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Who is Responsible for the Dead Gazans?



#1: Hamas

#2: US Wokers

#3: UN & UNWRA

#4: Left Wing Israelis 

Without Hamas’s goal to obliterate all the Jews in Israel, there would have been no October 7, 2023 attack.  Legally, Hamas is liable for the actual and proximate results of its actions.  If someone smacks me in the face and screams, “I will do it again,” but I KO him before the second blow, I am not the aggressor.  If I cower and cry, “Please don’t hurt me,” I’ll be beat to a pulp.” 

Under international law, the innocent party may not only attack the threat but may neutralize his ability to commit additional violence. Self-defense is not limited to size of the initial offense.  Pearl Harbor did not suffer 1/1,000th the damage as Japan. Only 2,403 US soldiers were killed during the December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor attack.  US nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed between 129,000 and 226,000 Japanese. Had the Japanese people immediately risen up and overthrown the government after Pearl Harbor, the war and the deaths would have stopped.  But, they did not. 

Germany bombed London, but no American city was harmed.  In the month of February 1945, for example, RAF and the US bombing of Dresden killed 25,000 Germans. Over all, 7.7 Million Germans were killed. Worldwide, between 70 and 75 million were killed.  Starting wars often results in your people dying and your country being destroyed. 

After WWII, a modified doctrine arose – self-defense is whatever necessary to prevent future attacks.  Hamas is still attacking Israel. Hamas started the war and continues the war to this day; thanks to US Wokers. 

#2 US Wokers 

As has been well documented, Hamas would not have attacked Israel without the active support of the US Wokers.  Hamas’s plan was to launch a savage murderous pogrom and then have the US Wokers come to their rescue. (European Wokers are irrelevant as they are not Israel’s ally.)  Not only do Hamas leaders admit this war plan, but the entire world has seen how Hamas planned for US Woker response as an integral part of the attack.  Hamas had constructed no air raid shelters for the citizens!  Since 1988, Hamas has been planning the extermination of the Jews.  After the Israelis had left in 2005, Hamas became Gaza’s government which adopted its plan to maximize Gazan casualties so that the US Wokers will focus only on the dead and maimed Gazans and ignore Hamas’ barbarism as well as the fact that Hamas has intentionally made certain that thousands of Gazans would be killed  See video 7:10   

With no air raid shelters and with their being prevented from entering the tunnels where Hamas was hiding, civilians were in harm’s way from the inevitable bombings.  Although the Israelis dropped leaflets and made direct cell phone calls to specific Gazans living in the apartments to be bombed, there were always women and children killed. Why? Because Hamas forced the civilians to stay where the Israelis said they would bomb. 

The Us Wokers Have Embarked on a Mass Agitprop Campaign to Spread Horrendous Falsehoods among the American Population 

Long before October 7th, the US Wokers were defaming all Jews as Oppressors by virtue of being Jewish.  For years, universities were teaching that Whites are inherently evil oppressors and the goal of moral people is to destroy the system by any means necessary.  Per US Wokers, Jews were the worse of the Whites (we are not White. Race is irrelevant to being Jewish. Only 31% of Israeli Jews are Ashkenazic). Under Wokeism, Jews must be classified as Oppressors and not as a minority, for the simple reason. We Jews show that terrible long-term discrimination does not mean one has to be a victim. Wokeism, however, is based in a gigantic lie: minorities are poor for one reason- racist victimization by White Supremacy.  Since racism by the White majority is the sole cause of any minority group being poor, the solution is to remove the Whites and Jews. See  Why Wokeism Hates Jew 

Without the US Woker propaganda, Hamas would not have undertaken the October 7th attack because the Americans would not have fallen for the deception that Jews were intentionally killing Gazans. The US military knows the reality, and hence, the Biden knows the reality.  Without Hamas’s justified reliance on the US Wokers to hamstring the Biden Administration, there would have been no October 7th.  Despite Wokeism, over 80% of Americans support Israel. 

In 1930's Germany, the average German did not foresee where the Group Rights agenda of the Nazi would end up. It was easier to go along and keep one’s position than to take a stand against what might happen ten or more years in the future.  Similarly, US Wokers have been doing the same for years at the US universities, US corporations and in government; those who do not go along are hounded out.  Due to the horrors of October 7th, we see the evil that the US Woker tolerate with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA’s) unwavering support for extermination of the Jews. For Woke DSA, “never again” means “now is the time.” We’ve seen this movie before. 

#3 UN and UNWRA 

A major motive for the 1947partition was to allow the Arabs to annihilate all the Jews in the Middle East.  Nothing has changed at the UN. After Israel entered Gaza, it had proof that the UN and UNWRA had been helping Hamas prepare for Oct 7th.  UN funds went to construct the tunnels. UNWRA schools taught that the highest goal in life is to kill a Jew . UNWRA is essentially a subsidiary of Hamas.  Without the massive tunnels and the indoctrination of children to hate all Jews, Hamas would not have the resources and the manpower to launch the attack.  The UN and UNWRA knew that schools, hospitals, and mosques were being set up as targets for IDF retaliation by using them for Hamas operations.  UNWRA was paying for tunnels under schools, mosques and hospitals and its staff was part and parcel of preparing to “obliterate the Jews.”  Many UNWRA participated in the murder and kidnaping of Jews on October 7th.  Confident that US Wokers would ignore reality and falsely blame Israel for the deaths, Hamas was sure US Wokers would quickly turn public opinion against Israel. This time the American public is not so naive. Despite the non-stop Woke media attack on Israel, a new Harvard Harris poll reveals that 82 per cent of Americans support Israel against Hamas. Over 2/3rd  say that Israel is  trying to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza. See  Feb 28 2024 Poll At the same time, Hamas welcomes an IDF attack on Rafah, as it will cause more Gazan suffering so that   Wokers will place more pressure on Biden for a Hamas victory. 

#4 Israel’s Left Wing 

The Israel Left pushed the absurd idea that Hamas was not serious about its planned genocide of the Jews from the river to the sea, and that Hamas really wanted peace.  The superficial argument that Hamas was not genocidal was that the leaders of Hamas, billionaires living in Qatar off their vast corruption in Gaza, would not want the UN, UNWRA and other Western money to stop.  Hamas more likely calculated that US Wokers would not allow President Biden to stop the funding.  When places like urban ghettos explode, the American response is to give more money.  Biden was already following this appeasement philosophy, allowing billions of dollars to go to Iran despite its constant support of terrorism.  Rather than lose its revenue stream, Hamas believed that mass murder of Jews would result in hundreds of billions of more dollars from the West and most likely the imposition of a Palestinian state on Israel.   Hamas’ beliefs are coming true   

The Israeli Left is politically dead, while US Wokers conceitedly believe that they can influence Israel to commit suicide. Lacking that, US Wokers’ fall back position is to force Biden to abandon Israel – that will make Trump the next President. Americans hate Wokeism. It is not just sex reassignment, or unqualified Claudine Gay’s being Harvard’s President, or slavery reparations, or even the genocide of Jews; it is Woke doctrine that White skin makes one an Oppressor.