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  • Peter Montgomery

    Anti-LGBT Activists are Masking Their Bigotry as a Quest to Protect ‘Religious Freedom.’

    WHO WE ARE-The Supreme Court is now considering cases that could usher in nationwide marriage equality, and state-level gay marriage bans are falling faster than you can say “equal protection under the law.” People who want to turn back the clock on…
  • How We Won Net Neutrality

    Craig Aaron
    WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE-This is what democracy looks like. That's not something I thought I'd ever say about the bureaucrats at the Federal Communications Commission. After years of cronyism, corruption and cowardice, Thursday's vote for strong…
  • The Incredible Whiteness of Clinton

    Laura Flanders
    POLITICS-Hillary Clinton effectively entered the 2016 presidential race this week with a major speech to a women’s conference in Silicon Valley. Word is, she’s decided to make gender even more central to her campaign this time around and in…
  • The Detached and Corrupted LA City Planning Continues to Undermine Transportation Initiatives

    Ken Alpern
    GETTING THERE FROM HERE-After having witnessed a rather well-done (albeit low turnout) Metro presentation for an Airport Metro Connector (LINK: ) that is the result of a first-rate-and-no-idea-not-explored, years-long exhaustive review on how to…
  • Real Gun? Toy Gun? What happens When Lawyers without Law Enforcement Experience Write Gun Laws

    Katharine Russ
    RUSS REPORT-In September 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the Imitation Firearms Safety Act (SB 199) that will take effect in January 2016. Los Angeles City Council passed a similar ordinance in 2013 on the heels of SB 1315 sponsored by…
  • Americans, How about Developing a Little Self Respect?

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-The longshoremen won. To the rest of the American workers, you folks who never know from one week to the next which days you will work or what your hours will be, you ought to take notice. The longshoremen carried out a job action…
  • Throw the Bums Out

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-On Tuesday, we will have the opportunity to deliver a “No Confidence” vote to City Hall by rejecting Charter Amendments 1 and 2, voting against incumbents Herb Wesson, Jose Huizar, and Nury Martinez, and rejecting the business-as-usual…
  • Did We Forget about AIDS?

    Rosemary Jenkins
    JUST SAYIN’-For many years now, we have been overwhelmed by one catastrophe (natural and otherwise) after another—hurricanes and snow storms, global warming, the pursuit of energy-efficiency, police brutality, international terrorist threats, the…
  • LA’s Finest Lobster Is Up for Grabs

    David Gershwin
    THE 4TH CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT ELECTION-A bag of popcorn just might be the best metaphor to describe the race to represent the 4th District on the Los Angeles City Council. There are many candidates, 14 in all, popping up to represent an area that…

Voices Header
  • The Untruths about LA’s Spay Day

    Daniel Guss
    VOICES-“Politicians and diapers must be changed frequently, and for the same reason.” -- Mark Twain On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council brought…
  • Article on Highway Speeds Missed Key Points

    Carl Olson
    VOICES-(Re: CityWatch article ‘LADOT Should Measure What Matters … Commute Times’) Dear Mr. Klein … Your article on highway speeds missed key points:…
  • Walters: DWP ‘Cussed and Arrogant’

    Dan Walters
    VOICES-The Department of Motor Vehicles may be the state agency that Californians love to hate – undeservedly, for the most part. However, for sheer…

  • Issue: LA Council Committee Delays Vote on Mansionization Measures

    Martha Groves

    Date: Feb 27, 2015

    A Los Angeles City Council committee postponed a vote on a set of temporary ordinances limiting mans ionization. 

    A Los Angeles City Council planning committee on Tuesday postponed a closely watched decision on a set of temporary ordinances intended to limit the construction of "McMansions" in 20 neighborhoods. 

    After hearing dozens of speakers pro and con, Councilmen Gilbert A. Cedillo and Mitchell Englander agreed to put off a vote on whether to recommend that the full council pass the so-called interim control ordinances. Panel Chairman Jose Huizar was absent.  (Read the rest.)


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Bought the Farm


This term was used during World War 2 whenever a Allied Pilot would have to make a crash landing into a European farm/house. WW2 pilots who did this were actually charged for the damages they caused and actually in a sense: 
"bought the farm"