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We Abandon Facts at Our Own Peril


THE VIEW FROM HERE - While lies and myths are an unwise base for our opinions and actions, today the implications for using emotion which ignores facts and often adopts extreme falsehoods pose existential threats worldwide.  The Woke ignore the identity of the Nazi’s Final Solution for Jews and the Hamas Charter to exterminate Jews in order to cover-up its own perfidy in supporting Hamas. Today’s Neo-Nazis are using Hamas terrorism for more anti-Jewish extremism.  It’s hard to criticize Neo-Nazis in America, while the Woke are aligned with the same philosophy in the Mid East.   One famous example of Woke media’s anti-Jewish bias was their false reporting that the IDF had fired the rocket at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on October 17th, despite the facts pointed to a Hamas or an Islamic Jihad rocket.  Rather than rely on facts, the Woke media repeats on Hamas’ anti-Jewish claims.  Since then, some media, but not the left Woke media, has been more careful with its reporting.

Nonetheless, the Woke continue to spin photos, including doctored photos, to be anti-Jewish.  When Hamas shows dead children, the media repeats Hamas’ claim that Israel is slaughtering babies and blaming Israel of war crimes.  The media knows for a fact that Hamas’ Human Shields are war crimes and the existence of dead children is not proof of Israel war crimes.  Rather, the fact that Hamas has not evacuated the children or hidden them in air raid shelters tends to prove that Hamas uses the mutilated bodies for propaganda purposes.  Why are the children not in air raid shelters?  Because Hamas has constructed no air raid shelters.  Why are the civilians not in the tunnels? Because the tunnels are for Hamas militants.  When Israel warns in advance which buildings will be targeted, the existence of dead children is evidence of Human Shields  

The Woke media fails to report that the IDF had offered fuel and battery operated equipment to al Shifa Hospital, but the hospital rejected the fuel; al Shifa rejected the equipment and rejected the IDF safe passage to western part of southern Gaza.  These rejections were after a week of the IDF’s successful humanitarian corridors.  Instead, the Woke media does Hamas’ bidding and films the babies all lined up and accuses the IDF of war crimes.  CBS seems most prone to twist its stories into this type of pro Hamas propaganda.

Angelenos, in particular, should take note of the Woke part of DSA’s (Democrats Socialists of America) -- not only of its support for Hamas’ role but also DSA’s crucial role in Los Angeles in the broadcasting of the False Narrative that three Mexican Councilmembers were anti-Black racists.   The city council now has at least three councilmembers identified as DSA: Soto-Martinez, Nithya Raman, Eunisses Hernandez.  Karen Bass kowtows to the DSA.  As a result, the Woke LA media refused to report the death threats to the three falsely maligned councilmembers.  Karen Bass is protecting Woke Jason Reedy from criminal prosecution for his political violence. Allowing acts of political violence leads to more egregious political violence. It should not surprise anyone at recent the political violence directed Jews in LA and around the country.  The younger elements of DSA’s support for Hamas and for their False Narrative targeting non-DSA Mexican councilmembers bode poorly for Los Angeles.

The Alt Right and the Woke behave the same – both villainize “The Other.” White Supremacists hate all non-whites, while the Woke villainize Whites unless they fall into some Woke subgroup, e.g., Gays. (The fact that Gay rights are based on the inalienable right of liberty, which the Woke reject, does not stop Wokers from trying to politically colonize the Gay community.  Pronouns are a Woke agenda item which the Woke try to impose upon us Gays.)

This dichotomy of Americans into warring factions has resulted in two political parties where their extreme factions control the entire party. Since prior to WW II, the US has not faced two such dire international threats as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Hamas’ renewed attempt to exterminate Jews.  The MAGA refuse aid to Ukraine because the petty tyrant wannabee has a bitch-fight with Zelenskyy because Zelenskyy would not interfere with the 2016 US elections. The Woke oppose aid to Israel as it classifies Israel as a white oppressor.  While the vast majority of Americans side with the US national defense needs on both Ukraine and Israel, the extremists are calling the shots for both parties.  What are most Americans doing as our government disintegrates into chaos? Nothing!  While some GOP oppose the MAGA, the Woke Dems are steadfast in their non-cooperative extremism.  All House Dems voted to oust Speaker McCarthy who was our last chance to have a centrist government.  As a result, there is no aid for Ukraine and none for Israel as the House has no centrist coalition.

Woke extremism is dangerous to the US.  Wokeism has invaded the LA City Council, school boards, zoning decisions, and the US Congress –  even into the Presidency who waffles by his kowtowing to Woke.  Perhaps, the US military is fed up with Biden. When he makes the idiotic statement that the IDF should leave alone al Shifa and other hospitals, the Pentagon announces what it and Biden have known from the beginning; Hamas operates from inside and underneath the hospitals!  

“U.S. has intelligence showing Hamas PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) are using hospitals and ‘tunnels underneath them to conceal and to support their military operations and to hold hostages,’ including the massive Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.”

Biden then goes all Woke and says that the IDF should leave the Hamas command centers untouched as they are under hospitals (“hospitals must be protected.”) Under the international law on war crimes, Biden is 100% wrong.  The placement of Human Shields at or near military operations does not prevent them from being attacked.  The proper response from a non-Woke president would be to demand that Hamas immediately allow the evacuation of the patients and again declare that Hamas’ Human Shields are war crimes.  Biden, however, is still committed to the Woke appeasement of Iran. 

Biden fails to comprehend that his caving into the Woke at almost every juncture is why his ratings are so low. Biden allows Wokeism to not only divide the country, but to divide himself against himself.  When Biden is pressured into abandoning facts in order to cater to the Woke, he places all of us at peril.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  The Opinions expressed are those of Richard Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com. You may email him at [email protected].)