FIRED FOR HIS VIEWS--When Kevin Williamson was fired by The Atlanticon Thursday afternoon, the Twittersphere lit up with mournful statements from conservatives, claiming Williamson had been martyred for his “views.” In their rush to defend him, they revealed several crucial truths about anti-abortion thinking in 2018 and gave the lie to the idea of a “compassionate” pro-life movement. 

VIEW FROM HERE--For historians, the current president of the United States is terra incognita. Donald John Trump is the first of the 44 individuals who have held the office to never have been a government functionary. Even men like U.S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower served in high-ranking military positions, overseeing the huge bureaucracy of war. As far as I am aware, Trump has never even been a local commissioner, let alone an elected official. 

STAND FOR SOMETHING--Last night Fox’s Tucker Carlson did what may have been the most amazing thing that has ever happened on American television. As the drums of war beat louder than they have in years, Carlson stared right into the camera and did the exact opposite of what every mainstream US pundit is doing right now: he told the truth

SHOOT FIRST, ASK LATER BEING QUESTIONED-On the heels of police officers shooting a young, unarmed black man to death in Sacramento, California, last month, state lawmakers announced a first-of-its-kind bill on Monday that raises the standard for when officers may open fire. 

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