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Are Your Dollars Safe in Banks? Soon - Out With the Paper and In With Digital

RANTZ AND RAVEZ - Like many of you, I have received countless emails from various sources claiming that Banks in America are in trouble and that the American Dollar is being recalled and replaced with Digital Dollars.

Specific Emails like the following:

“I feel it is my duty to help you prepare for what could be the BIGGEST change to our financial system since 1971.  If you have any money in the U.S. banking system, pay close attention because…Bank of America is warning its clients that ALL checking accounts are likely to be replace with digital dollars soon.  It is not just B of A.  More than 110 banks have already enrolled in a pilot program that is the trojan horse for the digital dollar.  Banks like JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup.”      

These emails have caused many people including many seniors to panic and remove their money from American banks.  

I have confidence in America’s Banking system and am not racing to the bank and withdrawing my money.  While I have many concerns about many functions of the American Government, I trust most of the financial operations of the American Banking System and the safeguards to protect our money. 

I have an Honest and reliable financial advisor who keeps me up to date with the changing financial situation in America.  My advice to you is don’t panic and don’t believe everything you read or hear about banking operations in America.  Find a financial advisor you can trust to keep your finances in the Green and one who gives you peace of mind so you can sleep at night and not worry about financial loss.  Hiding your money under your mattress is not the best place to feel safe and secure when it comes to your ability to have a happy life…   

As history has proven for many people, a Divorce is often more costly than any bank closure insured by the FDIC……         

My Radio Show:

Dennis Zine broadcast the 790 KABC Radio “News Blitz Hour” at 6:00 pm each evening last week….. My future as an L.A. radio talk show host is promising.  I enjoyed my week-long radio broadcast and your phone calls.  

The legendary Los Angeles KABC radio station once hosted the L.A. Dodgers, the Leon Kaplan Motorman auto program for over 30 years, Michael Jackson, Doug McIntyre and a distinguished list of legendary radio personalities when AM Radio was popular in Los Angeles and around the country.  While times have changed in the Radio and TV world, people still tune to AM radio when traveling in a car, at work, and when they want to listen to interesting conversations on a number of timely subjects in addition to breaking local and national news, and those most important traffic reports that help get us around frequent traffic jams on the freeways.    

You can tune to the interesting John Phillips and Money-Man Frank Mottek’s daily programs along with an interesting list of other popular local and national radio talk-show hosts on 790 KABC.  Los Angeles radio has changed along with the introduction of Sirius XM and a variety of audio formats.  Local AM Radio is here to keep you informed of activities in your community and the world.  Like Governor Arnold said, I say I will be back on 790 KABC in the future……Stay tuned….  

They move out of California and there goes the MONEY!

California lost more than $300 million in tax revenue from wealthy residents moving out of California.  For the third straight year, California has experienced a decline in population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and many of those moving east are some of California’s wealthiest. 

No state experienced a loss like California.  A study can be found at MyElisting.com giving more information about the California exodus and funds lost to California. 

It is interesting that 40% of Californians have indicated they have seriously considered leaving California, mainly due to the cost of living.  Add to the cost of housing the cost for car insurance, if you can obtain a policy, and just the daily cost of gas and other daily expenses.  Think how much happier you can be in a state that is run by politicians that care about the people and strive to provide a quality life for everyone.  Places like Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Arizona.  There are options and many of my friends have made the move and none have returned to California.  Something to think about if you are one of the many unhappy residents of California and in particular Los Angeles and all of Southern California.  The once Golden State of California has been tarnished by a political structure on both the state and local levels that has lost sight of the needs for those who pay the excessive taxes and receive little in return.  Will it get better in the future, I honestly don’t think so.  It will be just more of the same with higher taxes and more communities being overrun by Crime, Homeless and streets that are falling apart…   

The LAPD Officers have been without a contract for a month.  What is next?

Mayor Bass announced on August 1st there is a tentative agreement for the 9034 LAPD officers.  The agreement needs to move to the officers/detectives for a vote and approval.  Reviewing the nuts and bolts of the contract, I believe the officers will ratify the contract and continue “Protecting and Serving” the people of Los Angeles.

What I find interesting in how many of the 15 L.A. City Councilmembers will vote to support the contract.  Will the contract receive a 100% vote of support from all members of the council?  I believe that some if not all of the “CRAZY TRAIN” members will either vote against the contract or be a coward and absent when the vote comes to the council.  I want everyone to pay attention on how the council votes on this contract.  Those who chose to vote against the contract have no concern or regard for your safety or that of your family, friends, or community…..Stay tuned for more on this matter…..          


(Dennis P.  Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ.  The column is published twice a month in CityWatchLA.com to inform you of activities in the Los Angeles area.  Dennis is retired from law enforcement and the L.A. City Council.  Please email your comments to Valley News [email protected].)