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Judicial Watch 2024: Renee Rose For The La Superior Court #48 


ELECTION 2024 - Renee Rose is a career public servant with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for over thirty years, and now a candidate for judicial office in her race for a seat on the LA County Superior Court.  

Her resume is deep and extensive when it comes to her experience in the Hardcore Gang Unit, the Major Narcotics Division, the Arson and Explosives Unit and now the Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Unit which is where her passion lies most in seeking justice for these victims of the most sordid of offenses. The candidate frequently gives presentations to LA seniors on the pitfalls of financial scams and other elder abuse crimes that are painful to even discuss.  

She described the elderly as “vulnerable,” and that many of these crimes are financial in nature and seeking restitution for these victims can exhibit remorse by those convicted.  

There are what she described as  “opportunistic predators. People who are in fact evil,” noted the longtime deputy prosecutor.  

For Renee Rose has brought authenticity and empathy to her role in prosecuting crime and ensuring justice is done.  

Born in the Valley, Renne Rose is a Pasadena homeowner with her husband and family that even finds time to sell Girl Scout cookies with her youngest daughter, despite being in the middle of her judicial contest against challengers Malik Burroughs and Deputy Public Defender Ericka J. Wiley.  

Active in her faith, neighborhood association and girl’s youth soccer, Rose also has been a volunteer in fundraising activities with the National Charity League (NCL).  

A 1987 graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), Rose is a 1991 graduate of the Southwestern School of Law.  

With stints in both the Riverside and Los Angeles County DA’s offices, Rose has conducted over 30 felony jury trials including 19 murder, or attempted murder cases.  

Rated as “well qualified,” as a candidate for judicial service, Rose has amassed an impressive number of endorsements by 43 sitting jurists and 3 retired judges including support from former LA County 

District Attorney’s Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey.  

As a first time candidate for public office, she has embraced the process of navigating best how to reach voters as ballots have been mailed and votes are being tabulated as we speak.  

The candidate has been networking and attending events and meetings held by various political organizations, unions, associations and alike and has picked up support from the Association of District Attorneys as well as the Long Beach City Democrats.  

Her campaign has been a healthy mix of fundraising among friends, family and colleagues as well as a degree of self-funding. Rose said she has raised roughly $80,000 to date and believes the overall cost of the campaign will be in the $100,000 range through the March 5th Primary where one of the three candidates will be eliminated and an expected general election runoff come the fall as no one is anticipating an outright win at this juncture.  

On the question of jury service, the candidate believed the process should be “as easy as possible,” and that “people should not lose money” due to performing this essential and required public obligation. Rose also stated that employers should subsidize some portion of jury participation, especially on cases that are extended in time.  

In terms of her style of leadership, Rose wants to employ her professional capabilities to be effective and serve with integrity. Rose stressed that abiding by the rules is critical in conducting her courtroom and “the law must guide the facts,” ensuring courtroom credibility.  

Unlike her role as a prosecutor and advocate, she noted the role of the judge is of in many ways a referee, and that she would be guided by the law and a dose of wisdom.  

Having spent decades in numerous LA courtrooms, she believed the transition from prosecutor to judge would be in many ways seamless, as she has dealt with so many of the issues that face the bench such as legal delays, sentencing guidelines and her overall familiarity with the legal process.  

She noted jury instruction and sentencing will be responsibilities and actions she welcomes based on a demeanor and temperament she has displayed in her role as a prosecutor.  

Stress in the courtroom is something she feels confident she can manage as many individuals see time in the justice system as some of their worst days noting issues such as eviction, and the loss of personal freedom based on a conviction.  

Rose believes her “calm and professional demeanor” will successfully shape her tenure on the bench.  

Rose summed up her campaign by stressing her long resume of public service, work ethic, compassion, and the testimonials and endorsements she has received in this judicial campaign.  

“I care about the law and the people.”  

You can visit the candidate online at www.reneeroseforjudge.com 

(Nick Antonicello is a thirty-one year resident of Venice who is covering the numerous judicial contests and race for LA County District Attorney. Have a take or tip on the upcoming March 5th Primary? Contact him at [email protected].)