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Woke Media Continues As Hamas’ #1 PR Firm

Washington Post Removes Controversial Cartoon Amid Backlash


THE VIEW FROM HERE - No doubt, Israel can destroy Hamas, unless the US Wokedom including the major news networks makes it impossible for the Biden Administration to continue its support for Israel.  

As everyone should realize, Hamas planned its war based on the premise that by its killing tens of thousands of Gazans, it can prevail in the PR battle.  All Hamas has to do is let the Woke media make it falsely appear as if Israel is intentionally killing civilians.  When the US Woke networks announce that Israel has bombed some Hamas stronghold such as Khan Younis, a southern Gazan city, it immediately shows pictures of dead children. Then, the false narrative is that the US has been telling Israel to reduce the number of civilian dead which gives the false impression that Israel is ignoring the plight of Gazans.  Often, the woke media furthers its false agenda by saying that Israel had declare Kahn Younis safe but now IDF is bombing Khan Younis, omitting two facts: (1) It was weeks ago that the IDF said Khan Younis was safe, and (2) it had done extensive efforts before the current bombing to tell Gazans when and which buildings will be targeted.

Thus, reality is distorted to make it appear that The IDF had deceived the Gazans to seek refuge where it was dangerous. The facts are different.  When Israel helped Hamas’ human shields escape from the North, many Hamas wore civilian clothes and likewise went south.  From the southern centers, they continued to fire rockets into Israeli residential areas.  Because Hamas not only hides beneath homes, schools, UN centers, mosques, and then fires its rockets from those locations, Hamas makes them legitimate return targets.  The Woke media fails to repeat, as it ha a duty to repeat when reporting on Hamas war crimes, that this use of human shields is a war crime, but instead it implies that Israel is committing war crimes by firing at schools, hospitals, etc.  Once, Israel warns the citizens and gives them time to flee, those who prevent them from moving away from the targeted buildings are the war criminals under international law. Don’t expect the Woke media is ever explain that Israel is adhering to international law and Hamas’ entire war is premised on continuous war crimes.

The media omits that Hamas never constructed any air raid shelters for Gazans. Even the German Nazis constructed air raid shelters for its people. While there are extensive tunnels throughout Southern Gaza, civilians are not allowed to be sheltered in them.  It’s as if during the German Blitz bombing campaign against London in 1940 and 1941, Britain did not allow its citizens to seek shelter in its vast Underground (subways), but instead only allowed the military to seek safety.  The reason Hamas never provided any civilian protection from bombing is that its main strategy was to have Gazan Human Shields killed and then let the Woke media broadcast false stories that the deaths are Israel’s fault. Under international law, the side which uses Human Shields is guilty of war crimes – not the side which drops the bombs.

The reason that the Woke media is silent about these facts about 98% of the time is that Hamas’s actions are factual evidence that it planned in advance to maximize the number of dead Gazans.  Talk about premeditated mass murder!  Just as Hamas intended, the Woke media distorts both the law and the facts to blame Israel for the deaths and destruction.  Based upon the cooperation between Hamas and the Woke media, the world cries for a cease fire and for Israel to lose the war.

The Woke media has never done an in-depth reporting on the extensive measures which the IDF always takes to reduce civilian casualties.  Instead, it habitually shows fearful Gazans saying that there is “no safe place.”  Of course, there is no safe place for civilians since Hamas has made certain there is no safe shelter. 

Slowly The Administration is Waking Up to the Evils of Wokedom

Rather timidly, the Biden Administration is pointing out that all the carnage would stop immediately if Hamas surrendered.  Keeping hostages is a war crime, except on CBS news. Human Shields are a war crime except for Woke reporters. Probably less than 5% of Americans know that Hamas is still shelling Israeli towns. The dominant woke media coverage boils down to this: (1) Israel attacks (2) show dead babies.

Then Came the Woke University Presidents

We saw what happens when the Woke cannot censor the news – immediate uproar and backlash against the university presidents whose DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusions) make it unacceptable to use the wrong gender as some micro-aggression, but finds nothing wrong with calling for the extermination of Jews.  One president opined that if the calls for genocide were to become acts, e.g., actual murders of Jews, then it would transgress their DEI policy.

The Administration should stop pussyfooting around the sensitivities of the Woke. As the backlash against Ivy League Wokedom showed, Wokeism does not represent America. Wealthier liberal Americans are finally realizing being Woke is no virtue. Woke no longer means something simple like proper pronouns; it now means calling for the genocide of Jews.  The Woke media’s defending Hamas, which is committed to extermination of the Jews, has become much harder after the woke Ivy League presidents appeared before Congress and showed their true colors. If Biden wants to be a centrist leader and win in 2024, he better quickly jump out front of the anti-Wokers movement.  American has a lot more centrist voters in both parties than there are MAGA on the right and Wokers on the Left.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com.  You may email him at [email protected])