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WELLNESS--Los Angeles gives us summer-like weather almost all year round. But even here in California, the rays of the sun become more intense during the summer months, so regardless of where we live, we must all be extra mindful about our sun exposure during this time of the year. 

WELLNESS--People often ask me how I stay so fit on an ongoing basis and my answer is always the same; consistency.

WELLNESS--Every day there are more and more superfoods being touted as the fountain of youth. Moringa one of those ancient health secrets that is getting more and more attention, and for very good reason.

WELLNESS--Ho’Oponopono is a Hawaiian healing technique based upon love and forgiveness. Loosely translated, it means “correction” and the basis of this practice is to take full responsibility for everything and everyone in your life. 

WELLNESS--Last week two high profile celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain took their own lives.

WELLNESS--There is a drug that has taken the psychiatric world by storm and it’s called Ketamine.

WELLNESS--A cleanse doesn’t have to mean drinking awful green potions and starving yourself of everything you enjoy for a month. A cleanse can also be a time of gentle purification. During a cleanse it’s important to note that they’re may be a period of time where one feels more cranky and fatigued. That is mostly due to the die off of my cotoxins in the body and is a temporary state. With some persistence and determination, that time will pass and coming out the other side will feel incredible. 

WELLNESS--We all have stress in our lives, but imagine if you could reduce your stress levels by making some small, simple and effective changes?



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