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Nithya Raman – Actions Speak Louder Than Words


THE VIEW FROM HERE - By virtue of California’s Constitution, municipal elections are non-partisan which means the members of the city council do not bring their party affiliation into the council with them.  While some of the city council are registered GOP and others are DEM, most Angelenos do not know who is which.  CD #14 Jose Huizar was Democrat, while his cohort in crime, CD14 member Mitchell Englander, was a GOP.  Yet, they worked together. In fact, despite any personal party membership, the city council votes unanimously 99% of the time. 

What’s Wrong with Political Parties at the Local Level 

The following is the justification: When an elected office holder represents both his constituents and a political party, the party rather than the voters controls the councilmember. When no party affiliation is permitted, a councilmember is beholden only to the voters who elected him/her.  As we know, when theory is translated into practice, the result is not as peachy keen as envisioned. The result is that when voting, Angelenos seldom take into account a candidate’s party. (If mayoral candidate Rick Caruso had remained a GOP, however, he might have won. His changing parties showed lack of integrity.) 

October 7th Alerted Angelenos to A Huge Change 

After Hamas’s slaughter and butchery of about 1,200 people in Israel, most of whom were Jews, Angelenos are learning that three of their councilmember belong to a highly racist political party, which is not unlike the KKK or the German Nazis.  Since the only socialist with whom Americans are familiar is Sen. Bernie Sanders, the name Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) does not sound threatening. In California, most people are Democrats; thus, they naively assume that the DSA is a wing of the Democratic Party.  No! Wrong. The DSA is a separate, extremist organization whose goal is to take over American politics, and they have chosen LA to implement their racist, anti-Jewish agenda. 

What Does This Have to Do with CD #4 Nithya Raman 

Nithya Raman has had months to resign from the DSA and its vigorous support for Hamas and its praise for the slaughter of 1,200 innocent people.  It is not enough for Raman to criticize Hamas, when she also clings to her DSA membership.  Despite Raman’s saying things to mollify the local Jewish community, it is impossible for her to support DSA and not also support Hamas’ genocidal atrocities. 

The DSA follows the pre WWII Nazi play book in its anti-Jewish propaganda.  Like the Nazis, the DSA divides the world according to race lines: For the DSA, the world has two group: (1) Whites and Jews who are Oppressors and (2) minorities who are the Oppressed.  In the dichotomized world of extremism, there is no middle ground; there are no shades of gray. Nor, is there any room to judge people by individual character, nor, are there any individual inalienable rights.  All Jews are evil, including the useful idiots who are too naive to realize that they are only temporarily tolerated.   

The DSA Censure of Nithya Raman 

With 17% of Los Angeles being Jewish, Raman’s actions should speak louder than her words. While verbally distancing herself from Hamas, she sticks with the DSA, when many others have quit.  One cannot belong to the KKK, the Nazi Party or the DSA and remain a decent person.  Like the Nazis, the DSA promotes vicious lies about Israel such as it is an apartheid state, but it can never point to how Israel is apartheid when 21% of the population is Arab with full civil rights the same as Christians and Jews.  

The Jews are not practicing genocide to the Arabs, in Israel, in Gaza or in the West Bank.  In 1948 there were 160,000 Arabs in Israel. Today there are 2 million Arabs and they are fill citizens. In 1967, Gaza had 367,000 Arabs; today, there are 2.1 million. In 1967, there were about 600,000 Arabs in the West Bank; today there are about 3 million.  How can there be this genocide when the Arabs are drastically increasing in numbers? Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a start   

What is DSA’s Plan for Los Angeles?

DSA explains why it has censured Nithya Raman. The DSA plans to take over the LA city council and DSA cannot afford to lose her. There are only three DSA members on the city council:  Nithya Raman CD4, Eunisses Hernandez CD1, and Hugo Soto-Martínez CD13. 

“Today however, our resurgent [DSA] movement has begun to see the fruit of our project blossom, . . . . ¶ These few initial victories have unlocked a new battleground, on which we’re still finding our footing. In Los Angeles, DSA has three members elected to City Council. It is one of the most powerful city councils in the country . . . ”  DSA National Convention by Marissa A, Jordan E, and Benina S. Notice, the authors shield their identity. 

Raman has a dilemma. DSA won’t revoke its anti-Semitic propaganda and its support Hamas’ on-going efforts to obliterate the Jews (“from the river to the sea”). Is there any another American political party which cheers on the genocide Jews?  (The American Nazis have dropped that idea.)  Yet, Nithya Raman holds dear her membership in the DSA. 

What’s Agiprop? 

The article continues: “Socialists do need agitprop.”  Agitprop is an insider word combining “agitation” and “propaganda;” – it is used especially by extremists to hide their actual agenda which they know the overall community rejects.  When speaking among themselves, they refer to agitprop as a tool to gain more power. 

The DSA is using Nithya Raman as a test case to ascertain whether it can allow its candidates to use agitprop to dupe the useful idiots in order to take over the city council.  Thus, DSA censures Raman to make her more acceptable to the useful idiots, but they do not expel her nor does she resign.  Who waits to be expelled from the KKK or from the Nazi Party?  

Americans used to ask why the Germans let it happen.  Americans are not asking that question any more as we see the rise of the Trumpist MAGA, the DEI Wokers and the DSA.  While most Americans do not want to confront it, it is happening right here in America, right here in LA.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])