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Nithya Raman's Tie to DSA Amid Support for Hamas: How Long Will it Last?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - While run of the mill Woke supporters of DSA and Hamas such as Gays chanting “From the River to Sea” are abysmally ignorant of history, the leaders such as CD4 Councilmembers Nithya Raman know the facts. We venture the rash assumption that with bachelor's degree in political theory from Harvard University then a master's degree in urban planning from MIT, Raman knows how to read.  Thus, she knows or has no excuse for not knowing that the DSA hatred of Jews and love of Hamas is based on known falsehoods. Yet, Nithya Raman has not used her prestigious degrees to speak the truth. 

Hamas Defines its Goals 

Hamas 1988 Charter states:

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).” 

Obliterate means to remove or destroy completely so as to leave no trace. synonym: annihilate. 

Hamas’ 2017 charter defines Palestine as: 

“Palestine, which extends from the River Jordan in the east to the Mediterranean in the west and from Ras Al-Naqurah in the north to Umm Al-Rashrash in the south, is an integral territorial unit. It is the land and the home of the Palestinian people.” 

Hamas has never retracted the 1988 Declaration to obliterate the Jews.  The 2017 Charter simply defines Palestine as including 100% of Israel. In brief, “From the river to the sea.” 

Facts: (1) There Never Has Been A Palestinian State, (2) Israel did Not Steal Land from Palestinians 

No one should be so ignorant as not to know that Jews have had a continued presence in Israel and Judea for thousands of years.   About 4,100 years ago (2,076 B.C.E.), Abraham left Ur, in what is now southern Iraq, and moved to Canaan.  Many of his descendants went to Egypt during a great famine.  A few centuries later, they departed from Egypt.  One need only watch Cecil D. DeMille’s Exodus to know this aspect of history. After 40 years in the desert in about 1,273 B.C.E., the Jews then returned to Canaan. That was 3,297 years ago. In about the year 1,000 B.C.E., King David (who ruled from 1010 to 970 B.C.E.) captured the city of Jerusalem and made it the capital of the Jewish Kingdom. In 70 C.E., Rome took control of Israel but Jews have continuously lived in Jerusalem and environs until this day, although a majority Jews left and formed the Diaspora. 

At No Time Has There Been a Palestine State 

Too many people incorrectly believe that the ancient Jewish kingdoms of Judea and Israel form the legal basis for the current state of Israel. Wrong! They explain the Jewish attachment to that area in the Middle East, but Jews lost political and legal control in 70 C.E. 

While various kingdoms and empires came and went, for legal purposes the last empire of importance was the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, (late 13th century to 1914-1923).  At no time did the Turks establish either a Jewish State or an Arab State.  Thus, neither Israel nor Arabs can claim any legal basis for a nation based on the fact that Jews and Arabs lived and owned land in the Ottoman Empire. 

After WWI, the Turks lost their empire including ownership of the Middle East. The nation of Turkey came into being on October 29, 1923. Prior to that the League of Nations had granted control, but not ownership, of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East to Britain and  France. (France’s mandate covered the area north of the British Mandate.)  During WW I, Britain had issued the Balfour Declaration on November 9, 1917, saying part of the Ottoman Empire would become the homeland of the Jewish people.  It said nothing about a Palestinian state. When the League of Nations gave Britain the Mandate of Palestine and Transjordan, it was based on the understanding that the Brits would create a nation for Jews as their homeland. It said nothing about a Palestinian state, as there was no such group of people.  It was understood that all the other lands under the French and British Mandates, outside the Jewish state, would become Arab nations. 

In 1947 the United Nations declared the Partition of the British Mandate of Palestine. Legally, the Partition was an offer to the Jews and to the Arabs for two possible countries: Israel and Palestine.  The Partition was a mere offer which created no state. Israel accepted the offer and that acceptance created the state of Israel.  The Arabs rejected the offer and no state of Palestine came into existence. 

To this day, there has not been a country known as Palestine. One can go back 4,100 years and trace ownership from then to today and at no time has there been an Arab state in what we today call The West Bank and Gaza. The claim that the Jews created the state of Israel from land stolen from Palestinians is 100% false and educated people know this fact.  However, Democratic Socialist of America, Nithya Raman, and others promulgate lie and myth that Israel stole land from the Palestinians.  

In summary, in 1947 the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea had Jewish and Arab inhabitants but no sovereign state. There is no Palestine state today because the Arabs have consistently rejected each and every offer to have a state as long as the State of Israel exists.  In other words, they rejected the two state solution, while Israel has agreed to the two state solution several times.  In 2005, Israel went so far as to unilaterally give Gaza to the Arabs to create a state, but the Gazans did not create a state.  Gaza is a territory which elected Hamas as its government knowing that Hamas’ objective was to exterminate all Jews from the “River to the Sea.” After October 7, 2023, Hamas leadership has stated that its role is not to protect the Gazans but to destroy Israel.  According to Hamas, it is the UN’s job to provide for Gazans. 

Hitler’s Mein Kampf Did Not Propose the Extermination of German Jews 

The Nazi’s Final Solution was not adopted until January 1942 at the Wannsee Conference.  Hamas began ab initio with its objective to exterminate the Jews.  More in line with the German progression towards the final solution are US Wokers and their DEI program to systematically remove Jewish students and faculty from colleges and universities as well as from American businesses including Board of Directors.  Like the Nazis, the Wokers remove others including Whites and Black professors who dissent from Wokeism. Claudine Gay, for example, became Harvard’s President due to her purge of Jews and others whom she deemed “oppressors,” while she was the dean of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  

The first real chance for DSA to champion the extermination of a significant Jewish population came on October 7, 2023.  On October 7th, the DSA came out in strong support of Hamas and blamed Israel for the massacre.  While some Wokers have disavowed this aspect of Wokeism’s agenda, the DSA promotes it. One cannot support DSA without supporting Hamas; the two are inextricably entwined.  Despite her censure by DSA, Councilmember Nithya Raman has accepted DSA’s second endorsement and has not resigned from the DSA.  A person should be judged by her actions and not by her words.  (CM Raman was asked to comment, but she made no reply). 

It’s a guestimate that 95% of Americans have been duped about Woke DEI. They think it means making sure that minorities have a full opportunity to exercise their individual inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as MLK stated in his I Have a Dream Speech. Wrong! Woke DEI categorically rejects all individual inalienable rights.  Instead, an individual’s rights depend on the group to which Wokers assign one, and the assignment is based on race. Whites and Jews are assigned to the Oppressor Group and have no rights including the right to life. All minorities such as Hamas are assigned to the Oppressee Group who can do no wrong no matter how many babies they burn, women they rape and people they behead. 

The fact that Woke is bad does not mean MAGA is good.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)