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Why The Woke Support Genocide


THE VIEW FROM HERE - The socio-political phenomenon, which is being labeled Woke (with a Capital W), is both ancient and the new kid on the block.  Woke is the name which is currently being applied to the movement which dichotomizes the world into two portions: The Good and the Evil, (The Oppressed and the Oppressors). The crucial element which makes this dichotomized world view lethal to our civilization is its dogma of exclusivity, i.e. the belief that it alone knows the Truth  The Dangers of Dichotomy: The Saved vs. The Damned  When Group Rights adherents believe that they alone know the ultimate truth, all non-believers are evil.  A person’s value is measured not by his deeds, but by his group affiliation. Beheading an “oppressor infant” is virtuous, meriting a cell call home and to brag to one’s mother.

While there are many groups which adopt this exclusive view, such hubris seldom lacks the power to take over a society.  When coupled with power, however, exclusivity becomes a danger to anyone outside the in-group. Christianity did it during the Inquisition where it also cannibalized other Christians by reclassifying them as witches or heretics. It took centuries for contrary systems of thought, loosely grouped under the term Age of Enlightenment, to end Christianity’s mass murder of heretics, Jews, Muslims.  German Nazism is another example of a Woke Group Rights philosophy which took over a government: Aryans good; everyone else bad.  Islam, which never had an Age of Enlightenment, has remained locked its conceit that it alone knows the ultimate truth and its role is to convert or kill everyone else.  Islam even applies this thinking within Islam where mass murder of other Muslims is common, i.e. Shiite vs Sunni.

Declaration of Independence rejected Group Rights due to the Founding Fathers’ familiarity with the lethal nature of Woke Group Rights within the context of religion.  Instead, the Declaration enshrined individual inalienable rights as the basis of society. No one more concisely summed up the Declaration than Martin Luther King’s I Have Dream Speech where each individual is judged by his/her character and not the color of his skin, i.e., not according to the ascriptive group to which he/she is assigned.  Individual inalienable rights and the Group Rights’ dichotomy of humanity into Good and Evil groups are antithetical to each other.

Inalienable Rights Do Not Lead to Chants to Exterminate Jews

When a society’s foundational value is the inherent worth of each individual, it cannot give rise to group hatreds.  When the individual is the focus, the entire society realizes that goodness and evil, and varying degrees in between, are unique to each person. One simply lacks the thought process that all Whites are evil, that all Blacks are dumb, all Chinese are cunning connivers, all Roman Catholics take orders from Rome, etc. 

Woke Group Rights Lead to Violence

The Woke, the most recent name applied to far-Left Wing of the Democrat Party, adopts the philosophy of the German Nazis – the world is divided into two groups: The Oppressed (Germans) and the Oppressors (Jews and minorities).  Today’s Wokeism, flips the Nazi good vs bad groups.  Today, the Oppressors are Whites, especially Jews (even though we are not White; race is totally irrelevant to being Jewish), and the Oppressed are any and all minorities including Hamas. Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, the Dems adopted ideas like White Privilege and White Fragility which lumped all White people into the evil class since they owed everything to slavery. Furthermore, no one could criticize a Black person because Blacks had no moral responsibility for their actions; anything bad they did was due to White Oppression.  

The overwhelming majority of Americans did not perceive the threat of Wokeism, despite its obvious dogmatic racism and denial of inalienable rights. The counter-attacks from the Alt Right like Tucker Carlson on Fox News were also suffused with racism.  Modern America looked at Wokeism as our grandfathers looked at Japan and Germany prior to WWII.  That’s how America viewed Al-Qaeda prior to 9/11 even though it had bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.  In 1998, the GOP dismissed the Al-Qaeda danger as foolish when it ridiculed Bill Clinton when he tried to sound the alarm after the bombing of our embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.  Most recently, Israel did not take Hamas’ plans to attack Israel seriously due in large measure to Israeli Left’s insistence that Hamas wanted a better life for Gazans more than it wanted to exterminate Jews.  In each case, the country failed to comprehend the existential danger of Group Rights fanatics.

American Woke Also Support the Extermination of Jews

“Free Palestinian From the River to the Sea” means “Exterminate the Jews.”  For Hamas, 100% of all land from Jordan River in the East to the Mediterranean Sea is Palestine and must be Juderein.  “Free Palestine” is an explicit rejection of the Two State Solution, which the Arabs have traditionally rejected, while Israel has always accepted the two-state solution.  That does not stop the Woke press from always blaming Israel for the lack of two states, when the Arabs are the ones who have rejected every single proposal in favor of extermination of all the Jews.  Identical to the German Nazis, Palestinians favor the genocide of all Jews within their reach.  The Media usually makes a distinction between Palestinians and Hamas, but the reality is that more Palestinians support the genocide of Jews than did the Germans.  That is why the Nazis tried to keep the Final Solution a secret, but Hamas proudly declares it genocidal objective  It is Western Woke denialism to pretend that “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” does not call for the extermination of all Jews in the Holy Land – that is exactly Hamas’s goal.  If they merely wanted a Palestinian state, then the Arabs had five opportunities and each time they said, “No;” they wanted 100% of the land with no Jews.

Wokeism Is Rotten at its Core

A society which still believes in individual inalienable rights and that each person is judged by character and not by race, creed, religions, etc. cannot call for the extermination of millions of people just because they have been lumped into some category.  The Woke have lumped us Jews into the Oppressor group. Anything which happens to any Jew, including rape, murder and beheading of children, is justified.  As a result, see violent crowds calling for extermination of Jews as the media supports their genocidal rampages, while cheering the only pogrom since the Holocaust.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatch. You may email him at [email protected])

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