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Why Wokeism Hates Jews


THE VIEW FROM HERE - One should not confuse the old notion of woke with the political philosophy named Woke or Wokeism.  The former refers to the fact that minorities have their own perceptions of the majority. It is merely a variation of the Rashomon Effect.  Wiki 

Woke and Wokeism is a political philosophy that White Europeans are the oppressors of everyone else, and thus, society needs to be re-adjusted so that the minorities have equity of outcomes.  Equity is based on group membership.  American Blacks are the premier group for equitable adjustment upwards. 

The political philosophy which Wokeism combats is individual inalienable rights, especially Liberty. Wokers claim that individual liberty is a bad philosophy as Whites will never allow individual Blacks to overcome. Rather, Wokers set forth something called DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as the solution.

Here’s How DEI Works 

(1) Diversity: Everyone is assigned a group, Blacks, Hispanics, The Poor, Gays LGBTQAI+), Asians, Native Americans (The Oppressed) and Whites (The Oppressors). 

(2) Inclusive: Each group is to have representation everywhere according to their percentage in the population, except in professional sports. Per Wokeism, the only reason there not as many Black medical doctors as Jewish medical doctors is due to Jewish Anti-Black racism. Wokers insist on classifying us Jews as White, even though race, color, nationality have nothing whatsoever to do with being Jewish.  Wokeism is about their classification of groups to fit into Woker political philosophy and the only reason Jews can be successful is that they must be part of the White Oppressive class. 

(3) Equity: The role of the government is to adjust outcomes by group so that each group’s wealth, educational level, representation in the professions, etc. is the same as their percentage in society.  The explanation of under representation is White Oppression and the explanation of the excessive representation is White Privilege. 

Under Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL's) embrace of DEI has turned the ADL into an anti-Jewish and anti-Asian organization which seeks to reduce Jews to 2.4% and Asians to 7.2% in universities and employment. On May 25, 2033, the White House endorsed this limitation on Jews by officially extending DEI to Jews.  “The Office of Personnel Management, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and Office of Management and Budget will conduct learning sessions for agency diversity, equity, inclusion, [DEI] and accessibility officers on antisemitism . . .“  Under the new regulations to be set forth in the upcoming year, Jews will be required to identify themselves in college and work applications so that schools and employers do not exceed their quota of Jews.  My 25, 2023 White House Fact Sheet 

Woker political philosophy requires redistribution of wealth and representation.  If Blacks and Browns are under-presented in education, the colleges must stop using admission requirements where the minorities do not perform well.  Again, the rational is that White oppressors use criteria which only favor Whites. The over-representation of Jews and Asians is due to White Privilege and their numbers must be reduced to have Equity for those other groups whom Jews and Asians allegedly used their White Privilege to exclude. 

Wokers Place Themselves at the Top 

Under Wokeism, the only people who are all wise enough to determine Equity are the Wokers.  They will determine how many minorities must be on corporate boards. They will determine each groups’ admission rate to colleges and universities to adjust for White Oppression.  Wherever one looks at DEI, there is a Woker sitting at the top deciding who gets admitted and who gets shoved out to atone for the sins of early generations.  Inherited Guilt is a core idea of Wokeism. If some ancestor did a bad deed, his descendants must compensate the descendants of the wronged individual. Since no one can trace all the ancestries, Wokers use skin color. The lighter your skin hue, the more your equity will be adjusted downward.  It does not matter if your ancestors were not in the US during slavery but instead were being subjected to murderous pogroms in Europe. You’re here now and your skin is not black, and thus, you inherited the guilt of prior people with light skin hues. 

Under this cockamamie philosophy, present day California descendants of the Mexican Americans must pay slavery reparation to Blacks.  The amount being mentioned is 2.5 times the state’s annual budget. Never mind that California never had slavery before or after annexation to the US and that California was a haven for Blacks escaping the South. Never mind that the USA stole over $1 Trillion in land from the Mexicans. Never mind that Armenians have their own genocide with which to deal.  They too must contribute to the slavery reparations. 

Jews Pose a Threat to Wokeism 

Historically oppressed and murdered for millennia and subject to the world’s worse genocide, Jews are statistically overrepresented in most professions and in receiving “White” awards like the Noble Peace Prize.  The Woker theology of the perfidy of White Oppression cannot be true while Jews are thriving.  Thus, the answer is simple -- Wokers reclassify the Jews as the worst of the Whites. 

In the Wokers’ equity passion play, Jews must be banished from the colleges and universities.  Jewish students who do not agree to Woker Anti-Israelism are excluded from student life and kicked off student councils.  Jewish professors are hounded out of the university.  Some places like CUNY have adopted de facto Juderein policies and feature vilely anti-Semitic commencement speakers July 21, 2022, NY Post,  CUNY Is ‘Pervasively Hostile’ to Jewish Students, by Melissa Klein and Irie Sentner   

Right behind us Jews are the over-achieving Asians and Gays, not to mention millions of White people, who know that Wokeism is a perverse political philosophy.  For Wokers, winning the battle against Jews is crucial.  Wokers are facing backlash from minorities themselves. The Woker pitch to Asians to become “Persons of Color” is not succeeding.  Gay Rights are based on individual inalienable right of Liberty; Liberty is Wokers’ arch enemy.  Blacks are already giving considerable blowback to Woker DEI.  Failure to reduce Jewish participation will be a set back from which Wokeism may not survive. Free Black Thought is a prime example.   

“The Democratic Party may have abandoned its platform of slavery and Jim Crow, but it now has another racist platform: “equity,” which requires the use of race-based policy to eliminate any statistical disparities among racial groups, on the ignorant assumption that disparities are always evidence of discrimination. Its solution is, ironically, racial discrimination: or as the Orwellian phrases go — anti-racist discrimination. It now leverages black racism, white guilt, and white racist paternalism to advocate for racist policies and policies that increase the power of the government to seize wealth — the [DEM] party’s hope being that more and more power will go to it to control our lives and labor.”     June 3, 2023, Donkey In the Room by Jeffrey Peoples. 

Blacks, Jews and everyone else will do much better with America’s original political philosophy where no person may be classified by some ascriptive characteristic, e.g., Mexican, Gay, Armenian, and then penalized or rewarded due to membership in that group.  As Martin Luther King said, judge each by their merit and not by skin color. That value is a dagger into the heart of Wokeism.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)