GELFAND’S WORLD--News sources tell us that Nikolas Cruz … admitted Parkland shooter … is willing to plead guilty to his seventeen murders, provided that the DA takes the death penalty off the table. This is pretty close to that classic definition of chutzpah -- the guy who kills both of his parents and then pleads for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan. I mean, what business does Cruz have in bargaining for preserving his own life after taking so many others? Is he suggesting somehow that his life is worth more than those of the people he killed? 

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-It is a major achievement to politically unite Angelenos across all demographic categories: the rich, poor, and those in between; those who live in the Valley, East LA, South LA, and Westside; all major racial and ethnic groups; and finally, those who live in houses, duplexes, four-plexes, and apartments. But, hats off to Senator Scott Wiener for this impressive political feat.

CORRUPTION WATCH-The sorry saga of the Hollywood Target store continues. Rather than allow Target to construct its store, Eric Garcetti has pushed Target into eternal litigation. On February 21, 2018, Target filed its opening brief in the current round of appellate cases case (# B283480 Target v CCLA). 

BELL VIEW-One of the continuing sources of bafflement for my liberal friends involves the persistence of support for Donald Trump among his hard-core supporters. Have you had enough yet? They seem to ask with every snarky tweet. Here he is separating children from their mothers. Here, he’s taking healthcare away from millions of Americans. 

FIRST PERSON-If you want to stop the criminal behavior by those running the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and other sabotaged public school districts like it around the country, I think you will need to consult sections of the California Penal Code as well as the belated enforcement of criminal felonies described therein against LAUSD administrators. LAUSD Board member Dr. Ref Rodriguez’ illegal behavior at LAUSDis not an isolated case. In fact, he is small potatoes when compared with other felonious actions systematically carried out throughout the District. 

DEEGAN ON LA-Neither side really won a full victory in a dispute between the Koreatown community and a major K’Town developer that had turned ugly. But a calmer vibe could now emerge as both sides acknowledge that they may need to work with each other on any development of Liberty Park. This came as a result of two important votes this week involving Beneficial Plaza and Liberty Park. 

EASTSIDER-I couldn’t resist the title. The content has to do with the NRA and the ACLU -- and some things they have in common. Actually, there is a blog called “God, Guns and Liberty,” but throwing in God seemed a bit over the top, even for me.

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