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"Trevor Bauer, Is This Your Only Chance to Play Major League Baseball Again?"


GUEST COMMENTARY - Last week, I emailed Trevor Bauer's agent Rachel Luba a proposal to turn an awful mess into something useful. 

An arbitrator ruled that the L.A. Dodgers had 2 weeks to add Trevor Bauer to their team roster or release him outright. 

Well, it's January 5 today (as I finish this article) and time is up tomorrow Friday January 6.  So, I'm going to go way out on a limb and predict that the frustrated Dodgers have been trying unsuccessfully to deal him (or just give him away basically) to another National or American League team. And with zero bites at that apple, they will drag this out to the very end before they announce that he is no longer welcome on their team.  

However, even if they do incredibly decide to keep him (no matter the blowback from their fans), trade him or release him, Mr. Bauer would still be wise to follow the advice herein. As an enormous penalty for perceived horribly unacceptable behavior, he has already lost $37.5 million from his 3-year contract.  The Dodgers are apparently still on the hook for the remaining salary of $22.5 million (even if they drop him from their roster). However, if they do drop him, any team picking him up would probably face humiliating anti-sexual abuse protests outside (and maybe even inside) stadiums from those decrying his hiring. 

So, if ex-Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer ever wants to pitch again in the major leagues, I suggest he sponsor and strongly endorse a "Trevor Bauer Anti-Sexual Violence Agreement". Such a suggested pre-printed agreement would detail multiple sexual and violent acts that a partner refuses (by perhaps initialing each one). It might act like a pre-nuptial agreement, where terms of future relationships are outlined (including consequences and penalties for violations). By lending his name to such an agreement, it might encourage couples to open a discussion on these highly embarrassing pre-sexual options. However, once signed (and self-emailed), a woman or man might have a certain amount of protection from unwanted, even potentially violent behavior. While maybe not the most useful tool for foreplay ever, it might just save some unsuspecting partners from very regrettable incidents. More significantly, it might just keep those with bad intentions from horrible mistakes that could result in destroyed lives with potential financial ruin (and perhaps jail time). 

Since I'm not an attorney, nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice. However, while this non-legal advice may be to Mr. Bauer's benefit; I do want to be clear that my purpose here is primarily to protect partners at risk.  And since I have never personally been able to forgive Michael Vick for his horrific cruelty through dog fighting, I can also see why some may not think Mr. Bauer deserves a second chance.  However, that choice is not up to me or probably any of us. 

So, to "do the right thing", Mr. Bauer could offer to spearhead an extensive long-term campaign against sexual violence to women.  He could take-out full-page (newspaper, radio, and tv ads for years. He could make a sizeable donation to a "Trevor Bauer Anti-Sexual Violence Against Women Foundation". He could ask M.L.B. to allow him to wear the Foundation patch on the front of his uniform.  And, of course, he could even do more to help others (and as a side benefit, perhaps help to restore his seemingly tarnished image).  

While this seems like an enormous commitment, Mr. Bauer stands to make multi-millions more in a couple of years with a new baseball contract. A chance to make amends?  A chance to not be viewed as a social pariah? A chance to pitch again and not be jeered, but maybe cheered?  I guess he could just ignore the whole thing and remain mum.  

However, is there really any better option for you than creating and promoting a "Trevor Bauer Anti-Sexual Violence Agreement"? 

Mr. Bauer?

(Ken Ross is a former Burbank dentist and UCLA Dental School Associate Professor. Currently, he is Northridge East Neighborhood Council 1st VP and staff writer for Valley News Group and a contributor to CityWatchLA.com)