with Hamas’s use for civilian structures for military purposes. However, the Woke US media does not report this aspect of the story. The Anti-Semitic Squad including Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-MI), who get military briefings, know the building was being used to shield Iranian military leaders as they planned more attacks on Israel.  In brief, buildings had no diplomatic protection.  By analogy, ifIf someone pays for his purchase and walks out of a store, he has committed no crime, but if he fails to pay and leaves, he has committed a crime. US Wokers are apologists for thugs like Ferguson’s Michael Brown.  They present a false story to create a victim by omitting crucial facts.  This strategy of distortion has been very successful and it is no surprise that the Woke media beat the war drums against Israel by concealing that the building was a legitimate target under international law. 

With the US Wokers as cheerleaders, Iran had no choice but to launch some attack against Israel rather than admit that the building was really used as a military installation. We now see that Iran’s attack was pro forma for the Arab street.  Whether Iran has more sophisticated weapons is not public knowledge, but this retaliation looks more like my grandmother’s cleaning out the cupboards before Passover.  Not only hametz had to be go, but she’d throw out any other stuff she found useless. It appears that Iran primarily used weapons which had become obsolete and were cluttering its “war closets.” 

Gaza is a Diplomatic Problem and not a Military Challenge 

From a pure military standpoint, Israel could have eradicated Hamas by now, but the real opposition comes primarily from US Wokers in both the media and government.  While Iran is the real long range threat to the US, Iran is best neutralized by killing off Hamas, which will reign in Iran’s other proxies.  While they claim love for martyrdom, that is for the low level true believers and not for the leadership.  All the civilians are human shields.  Hezbollah is using Lebanese; the Houthis are using Yemanis. Thus, the problem which faces the West is how to eradicate this threat to our way of life.  The military can eliminate the threat, but each country has to contend with its own reactionary Wokers who claim than Whites and Jews are inherently evil oppressors. Whenever terrorists hide behind civilians, the Wokers never criticize the war crime of human shields, but only see dead civilians. Under Wokeism’s dogma, anything bad has one cause: White racism as exemplified by Jews. 

Joe Biden’s Great Failure 

Biden does face considerable Woke pressure from within the Democrat Party. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has worked for two decades to polarize the nation with her Identity Politics, aka Wokeism. Pelosi has been in the House of Representatives since 1987. Her game plan has been for the Dems to take over the government by creating a coalition on minorities on the theory that when the minorities are the majority of voters, then they will get rid of the GOP. Pelosi’s Identity Politics formula was simplified to White Oppressors vs Oppressed minorities.  Law enforcement told Pelosi not to antagonize the Alt Right since they were a tiny, tiny minority, but irrationally violent.  They were a matter for law enforcement and not a political movement.  Rather that stop her existential threats against the extreme right, Pelosi upped the ante by two ploys: (1) Expanding the charge of White racism against all Whites based on the ludicrous claims of White privilege so that all White people owed minorities, primarily Blacks, for everything the Whites had achieved. (2) Threatening to replace Whites in education, business, and government with minorities.  After the 2011 French publication of The Great Replacement about how Muslims will replace Europeans, American Whites were told that Blacks would replace them with the connivance of Jews. As a result, America has become racially polarized. 

Wokers realized that demonizing all Whites was not the smartest strategy. Thus, they shifted to highlighting Jews as the great threat. See Jews Behind Replacement  This Gas lighting of America was very sophisticated.  Everyone thought that the Alt Right was the source of this bizarre murderous theory, when n reality it arose due to Pelosi’s attacks on Whites and her promise to have the Blacks replace Whites when the minorities were the majority of voters.  Meanwhile, the Wokers with the financial help of the US government, Wokers were making Ivy League schools judenrein. The new education establishment focused on de-legitimizing Israel as a cover for its anti-Semitism.  At the same time, Pelosi elevated anti-Semites in the House of Representatives.  Hence, we have the Squad. As a result of Identity Politics, aka Wokeism, America has become polarized.  Pelosi sided with the anti-Semitic Squad in demanding that Biden to withhold military to Israel despite the fact that Congress already approved it. 

The Greatest Woker Worry – the Destruction of Hamas 

The entire US Woker ideology rests on the Jews’ being the worse Oppressors and the valiant freedom fighters in Hamas must defeat the Jewish menace.  The fact that the UK, France, Jordan and Saudi Arabia all supported Israel against Iran can be a game changer.  The Houthi’s attack on international shipping threatens not only Europe’s economy but by increasing US inflation has become a worse threat to Biden’s re-election than the Hamas supporters in Michigan.  How long will non-Woker Dems tolerate the Hamas supporters endangering Biden’s re-election? Will there come a point when Biden realizes that Americans hate Wokeism not only for its anti-Semitism but for its anti-White doctrine, its promotion of unqualified minorities over qualified Whites, and its insane demand for the correct pronouns?  See  Will Biden Realize that Voters Hate Wokers

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  Opinions expressed are Mr. Abrams' and not necessarily of CityWatch.  You may email him at [email protected].)