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  • David M. Rodriguez

    The Problem with the ‘Indispensable’ Politician is, He Doesn’t Know His Expiration Date

    ON LA POLITICS-For the past five months, the old town criers of the North East San Fernando Valley have engaged in a pathetic “whispering campaign,” as the late Rick Orlov put it, against Assemblywoman Patty Lopez. Her inability to communicate…
  • Building a New California

    Luke Phillips
    WHO WE ARE-The Golden State has historically led the United States and the world in technology, quality of life, social innovation, entertainment, and public policy. But in recent decades its lead has ebbed. The reasons for this are various. But…
  • Exposed: Audit of DWP Non-Profit Trusts Produces Surprise Roadblocks to Transparency

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-By now, most of you are familiar with the audit report of the controversial non-profit trusts issued by City Controller Ron Galperin. If not, take the time to read it – at least the Executive Summary. The report clearly describes an…
  • Finally a Fix for the ‘Who Gets to Vote in Neighborhood Council Elections’ Mess

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-One reason the LA neighborhood council system is weirdly unpredictable is that we never know which people are eligible to vote in our elections or even how many potential voters actually exist. It's not just an accounting error. It's…
  • What Part of LA Government Do YOU Hate the Most?

    Ken Alpern
    POLITICS-The recent brouhaha in Mar Vista is reflective of the entire LA experience, and much of why our local voter turnout is so low: a high-priced school, helping a few students but hurting traffic in an already over-congested region, with plans…
  • The Great Homeless Debate … and What It Says about You and Me

    James Preston Allen
    WHACK-A-MOLE ENFORCEMENT-Los Angeles Police Department Officer Maligi Nua Jr. greets me with a smile as he and two other LAPD officers watch a crew of yellow-shirted men from Beacon House and a team of white Tyvek-suited workers clean out the…
  • Cyber Rape and Suicide

    Charlotte Laws
    REVENGE PORN POLITICS-I have helped over 300 victims get their compromising nude photos removed from the Internet, thus, I am sometimes called, “the Erin Brockovich of revenge porn.” (Photo) I unwittingly became a one-woman helpline after my…
  • Hillary Clinton, Go to Hell!

    John MacMurray
    Don’t let the title make you do anything hasty. I’m more on your side about Mrs. Clinton than you might think. Nothing against the lady; just going to use a bit of historical context to share an idea. OK. We good, now? Great. So, here’s the context.…
  • After Baltimore, a Call to Reclaim Mother’s Day

    Valerie Bell
    THIS IS PERSONAL-It’s hard for me to celebrate on Mother’s Day. I feel the absence of my 23-year-old son, Sean Elijah Bell, who was killed on November 25, 2006. He was out celebrating at his own bachelor party with his friends in New York City. It…

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  • ISSUE: Crosswalk Stings Not Fair

    Mirna Alfonso

    Date: May 5, 2015 

    A Los Angeles city councilman called Friday for a re- evaluation of “crosswalk stings” in which police officers ramp up citations issued to ped estrians who begin crossing the street after the crossing signal countdown begins. 

    Councilman Mike Bonin said he wants the Los Angeles Police Department to rethink its handling of violations by pedestrians who begin crossing the street after the green walk signal has switched to a red, flashing palm and a countdown. 

    “It defies common sense to ticket someone who is entering a crosswalk as the countdown begins when they still have time to cross the street safely without disrupting traffic,” Bonin said in a statement. (Read the rest.) 

Pooch loves the Park … and says so

Ouch! Jon Stewart skewers NY Times’ Judith Miller








Passing the Buck

The Buck Stops Here

Most men in the early west carried a jack knife made by the Buck Knife Company.  When playing poker, it was common to place one of these Buck Knives in front of the dealer so that everyone knew who he was.  When it was time for a new dealer, the deck of cards and the knife were given to the new dealer.  If this person didn't want to deal, he would "Pass the Buck" to the next player.  If that player accepted, then "the Buck stops here".