The Laurel Foundation Supports Children and Youth Affected by HIV/AIDS and Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth

The Laurel Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1993 to provide educational and supportive programs to children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS and transgender/gender diverse youth.

For the past 29 years, The Laurel Foundation has provided free year-round educational mental health and social support programs specifically to empower children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS and transgender/gender diverse youth.

The first free program in the nation of its kind, The Laurel Foundation serves over 700 participants annually. 

Our award-winning programs are designed to meet the unique emotional and physical needs of the youth in a safe, brave space that supports each participants mental and physical health.



Resident Camps (Family Camps, Summer Camps, Leadership Retreats, Life-Skills Retreats) Mental health is one of the most critical issues facing youth affected by HIV/AIDS and transgender/gender diverse youth today.  Our resident camp programs focus on building important support groups, mental health support, educating the youth on HIV and gender identity, teaching the youth coping skills for anxiety and depression, building self-esteem a teaching life skills. 




Programs for Children, Youth, and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS

THE LAUREL FOUNDATION HAS SERVED CHILDREN AFFECTED BY HIV/AIDS FOR 28 YEARS. Through Camp Laurel’s residential camps and day events, The Laurel Foundation works to increase each child’s self-esteem and empowers them through the development of important life skills needed to build independent, successful and healthy lives. For more information on our Camp Laurel programs, please click here.   Para Español oprima aqui.




Programs for Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth and Families, including Programs for Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth 6-17.

Camp Mulberry provides campers an opportunity to enjoy traditional camp activities (archery, swimming, and kayaking), while being surrounded by peers who understand their unique experiences as transgender/gender diverse youth. Camp Mulberry is an inclusive, gender affirming community where campers meet adult mentors and role models and create a positive self-identity. For more information on our Camp Mulberry programs, please click here. 

Click the links for Transgender/Gender Diverse Learning Resources or for Support and Resources



Educational Workshops:

Throughout the year The Laurel Foundation hosts various educational workshops to provide the youth with the necessary tools to succeed in life  Workshops include: HIV education, gender identity, transgender rights, healthy relationships, life-skills, resume writing, job interviews, applying to college etc.) 

Support Groups:

The Laurel Foundation provides year-round peer support groups and one on one counseling for our youth.  We also provide support groups for our parents. 

Day Camps:

Our day camp programs provide social support for the youth and their families.  Programs incorporate educational activities, HIV testing, community storytelling and fun. 

Virtual Programs:

The Laurel Foundation provides year-round online virtual programs (support groups, social support groups and more) to keep the youth connected and provide the ongoing support they need to thrive. 








Make a donation, volunteer or obtain more information on The Laurel Foundation.  Call the office at 626-683-0800 or email [email protected].