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Fiesta Broadway is Back in Los Angeles in 2024!


LATIN EVENT - Get ready for a resounding celebration as Fiesta Broadway, one of the largest Latino extravaganzas in Los Angeles, prepares to make a triumphant return to its roots in 2024. After three decades of tradition, this emblematic musical event is set to once again fill the vibrant streets of Broadway in the heart of Los Angeles with the pulsating rhythm of Latin music.

Established in 1990, Fiesta Broadway has become a cultural cornerstone, shutting down over 36 streets and erecting seven stages where the brightest stars of Latin music have paraded over the years. Now, in 2024, the celebration is set to reclaim its eternal home on Broadway Street, continuing its legacy with a style that befits more than 30 years of experience.

As the city of Los Angeles celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, Fiesta Broadway stands as a testament to the commitment of both the city and its producers to the rich tapestry of Latin music and culture. Serving as a platform to give back to the vibrant Hispanic community, which boasts significant numbers in California, the event unites families and community members in a celebration of heritage and unity.

On this special day, the streets of Los Angeles come alive with the vibrant energy of thousands of Latino families. They gather not only for the thrilling musical performances but also to indulge in the diverse and delectable gastronomy representing various Latin American countries. Tantalizing offerings such as tacos, roast meats, pupusas, Argentine and Chilean empanadas, and pozoles will be the order of the day, creating a feast for the senses as Fiesta Broadway becomes a culinary celebration of Hispanic Heritage.

Mark your calendars for April 28, 2024, as the great Latin music festival is set to sweep the city just before the commencement of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. This year, Fiesta Broadway is under the new management of Uno Productions Inc & All Access Talent. The dedicated teams are working tirelessly, collaborating with various brands, product corporations, and sponsors who are eager to join the festivities and contribute to the magic of this cultural extravaganza.

The return of Fiesta Broadway in 2024 promises to be more than a mere event; it is a revival of tradition, a celebration of culture, and a unifying force for the diverse tapestry of the Latino community. As the vibrant beats of Latin music echo through the streets of Broadway, it will be a testament to the enduring spirit of Fiesta Broadway and its role as a cultural beacon for Los Angeles. Stay tuned for updates as more brands and sponsors join the excitement, making Fiesta Broadway 2024 an unforgettable celebration of heritage, music, and community.

(Enlai-li Acevedo a producer and writer with 15 years of experience in the entertainment business.)

For more info please visit: https://fiesta-broadway.com/ Photography credits: Fiesta Broadway