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RV’s Cluster Around Abandoned & Unkept Properties In Venice

WESTSIDE - The upkeep, or lack of maintenance of commercial and residential parcels seem to have a direct correlation as to the location of many permanent campers and RV’s here in Venice. 

The photos taken today (12/7) are a perfect example of how a mobile encampment can fester out-of-control. 

It is ironic that we have a parked Bentley and then what appears to be six or seven permanently parked campers at Fourth and Indiana. 

While most clustered RV’s and campers are found on main corridors such as Washington, Lincoln or Venice Boulevards, here is an example of when a property appears vacant or unkept, these transient encampments have a tendency to explode and become attached to a specific neighborhood. 

It is up to city officials to enforce parking and traffic regulations such as expired tags or license plates which are rampant with many of these vehicles on the streets today.

The larger an encampment or cluster, the more difficult it becomes to remove, especially when the vehicle is inoperable and needs to be towed. 

The RV and camper dilemma here in Venice is at crisis proportions and our elected and government officials must maintain a sense of order in that they, and not the transients who occupy these spaces are in charge and can address the issue swiftly. 

For residents are systematically being beaten down by the same conditions and complaints that go unaddressed for weeks, months and in some cases years!

(Nick Antonicello is a thirty-year resident of Venice who is covering the encampment and RV crisis on our streets today in the hopes government action will be taken. Have an encampment or RV issue on your block or neighborhood? Contact the writer via e-mail at [email protected])