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Why Is Whole Foods Held Hostage to Rampant Homelessness Here In Venice?

HOMELESS VIOLENCE - As Venice becomes more and more immune to the conditions that are mounting along Lincoln and Rose, one wonders if one of the more popular shopping locales can continue to thrive and prosper? 

Any frequent shopper who purchases groceries at WHOLE Foods or the Ninety-Nine Cent store are usually confronted by the many homeless who roam the parking lot, occupy the restrooms or hangout at the seating outside this popular Venice venue. 

What compounds the problem is the concentration of homeless encampments in and around the retailer at 7th and Rose, which begs the question when will these conditions get addressed?

If not for the private security WHOLE Foods employs around the entrance and parking areas, the conditions would be that much uglier! 

Beyond the pan handlers is the plethora of unregistered and uninsured RV’s that remain dormant for weeks if not months, while these encampments are supported by the Bread & Roses food shelter which in many ways serves as a magnet for even more individuals that occupy the streets, to the many that are out-of-state transients that deal and use drugs for all to see which only confirms the hard reality that Venice is a containment zone for a condition that has been in many ways forced upon this community while elite neighborhoods like Pacific Palisades get a free pass. 

For the homeless on homeless violence, and the unprovoked agitation against area residents and now a complete inability to walk to WHOLE Foods safely because the tents blocking access to what is left of the sidewalk on Rose has become just dangerous for all concerned!

For how can cars serve as a clothes line, remain immobile for weeks at a time, but if you don’t move your vehicle for street sweeping, you get that fairly expensive ticket, no questions asked!

For is it the community’s responsibility to lose their own quality-of-life to accept these illegal conditions that are allowed to fester on any corner, vacant lot and sidewalk here in Venice? 

For what are the rights of the homeowner, parent or tenant that pays an insane amount of rent to live here to compromise away their rights and safety for themselves as well as their family?

There is no other issue as overwhelming as encampments and homelessness here in Venice. 

It dwarfs every other issue and condition because it spills over to the other important topics of crime, parking and public health. 

If homelessness is not permanently fixed, you cannot correct or contain crime because they are in fact intertwined and the fact LAPD has been handcuffed and held in check,  this only tells residents help is not on the way!

There are simply too many encampments, RV’s and homeless in Venice and after a year of campaign promises in 2022 telling us things will change, stop the talk and turn to action right now. 

Yes, Venice is sick and tired about being sick and tired about the issue of homelessness. 

(Nick Antonicello covers the issue of homelessness and encampments here in Venice. A thirty-year resident, you can contact him via e-mail at [email protected].)