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Critical Steps to Quality Sleep & The Secret to Productive Disagreements

Some people tend to over-apologize. They even apologize for things that are not their fault. I start this episode by explaining why we do it and why we need to stop. And when you do have to apologize, I will tell you how. (Source: Harriet Lerner author of the book Why Won’t You Apologize 

Getting enough sleep is far more important than many people realize. It affects your health, mood, performance and longevity. Here to reveal just how important it is and how to make sure you are getting enough sleep is Dr. Jennifer Ashton, chief medical correspondent for ABC-TV and author of the book, The Self-Care Solution.

Arguments and disagreements can be interesting, even fiery but often they are just an exercise in futility. That may be because we are approaching the process of arguing all wrong. Julia Dhar is a partner at Boston Consulting Group and author of the book The Decision Maker’s Playbook. Listen as she offers some fascinating research on disagreements and some excellent strategies to use when you get into an argument so that the conversation is actually productive – or at the very least not destructive.

Wash, condition, rinse. That’s the order of how you probably wash your hair. So what if you changed up the order a bit? Listen as I explain why that may be a good thing for your hair.