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Karen Bass’ Support for Political Violence Has Come Home to Roost


THE VIEW FROM HERE - For well over a year, Karen Bass has supported political violence, but Bass was not alone in her support of left wing political violence.  There is a parallel between the modus operandi of Hamas’ butchery and Los Angeles’ big lie that three councilmembers were anti-Black racists.  The big lie that three LA councilmembers’ were anti-Black was the Woke attempt to take over city council seats by a vicious defamation of innocent people.   See Wokeism Has Become Anti-Mexican Racism  The moment the false woke story broke on KNOCK LA and in the LA Times, Karen Bass knew it was false.  Initially, she was going to speak out to rebut it, but then Wokers countermanded her.  Karen Bass immediately caved in, calling for the resignations of the three councilmembers.  Let me repeat it! Karen Bass knew that Nury Martinez, Gilbert Cedillo, and Kevin DeLeon were not anti-Black racists.  Any rational person who read the transcript knew that they were not – they all supported the Black councilmembers. But then, some people read the Hamas charter and call Hamas “peaceful.”

The homes of the three councilmembers were surrounded by violent mobs; the same mobs that had attacked city hall and had to be repelled by the LAPD.  The three councilmembers and their families went into hiding.  Nury Martinez resigned as city council president after the Woke mobs and telephone callers threatened her son. The Woke mob continued to stalk councilmember Kevin Deleon, demanding that he resign. Their violence shut down LA City Council, which then used the Pandemic rules to hold on-line sessions.  Yet, the threatening mobs, often headed by BLM member Jason Reedy, continued stalk Kevin Deleon.  After Reedy and his thugs invaded a children’s Christmas Party, screaming at Kevin DeLeon to resign, Kevin tried to lead the thugs away from the children, but mob pursued him, corralled him with his back to a wall where Reedy head butted Councilmember DeLeon.  Kevin then pushed away Reedy. In true Woke (Hamas) fashion, Reedy claimed that he was the victim.

Notice that this is Woke agenda followed Hamas’ pattern: do something criminal and then lie and say you were the victim.  What people fail to understand is that when any group adopts a pattern, be they Quakers, Nazis, Woke, Hamas, that is the neurological track inside the minds on which their actions run.  Some people are consistently decent, others are habitual Woke liars, but Hamas is actually worse than the Nazis (who did not use their own children as human shields.)

What Was Mayor Karen Bass’s Response to Reedy’s Crime?  Protect Woke Jason Reedy!

Only days after taking office, Mayor Karen Bass made her political ploy to shut down the LAPD official inquiry to the False Narrative the tape and the violent aftermath.  Speaking on KABC’s Eyewitness Newsmakers with Marc Brown, she said, “the only way for L.A. to heal from the racist recording scandal is for Councilman Kevin DeLeon to resign or for there to be a successful recall effort.” December 18, 2022, KABC, Eyewitness Newsmakers: LA Mayor Karen Bass Talks City Council and Kevin De León Controversy  Sounds like Obstruction of Justice to go on TV and the police not to investigate a crime.  Moore understood the Mayor’s directive. Now we can piece together the fragments and realize that the tape was a political dirty trick by the Woke, e.g., Democrat Socialists of America (DSA), to grab more city council seats, e.g., Hugo Soto-Martinez bid for CD 13. A year later, we see that both Woke anti-Semitic BLM and the Woke DSA support Hamas. The Connection Between BLM & Hamas 

Who Other than Karen Bass Had the Clout to Obstruct the LAPD Investigation of Political Motives of the False Narrative and its Violence

Why hasn’t the LAPD arrested Jason Reedy? Answer: Karen Bass uses political violence to her benefit. Chief Michael Moore started out kowtowing the Woke Left and refused to allow the LAPD to even visit the original crime scene, i.e., the Federation of Labor building where the criminal secret tape was made.  Could there be any greater malpractice than a police agency refusing to visit a crime scene where the tape was made?  Yes, closing its eyes to clear evidence to the subsequent political violence.

Several months later, when Chief Moore seemed about to grow some cojones, the new city attorney Hydee Feldman-Soto, who read the City Charter through the bottom of a bottle, asserted that she had jurisdiction over felonies so she telephoned a grateful Jason Reedy and informed him that she would not file charges. The city attorney is limited to misdemeanors, but Mayor Karen Bass wanted to shut down calls for Reed’s arrest, knowing that the city attorney’s legally nonsensical statement would make it impossible for Chief Moore to arrest Reedy without a political whirlwind.

The Problem with Political Violence Based on Lies Is That it Grows

Karen Bass has been warned that her support for political violence whether it was by DSA, generic Woke, or BLM was a very, very dangerous political play.  On a side note, did not Karen Bass consider the harm she was doing with her standing in the organized Jewish community? They learned that she had deceived them into going along with the False Narrative and calling for the resignation of the three innocent councilmembers. That sort of despicable behavior is odious to Jews since it has been used against us for eons, e.g., Purim.  Bass’ deception may yet boomerang. For decades, the Jewish Community has supported organizations such as the American Jewish Community, the Jewish Federation Councils, various boards of rabbis and others who spend millions of dollars each year combating bigotry and discrimination – not just against Jews, but against anyone.  “When one is not safe, none is safe” is a vital theme. Now, the community has a dilemma. It needs the support of the Mayor, but at the same time, many began to realized she had snookered them into betraying their own ideals.  That was water over the dam – or was it?

On October 7, 2023, that same Woke pattern repeated itself but this time with genocidal portions.  Within seconds of hearing of the massacre, it was obvious that Hamas would use Gazans as human shields and use a lying, hypocritical Woke media to turn the victims into the aggressors.  This has been the pattern of the Woke, or whatever appellation they have had used through the generations.  Hamas followed the same Woke handbook as used to attack the three Mexican councilmembers – huge lies supported by a corrupt media followed by political violence where law enforcement does nothing (LAPD) and the law enforcement sides with the villains (Hydee Feldman-Soto).

Let’s Stop Using Wokespeak and Use English

No one is marching on behalf of “Gazans.”  The false term, “Pro-Palestinian,” means “Pro-Hamas.” “From the river to the sea” means “murder all the Jews.”  Hamas is 100% responsible for all the Gazan deaths and suffering before October 7th and afterwards.  What Is Life Like for Palestinians in Gaza?  The world has a combination of brain dead idiots and ghoulish thugs supporting Hamas by calling for a cease-fire so that Hamas can regroup to murder more Jews.  Why do Americans fall for this reversal of reality? The same reason all Los Angeles believed that the three pro-Black county councilmembers were anti-Black; for the same reason that Trumpists believe Trump won the election.  Like the MAGA media, the Woke media feeds the public’s vilest passions.  Let’s realize that Mayor Karen Bass is linked to Hamas by two steps of Kevin Bacon: Bass (1) BLM (2) Hamas and again by (1) DSA (2) Hamas.  

What about the Jews of Brentwood?

Maybe they should refresh their memory of Martin Niemoller, and ask themselves, “Where were we when the innocent Mexicans needed our support?”  Maybe all American Jews should remember of Martin Niemoller . Maybe all Americans should remember of Martin Niemoller.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatch. You may email him at [email protected])

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