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The News Headline Draws Your Attention. ”Bodycam Video Captures Violent Chokehold Arrest Of Amputee”


RANTZ & RAVEZ - A Family is demanding answers while their attorney Christian Contreras is working on a lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles.  Was it Law Enforcement Brutality or a hostile and combative suspect who failed to cooperate and just happens to be a 34-year-old Gang Member in possession of a 9mm firearm?  You be the judge.  Were the two Los Angeles County Uniform Sheriff Deputies doing their job of “protecting and serving” or just harassing a law-abiding citizen washing his car?

The video broadcast on TV sets across Los Angeles and beyond show two Uniform L.A. County Sheriff Deputies on the ground attempting to gain control of Mr.  Alejandro Hernandez who is a convicted Felon in possession of a loaded 9mm firearm.  While the Deputies were attempting to take Mr.  Hernandez, who is an amputee, into custody, force was used during the arrest.  While the case is being investigated and the use of body restraints used by the Deputies are being reviewed by many people including Sheriff Officials, the facts remain that Mr.  Hernandez is a known Felon in possession of a 9mm firearm.  Felons are not permitted to possess firearms at any time.  Felons have conditions of probation to fully cooperate with any Law Enforcement Officer conducting any investigation.  That would simply mean to cooperate with the Law Enforcement personnel and not resist Law Enforcement in any way.  Until we know all the facts of this situation, we should hold our judgement for the Sheriff Deputies who are paid and responsible for the protection of everyone, including the accused.

Comments by Mr.  Hernandez mother Gabriela Ortega shines light on the arrest.  “He’s a human being who lost his leg a few years ago. “  “I understand they’re doing their job, but there was no need for that brutality that they did, the beating they gave him.”  Ms. Ortega admitted that her son had done crime in the past, but said he is now on a better path.  In order for Mr.  Hernandez to stay on a “Better Path”, he should fully cooperate with any and all law enforcement officer he encounters.  Following the simple words of actor Chris Rock….How to not get your ASS Kicked by the police viewed Thousands of  times on youtube.com… “Obey the Law and COOPERATE” goes a long way when dealing with any police investigations and in particular if you are a convicted Felon carrying a 9MM firearm!    


The News reports of the man with a gun and C.C.W. Permit drew considerable attention when the man fired a weapon to prevent a robbery at his residence.  The news reported that following the shooting, the County withdrew the person’s permit to carry a weapon.  While this does not make sense, an inquiry answers the question.  First, the permit was not issued by the LAPD.  It was issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  The investigation disclosed that the gun used in the shooting was not listed on the C.C.W. permit.  Since the gun was not on the permit, the permit was pulled until the person can update the permit information with the Sheriff’s Department. 

While the County Sheriff and local Police Chief’s issue C.C.W. to those who have a clean record and pass the review, the permit is issued for specific weapons and those are the only ones you are permitted to carry in public.   

There has been a large number of residents in the cities of Southern California filing for C.C.W. permits.  If you are interested in obtaining one, there is a long wait in the investigation process due to the large volume of requests.  Of note, if you live in the City of Los Angeles you must apply with the LAPD.  The same rules apply in all other cities.  The Sheriff’s Dept is only issuing C.C.W. permits to residents living in those communities policed by the Sheriff’s Dept.

While on the subject of guns, my editor believes that I am a gun proponent.  That is not the case.  I believe we have the 2nd Amendment for a purpose and I believe in that purpose.  The protection of Life and Property.  My life and my property.  If you follow any of the recent news reports from around the world, you can only depend on the police departments to do so much.  It is up to us to protect ourselves and our families from those who commit vicious crimes that injure and kill innocent people.

While on the subject of crime, here are the latest LAPD personnel numbers. 

As of November 4, 2023, there are 8,970 total LAPD Sworn Personnel.  This compares to 10,057 on March 3, 2018.  The numbers tell the true story of how short the LAPD is on the number of sworn personnel protecting and serving the People of Los Angeles.

Be extra cautious during the holiday shopping season.  When you go shopping, go with a family member or friend.  When shopping after dark, use extreme caution when parking and entering your car with holiday packages.  We all know that “Smash and Grabs” continue around major shopping centers.  Use caution and keep an eye out for people approaching you when walking to your car with holiday gifts.  You can’t be too cautious when shopping during the holiday season.

I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season…May all your wishes become reality.


(RantZ and RaveZ is published in CityWatchLA.com by Dennis P.  Zine.  Dennis is retired from Law Enforcement and the L.A. City Council. Your comments are welcome at [email protected].)