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The John Deasy Years: Important Announcements but Alienated the Foot Soldiers

Bill Raden
October 23, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-The symbolism of last Friday’s press conference by the recently embattled and newly ex-superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, John Deasy, couldn’t have been more explicit. Speaking for the first time as a private citizen, Deasy spoke to reporters on a conference call hosted by Students Matter. The Silicon Valley-backed, Menlo Park nonprofit has paid the legal bills for the Vergara lawsuit, which challenged teacher job protections in the state earlier this year by successfully suing the California Department of Education and LAUSD. Deasy became a star witness — for the plaintiffs — when he testified against the state and his own district’s teachers.  Read More...

Californians Gotta Love Chevron

Joe Mathews
Oct 23, 2014
Connecting California- Dear Chevron … I will not compare thee to a summer’s day. I cannot say you smell like a rose. But make no mistake: I love you. You are unaccustomed, I know, to getting letters like this. Love is usually reserved for younger, sexier companies–Google, Apple, or Twitter–across the bay from your San Ramon headquarters. You and other oil companies are villains in today’s California: polluters, price gougers, perpetrators of climate change.  Read More...

High Tech Edge Tilts to Los Angeles

Billie Greer
Oct 23, 2014
BUSINESS-The Silicon Valley is considered the high tech ‘‘capitol” of California, but it looks like Los Angeles is holding its own as a serious contender. For years the Silicon Valley has been attracting some of the smartest whiz kids on the planet, who work for large, innovative companies chaired by whiz adults, or form their own start-ups inventing and producing products and systems which have brought about transformational change and revolutionized our lives as consumers.  Read More...

Will The Los Angeles Times Be Our Watchdog?

Jack Humphreville
Oct 23, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-With lots of fanfare, The Los Angeles Times is relaunching the California section with an increased emphasis on local and statewide news with “in-depth coverage of key government institutions.” This would include the City of Los Angeles, the County, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Sacramento, and other governmental institutions such as the City’s three proprietary departments, Water and Power, the Port of Los Angeles, and LAX. There certainly is no lack of material. Read More...

Fact Check! Congressman Sherman Using US Vets to Boost His Re-Election Bid

Katharine Russ
Oct 23, 2014
RUSS REPORT-Last week, once again, the Los Angeles Daily News paid homage to Los Angeles veterans by pandering to Congressman Brad Sherman whose fetid attempt to use veterans as pawns might boost his shoddy re-election bid.  Read More...

How Sick is This Generation's Pills for Profit Philosophy?

Bob Gelfand
Oct 23, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-Here are two seemingly unrelated stories that nevertheless intersect. The first involves a scientific lecture I heard the other day. Without going into details, the story involves the discovery of a naturally occurring small protein that treats some of the symptoms of diabetes when injected into rodents, and also slows the growth of cancer cells grown in culture. It is a marvelous discovery and is supported by numerous control experiments that are very convincing.  Read More...

Why Canada Is Under Attack by Terrorists

John A. Tures
Oct 23, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-Most people probably reacted in shock to learn that Canada has now been hit twice by terror attacks against soldiers in three days. Many Americans probably think of it as our sleepy socialist neighbor to the north. But Canada is a key ally in the war against terrorism in general, and ISIS in particular. And the most recent attack is a harbinger of things to come in America. Read More...

My Favorite State Race Is the Least Known

Paul Hatfield
Oct 23, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-The office of State Controller rarely makes the front page. Cash flow management and audits are not the sexiest topics in any government. Occasionally, it does attract attention, as when John Chiang, the current but termed-out occupant of the office, attempted to enforce Proposition 25’s provision that legislators would be denied their pay if a balanced budget was not passed by the statutory deadline. That was back in June 2011.  Read More...

Paying for Cheap Chocolate

Emily Schwartz Grec
Oct 23, 2014
HALLOWEEN WORDS-One Halloween, my husband persuaded our kids to give away most of the candy they’d just collected while trick-or-treating. They were preschoolers and the house we were renting then had previously drawn teens with haunted tours. We’d run out of candy when a stream of teens showed up at our underwhelmingly spooky doorstep, shaking badly decorated pillow cases and looking disappointed.  Read More...

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Neal deGrasse Tyson-American astrophysicist- Must Watch

Elizabeth Warren-Senator, populist-Overturning Citizens United know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

Help David Take On Goliath: Vote Yes on Prop 45

Rosemary Jenkins
Oct 23, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Back in January, I wrote an article elucidating the impact of Proposition 45 on our statewide community (not given a number at that… Read More...

For Those Who Still Care About CA: Yes, on Props. 1 and 2, No on Props. 45, 46 and 47

Ken Alpern
Oct 23, 2014
POLITICS-It appears that voter exhaustion and apathy is at an all-time high, and voter turnout is at an all-time low. It's anyone's guess as to how… Read More...

What LA’s Neighborhood Councils Do for You, Awarding the Best of the Best

Denyse Selesnick
Oct 23, 2014
NC WATCH-After twelve years of community activism there are still Angelenos who stare blankly when one mentions Neighborhood Councils (NC’s).… Read More...

Smaller Class Sizes: Access to Teachers is Key to Education

Sara Roos
Oct 23, 2014
LA SCHOOLS-Batting the distractions away, today is a lovely day to advance a reformed outlook for Los Angeles’ schools. It’s time to leave jargon,… Read More...

Look Out for Obama's Legacy

Joel Kotkin
Oct 20, 2014
WHO WE ARE-With public support for Barack Obama recently at low ebb, some might suggest that his will be a weak political legacy. But, in reality,… READ MORE...

