Joe Biden’s Biggest Threat Is Nancy Pelosi

MY TURN-Extremism in pursuit of power is treason.  Americans are very naive how politicos go about using extremism in pursuit of personal power. A significant segment of the right wing does not see Donald Trump as an extremist. 

In fact, the most far right violent faction has turned against Trump after he read the moderate statement which some in the White House wrote for him to make, saying violence was bad.  It is vital that we note this aspect of the Alt Right – Trump was not their leader, but their spokesperson.  As soon as he read a message of moderation, Trump too make himself a marked man similar to how targeted Mike Pence’s for lynching on January 6th. 

While Americans see the right-wing violence in the insurrection, much of the GOP leadership is falsely reframing the violence as the work of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  For some GOP politicos, extremism in pursuit of power is a virtue. 

The GOP believes that its power rests not with the Republic, but with the extreme GOP voters who will primary them unless they endorse the Big Lie #3: “We were framed by BLM and Antifa.”  Big Lie #1, “Trump won,” Big Lie #2, “The insurrection was unforeseeable,” Big Lie #3, “BLM - Antifa did it.”  Big Lie #3 is “Kristallnacht GOP style.” 

Nancy Pelosi, The Alt Right’s Biggest Ally 

A nation, where 1/3 cannot see that Trump was a mentally ill moron, cannot see how Nancy Pelosi is one of the prime engineers of the rise of the Alt Right.  Also, Dems are no better at admitting their shortcomings than are GOP.   

Since 1994 White Nationalists have posed the greatest threat to the Republic: far greater than Osama Ben Laden.  Until 2016, Trump was best known for being a corrupt trust-fund baby and a buffoonish braggart who went bankrupt owning a casino.  In 2008, he started becoming a cult hero of the Alt Right when he spewed Birtherism and stuck to it long after anyone with an ounce of intelligence or decency had stopped.  Birtherism combined two core beliefs of the Alt Right: (1) a cabal was stealing their country and (2) Blacks and other minorities are an existential threat.  

The old lady who told Sen. John McCain that Barack Obama was an Arab was the canary in the coal mine.  Had the Dem, (Yes I mean the Dems), followed McCain’s lead that we are all Americans with different policies to move ahead, the strength of the Alt Right would have been undercut.  As people who study group dynamics understand, the best way to unite a group is to attack it.  The best way to have extremism wither is to deprive it of attention. 

The Pelosi Dems purposefully chose to attack.  While Whites traditionally have seen themselves as superior to everyone else (like almost every other group on the planet sees itself as better than others), its modern political significance can be dated to 1988 when Peggy McIntosh wrote a paper called “White Privilege and Male Privilege.”  The crucial change in White Entitlement came when it changed from an objective analysis how our society has operated and continued to operate to an attack upon White people as the evil ones who do not merit anything they have created.  

Pelosi’s Identity Politics Mainstreamed Anti-white Resentment 

Pelosi’s plan to increase the power of the Dems has been Identity Politics which has two themes: (1) for Whites who are right of center, she adopted Khrushchev’s line, “We shall bury you,” (which eventually resulted in the Soviet Union’s demise) and (2) for minorities, her message was: “We shall protect you” which is identical to what Trump told Whites.  Pelosi’s racist anti-White perversion of the Declaration of Independence and of Martin Luther King coalesced the Alt Right when Hillary Clinton called White blue-collar voters in swing states the D-word, “Deplorables.”  

The Dems messaging to GOP Whites was an existential threat.  It was a promise to disenfranchise them as soon as majority of the voters were minorities and then force White to pay Blacks Slavery Reparations. (Does Obama’s White half have to pay his Black half?)  In brief, Pelosi’s Identity Politics validated every conspiracy theory of the Alt Right.  How can moderates convince the Alt Right that their fears are unrealistic when Nancy Pelosi, the de facto leaders of the Dems, was verifying that Whites are in fact under attack? 

Joe Biden Has Shunned Pelosi’s Identity Politics 

By use of two words, candidate Joe Biden repudiated Pelosi’s divisive Identity Politics when he said during the last debate that the election was not about Trump’s family nor was it about Biden’s family but about “your family.”  Since winning the election, Biden has been consistent in his position that he will not pit Blacks against Whites, that he will not pit Blue states against Red states, males against females, gays against straights, etc. 

Biden’s Plan to Govern from the Center Threatens Pelosism 

We are so accustomed to one party which is held captive by its extreme ruling, that the idea that the country may be governed from the center is revolutionary.  Although the voters also repudiated Pelosism by shrinking her margin in Congress while rejecting Trump, there is no indication she will release her hold on power – which is 100% dependent on the Alt Left.  Just as the GOP has QAnon members in Congress, a significant number of Left-Wing Dems see the GOP as the evil enemy with whom no cooperation is moral. 

Sen. McConnell and moderate GOP face a dilemma: whether to jettison Donald Trump and the violent right wing of the GOP to cooperate with Biden to form a moderate coalition which shuts out both extremes or to embrace Trump and the Alt Right and thereby plunge the nation into a violent civil war?  If the moderate GOP accepts Trumpism, the Alt Right will be emboldened in the same way Nazism became dominate after Hindenburg legitimized Hitler. 

If the moderate GOP vote to convict Trump and then bar him from future office, they will face assassination attempts. Will McConnell and the GOP fail to repudiate Trumpism and the Alt Right out of personal cowardice?


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Rickleeabrams@Gmail.com. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.)