@THE GUSS REPORT-The best thing one could say about former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is that he always looked camera-ready and got good mileage on shallow qualifications and minimal accomplishments in the political jobs he held along the way to this week’s California primary, where he is struggling against a little-known Republican named John Cox, in order to face off against an equally shallow Gavin Newsom to be California’s next Governor. 

BCK FILE-The June 5 primary is a doozy in California, with top-two primaries for the gubernatorial and Senate race, as well as primaries for a slew of state offices, from Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State to Controller, State Treasurer, Attorney General, and Insurance Commissioner up for grabs and numerous propositions. 

CONSIDER THIS--Despite the speculation of commentators, Tuesday’s California primary was less “jungle” and more “zoo.”

CHANGING JEWISH POLITICS?--Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his conservative Republican Jewish supporters in the United States and President Donald Trump are trying to influence the upcoming U.S. elections with a toxic mixture of religion and right-wing politics, helping to turn the country against constitutional protections for ethnic minorities, including Jews. 

VOICES--As Californians up and down the state cast ballots in the primary election, some incumbent lawmakers in Sacramento may have hoped their decisions on a pair of renter protections fell below voters’ radar.

ALPERN AT LARGE--In short, the Top Two priorities of the next governor are as follows:

WHO GETS A PASS?-No one is immune to sexual harassment and misconduct. Women across the planet have been subjected to it for centuries, and many do not have a voice to speak out against it.

BELL VIEW--I intended to write this week about the Supreme Court’s decision in the wedding cake fiasco.

ELECTION WATCH--On Tuesday, voters in the district that stretches from Anaheim to Chino Hills will decide whether to fire Newman halfway through his first term in the Legislature.

TURNED DOWN AND OUT--Did Antonio Villaraigosa make a horrendous political mistake when he chose not to run for California's open U.S. Senate seat two years ago, when the presidential election voter turnout was certainly greater than it was Tuesday? 

@THE GUSS REPORT-The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s building in the obscure, semi-suburban City of Norwalk is the typical governmental monolith with its weekday beehive of activity for mundane government records and licenses, and a flow of people dressed up to get married there.

RANTZ & RAVEZ-Time after time, I’ve heard comments from so-called experts -- including members of the media, commissioners, elected officials and judges -- as they criticize the actions of dedicated, professional police officers who must deal with uncooperative or hostile suspects and motorists they need to question while performing their duty to Protect and Serve the public.

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