What the Port of LA Won’t Tell You

James Preston Allen
Oct 20, 2014
DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER-In the almost 35 years that I have been publishing this newspaper for our community, there’s one question I’ve always had to… READ MORE...

AEG: Plan B Yes, NFL No

Jack Humphreville
Oct 20, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-Last week, the Los Angeles City Council approved a six month extension of its September 2012 Implementation Agreement with the Anschutz… READ MORE...

The Prosperity PAC: They’ve Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

Ron Kaye
Oct 20, 2014
POLITICS-Democratic super-majorities have become the rule in the California Legislature (except when so many are banished because of serious criminal… READ MORE...



Voices Header

The Problem: Publishers Have to Protect Their Businesses

Chad Brown
Oct 23, 2014
VOICES- Re ‘What the Port of LA Won’t Tell You’ … You tell readers: “remember the courage of those who speak truth to power in journalism, they too are defenders of our democracy." Of course, but in the Gary Webb case you cite the problem was not readers of newspapers but the publishers of… READ MORE...

Drought and Greedy Developers

Michele Florman
Oct 20, 2014
VOICES-Our neighborhoods are being repeatedly victimized and exploited by greedy developers (IMT, IVT,), lawyers, politicians , planning department and city officials. These entities consciously, with full knowledge of consequences, permit and encourage dense high rise construction units plaguing… READ MORE...

Issues with ‘Safe to Rape in LA’ Article

Robert Lamishaw
Oct 16, 2014
VOICES-The report on ‘LA Police Making It Safer to Rape in Los Angeles’ highlights several points, that it may not have intended. First, the police and DA don't generally pursue he said/she said cases of sexual assault because they are making rational decisions based on the potential of getting a… READ MORE...

You Shouldn’t Need the Rosetta Stone to Park in Los Angeles

Councilman Krekorian’s Office
Oct 13, 2014
VOICES-Councilmember Paul Krekorian’s idea to make LA’s incredibly confusing parking signs readable, simple and understandable got an enthusiastic welcome at the LA City Council Transportation Committee hearing this week. Krekorian drafted a City Council motion urging the city pursue an… READ MORE...
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Major Resurfacing Set for Van Nuys Blvd … Plan for Traffic Delays

John Schreiber
Oct 23, 2014
VALLEY-A heavily traveled stretch of Van Nuys Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley is set to be resurfaced this weekend, meaning motorists should be prepared for some delays and freeway ramp closures. Ramps to and from the Ventura (101) Freeway to Van Nuys Boulevard will be closed for much of the… READ MORE...

People Power: Historic Sycamore Trees Saved

Councilman Krekorian’s Office
Oct 20, 2014
STUDIO CITY- Cantura Street's Sycamore trees are on their way to historical designation as Councilmember Krekorian moves forward to protect the trees. Last week, he met with the residents of the Studio City neighborhood to discuss the progress. The quiet street is lined with 90-year-old, 100 foot… READ MORE...

Is the Bob Baker Marionette Theater Worth Saving without Puppets?

The Eastsider
Oct 16, 2014
ECHO PARK- Portions of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater would serve as the lobby of a proposed 104-unit apartment complex. But Baker’s struggling puppet theater company is scheduled to move out next year, prompting the head of the Cultural Heritage Commission to ask if the historic landmark is… READ MORE...

Larchmont Bungalow Zone Change Denied

Patricia Lombard
Oct 13, 2014
LARCHMONT BUZZ-In a report issued this week, the Department of City Planning has recommended denial of all three requests by the Larchmont Bungalow in its most recent entitlement application. The Central Area Planning Commission will take up the matter at a public hearing next week on Tuesday,… READ MORE...

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Gets it Right

Cheryl Dorsey
Oct 23, 2014
MY TURN-Today, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck was right. The Chief fired disgraced LAPD Detective Frank Lyga who had been found guilty, at an… READ MORE...

Race for the 64th Heating Up … Wunderkind Walker Scoring Endorsements

Betty Pleasant
Oct 23, 2014
SOULVINE UNCHAINED-The Press Weighs In. The race for the 64th Assembly District has suddenly become hot as two important newspapers have endorsed… READ MORE...

Studies: Climate Change and Rising Violence Linked

Jeff Spross
Oct 23, 2014
ANALSYIS- According to a new review of 55 separate studies, there is a meaningful connection between climate change and human violence. The working… READ MORE...

Judge: LA’s Off-Site Billboard Ban Unconstitutional

Dennis Hathaway
Oct 23, 2014
BILLBOARD WATCH-Los Angeles has been trying to shed its label as the country’s billboard capital, but Clear Channel and other companies pushing to… READ MORE...


Inglewood’s Mayor Caught Using Fake Address on Campaign Mailers

Randall Fleming
Oct 23, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-Inglewood’s mayor, James T. Butts, sent out his latest campaign mailer this week. While there are number of obvious misstatements… READ MORE...

Warning: It’s the First Amendment Right of Politicians to Lie

Clinton Galloway
Oct 20, 2014
The Truth about Propaganda- The mere mention of the word propaganda evokes thoughts of totalitarian governments and third world countries. Wikipedia… READ MORE...

Bombing Syria: For Peace and … Profit

Jon Queally
Oct 20, 2014
VIEW FROM THE FRONT-To The Independent's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk, there is only one clear winner in the new war that has now engulfed… READ MORE...

My Days at the Bay Guardian … Printing the News and Raising Hell

John Schwada
Oct 20, 2014
FIRST PERSON-The death of any newspaper is a sad occasion. But it was personal when I learned that the plug had finally been pulled on the San… READ MORE...

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