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Neatly Groomed, But Illegal Venice Encampment Continues Along Lincoln Boulevard

WESTSIDE HOMELESSNESS - While the current photo (May 18th), shows a tidy and well-maintained public space for this permanently parked RV, truck and living quarters, what is taking city officials so long to assist this camper to indoor accommodations? 

As reported, there are literally hundreds of locations owned by Los Angeles that remain unoccupied, so why are individuals not properly housed?  

For what is the logic, explanation, or excuse that this encampment is not removed and the individuals who reside here not offered indoor living conditions?  

For how can anyone have confidence that things are improving when published reports talk about literally billions spent, yet seemingly here in Los Angeles, things seem to be worse? 

I have personally asked for months where is the year-over-year data that explains either an increase or decrease in the number of individuals on the streets of Los Angeles and specifically Venice.  

That data and information is not being shared with the public and thus conditions like this are enabled, tolerated and continued as if they were normal or an improvement! 

There isn’t a major city in the United States like Los Angeles that has spent billions with absolutely no return on that public investment. 

For the “why” question is ignored and not answered by the plethora of not-for-profit bureaucrats who personally support this cottage industry of homelessness and while our elected officials refuse to consider the radical change necessary in addressing this decade-long epidemic that is not improving by any metric or standard! 

Release the data so residents can feel tax dollars are not being squandered or continually wasted and that some semblance of confidence that things are getting better.  

(Nick Antonicello is a thirty-one year Venice resident who covers the continuing encampment and RV crisis in the neighborhood. Have an encampment or RV issue on your street? Contact him via e-mail at [email protected].)