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The Price of Corruption in LA

Photo of Curren Price

WHEELS OF JUSTICE - After reading those past articles by Daniel Guss my question is Why Did it take so long for someone to file criminal charges against Curren Price?

He should have been charged years ago with the criminal charges of BIGAMY under PC 281.

Los Angeles Times writer Dakota Smith and other local newspaper journalists all had prior knowledge of the allegations of Price's involvement in questionable illegal activities but refused to address them.

Just weeks ago, Price made those horrific statements that individuals impacted by the failed detonation of illegal fireworks on East 27th street by LAPD were stalling and taking advantage of the city of Los Angeles.

Price completely turned his back on them, as well as other Los Angeles City elected officials up to and including our current Mayor Karen Bass. They ignored the residents impacted because they resided in a low-income neighborhood and were classified as low wage earners, in other words the Latino and Black working poor.

It was the City of Los Angeles who made those residents homeless.

Price should immediately resign his position as a Los Angeles City Council member.

The BIG Question is Who is going to fall next?

Currently there are individuals who are reviewing the distribution of discretionary funds by a current LA City Council member to numerous non-profit organizations, which are now  defunct and located outside of their council district.  In fact, one or two were in Price's CD 9 district.

It is time for all California voters to take a good look and change the rules so that when elected officials are termed out of office they can no longer play musical chairs and run for a new public office position.

If Price if convicted of any criminal charges he will be eligible to collect his earned pensions from his previous elected political office positions and his earned life time medical benefits.

Who said crime does not pay?

And it’s not as if any of the immediate litigation is a surprise.  Way back in 2017, CityWatch contributor Daniel Guss exposed the whole thing.  You can find his article here, and below is a teaser which should give you a hint:

“@THE GUSS REPORT-On Friday, March 3, Dakota Smith, writing for the LA Times, referenced my article in CityWatch in her report on the bigamy allegation swirling around District 9 City Councilmember Curren Price. Smith noted that Price, whose opponent Jorge Nuño was endorsed by the LA Times for the city’s March 7 Primary Election, was scrambling to prove that he is actually divorced from his first wife, Lynn, stating:  “Price and his legal team are trying to locate records that would prove the divorce was finalized.” 

Shame on the Times and the rest of the corporate media who have known about all of this for years.


(Caroline Aguirre is a retired 24-year State of California law enforcement officer, LAPD family member, community activist and Neighborhood Watch captain. Aguirre is a CityWatch contributor.)