GELFAND’S WORLD-- (This is another article in a continuing campaign to inform, educate and energize  Angelenos on the reformation of city government … explaining the how, the why and the possibilities.) 

When I wrote the first of my series of articles on LA governmental reform, I received an inquiry from a fellow CityWatch author. He asked what I thought of the proposed initiative by governor candidate John Cox (photo above). Since I had never heard of the proposal, I didn't answer at the time. Here is my take on an interesting attempt that -- like so many other initiative attempts -- was dropped on the public without advance warning and most importantly, without an attempt to build a consensus among the voters that something like it would be helpful. 

ALPERN AT LARGE--There used to be a time when Transportation and Planning meant something like "discussion, debate, and public policy based on data and obeying the laws of physics".  Of course, now that they've been co-opted by the developers and activists, Transportation and Planning increasingly means: 

TRUMP WATCH--How many ‘enough’s’ does it take before too much becomes enough?

Call your members of Congress now. Tell them no gun regulation reform, no political careers for them come November.

Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

@THE GUSS REPORT-The politicians at LA City Hall and other local electeds last week got a taste of their own “you can’t beat City Hall” medicine as federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents descended into local communities to arrest undocumented immigrants with criminal histories, causing an unfortunate – and 100% predictable and preventable – consequence:  undocumented immigrants without criminal histories were scooped up from their beds, the breakfast table and workplaces, too. 

DEEGAN ON LA-Possibly energized by the vacuum of the March 2017 defeat of Measure S, which would have imposed a moratorium for up to two years on construction that increases development density, among other strictures, comes an organized, visibly youngish, social media savvy group named Abundant Housing LA. They call themselves “an all-volunteer housing advocacy organization” and they are attempting to hit the delete key for the letters NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) and enter the acronym YIMBY (yes-in-my- backyard). 

FIRST PERSON-Since finishing my three-day teacher credential revocation hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) and Judge Aileen Cohn on Wednesday, February 14, I have been gratified to receive numerous calls and emails from all over the country asking how my hearing went. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: On February 1, 2018, CityWatch Los Angeles published an article with a number of false statements regarding Partnerships to Uplift Communities (PUC). The article titled "Public's Right to Know: How Did Ref Rodriguez Spend $30 Million of Taxpayer Bond Money?" was malicious, misleading and false, ~nd did not meet CityWatch Los Angeles' editorial standards. As a result, the article has been retracted and links to the story have been disabled.

CORRUPTION WATCH-The phrase “Liar, Liar, pants on fire” may explain why judges wear robes. Due to their habitual lying, all their pants caught on fire. What will they do, oh, what will they do, if the taunt becomes “Liar, Liar, robes on fire?” 

SPECIAL TO CITYWATCH--Roosevelt High School teacher Brian Gibbs spent 15 years educating Boyle Heights students about their high school's historic structures, from its vast auditorium to its Bauhaus stairway, teaching them that the buildings weren't merely handsome and old, but a "built environment" that served as a "text that tells a story." 

BCK FILE—(Editor’s Note: One of the lessons that 50 years of journalism have taught me is: All stories do NOT have two sides. This is one of them. We have got to stop killing our innocent kids on playgrounds and in classrooms where safety is an absolute and wonderful rite of passage. Yes, an entitlement! You and I must do something … and, not knowing what to do is not an acceptable excuse for ignoring your responsibility. Do something. Do anything. Stand up. Speak out. Organize. Demand. Vote wiser. Hold electeds accountable. One more child’s death is on you and me. Beginning this moment, CityWatch pledges to use its 4.5 million click/week platform to give you a voice and to keep reminding all of us to DO SOMETHING … and to continue to REJECT THE BS! Beth Cone Kramer’s perspective, along with other related postings, is the beginning. DO SOMETHING. Otherwise, shame on you! Shame on us all!-Ken Draper, CityWatch Editor.)

CORRUPTION WATCH-Which should rule the decisions of the Los Angeles City Council – Quality of Life or Profits of Developers? Since every developer project receives unanimous approval of the LA City Council, we know that Quality of Life plays no role. In fact, when ruling that the criminal bribery system that controls the LA City Council was above the law (i.e. non-justiciable), Judge Richard Fruin accepted as true the proposition that the LA City Council decade’s long violation of Penal Code § 86 was criminal. His ruling was that criminal behavior by the City Council was nobody’s business. Thus, the situation shall not be changing unless the federal courts decide that criminality is a bad thing. 

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