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Which Is More Lethal – Wokeism or MAGA?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Although Joe Biden insists that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy, Wokeism may be a greater threat.  One very aggravating aspect of Biden is that he persists in calling our nation a “democracy” which is dead wrong.  As everyone should know but obviously do not know, when Ben Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention which type of government did framers create, he replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”   Every kindergartner knows that the pledge of allegiance starts,  “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, ...”   Is it too much to ask Joe Biden who has been an elected representative since January 3, 1973 to know as much as a kindergartner? 

The reason politicos refuse to recognize our republican form of government is that in a republic, the rule of law is supreme, but in a democracy, the whim of the masses is the law. Unless one goes through the laborious and expensive process of amending the Constitution, any law which contravenes the Constitution can be declared null and void.  In a democracy, however, a country is stuck with whatever the majority decides until another majority decides otherwise. This was the position which the Dred Scott Decision took on slavery.  60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857) Blacks had no inalienable right of liberty.  Freedom or slavery was a matter for voters of each state. Justice Alito based Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, 597 U.S. 215 (2022) on the Dred Scott thinking when he decided that women had no inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, or Pursuit of Happiness. Rather, women are subject to the whims of the voters of each state.  Dred Scott lead to the first civil war. The great harm of the Dobbs decision is not limited to abortion but abrogates inalienable rights. In fact, Woke voters could decide that all White women must have abortions where the fathers are White, since White people by definition are oppressors. Pharaoh and King Herod adopted a similar approach.  Under Dobbs, San Francisco and Los Angeles voters could pass such a law for the entire state of California and it could not be declared unconstitutional. 

To those who say it cannot happen, I point to Harvard students celebrating the mass slaughter and beheadings by Hamas of innocent babies, women, men, and the elderly because they were Jews.  Harvard’s President Claudine Gay said that the students were merely exercising their free speech rights, but of course that does not explain why Claudine Gay and Harvard’s administration did not exercise their free speech rights to condemn the atrocities. 

The underlying fact which voters ignore is that MAGA and Wokers have no use for the rule of law.  They are engaged in a struggle to gain control of the government through the ballot box and then implement whatever policies they desire declaring a mandate from the voters.  Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has made her goal to subvert the Union perfectly clear – when the minorities become the  majority of the voters, then they will exact revenge from the Whites.  For Pelosi, the US Constitution is already dead. 

On the MAGA side, Trump with his two serious personality disorders is psychologically unable to comprehend why he cannot do whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it.  For Trump, dispatching a violent mob to the Capitol to hang Vice President Pence was a perfect plan.  As a narcissistic histrionic with paranoid features, Trump truly believes that Pence owed personal loyalty to Trump and not to the Constitution.  Both Trump with his MAGAs and Pelosi with her Wokers see no role for the rule of law.  All that is required is to win the election (or pretend you won) and then enact whatever laws one desires. 

The similarity between MAGA and Wokers in their belief that winning an election wipes out the Constitution does not answer the question which extreme is most lethal for our Republic? 

The Difference between MAGA and Wokeism 

The right wing MAGA are a cult which unexpectedly won the presidential election in 2016 after the Dems had trashed White voters for years. Obama gave $15 Trillions to the bankers who had crashed the economy in 2008, while sending American jobs overseas, thereby bankrupting the middle and lower class Whites in the Rust Belt.  Since Obama had no bailout for Main Street, workers lost their jobs, the life savings and their children’s future. Although the Dems had traditionally supported the American worker over Wall Street, Hillary called them a “basket of Deplorables.” Then, she was surprised that voted for Trump! 

Without Trump, There Is No MAGA 

Trump’s egomania became the core of a cult of aggrieved Americans who were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.   If Trump slips on a banana peal tomorrow and departs this earthly realm, the cult is dead.  Surely, some will try to keep the MAGA alive, but it is dependent on one person, who had no agenda except self-aggrandizement. 

Wokeism, however, has been a long term, concerted effort to substitute group rights for individual rights. Rather than allow individuals be judged by merit and character, the rights were based on the ascriptive group to which one belongs.  Just as Nazis were removing Jews from university positions in the early 1930's, Wokeism has been removing Jews from the universities by the same methods of harassment, denial of promotion based on race, and false charges.  Worse yet, the universities have been teaching students that Jews are inherently evil due to their association with the state of Israel where the most outrageous lies and slander have become the new truth on college campuses. (And, you thought Kellyanne Conway invented Alternative Facts.) 

Why Wokers Single Out Jews 

(1) Anyone who fails to toe the Woke party line including Blacks is subject to harassment and dismissal, but Jews are hated as a class. 

(2) There is a additional dimension to the Woke hatred of Jews.  The existence of the Jews proves that the Wokeism false Jews are acknowledged to have suffered the most persistent and worse persecution in the West. Yet, Jews continue to thrive, crumbling the entire Woke construct of Oppressors vs Oppressed.  Thus, Wokeism reclassifies Jews from a minority who has suffered discrimination into the Oppressor category.  Jews as oppressors is based on the most outrageous lies about the state of Israel and are constantly taught in our major universities just as German Nazis taught anti-Semitism in their universities.  The Woke teaching of anti-Semitism and the exclusion of Jews from American universities follows the same pattern as the Nazi propaganda and exclusion of Jews from German universities in the early 1930's.  The Nazis did not start with Death Camps.  First came the lies, defamation and removal of Jews just as the US Woke are doing to American Jews. Do not say it cannot happen here, while it is already happening here. 

Nazi and the Woker Pattern Is Not Unique 

Group Rights always moves in this direction.  Europe had over a hundred years of religious wars based upon the same concept of group rights where one group was good and the other group was evil and needed to be destroyed.  Because hate is a great emotion for organizing voters, both the German Nazis and America’s Identity Politics tell their followers that the reason they have it bad is because of the Jews 

The main difference between American Wokeism and the German Nazis is that American Wokers got Hamas to massacre Jews while the Wokers cheered them on.  Similar to how Nazi persecution grew into the final solution, American wokers are demanding that Hamas be allowed to finish its extermination of all Jews “from the river to the sea.”  

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)