OPEN LETTER TO SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS-As a strong defender of human rights, with one of the best human rights records in the U.S. Senate, and in the context of your support for a democratic Israel, we urge you to join your colleague, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, in condemning the Israel military for shooting and killing 110 unarmed, non-violent Palestinian protesters at the Israel-Gaza fences over the past two months. 

GUEST WORDS--The latest demonstrations in Gaza took place as the U.S. embassy was formally relocated to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, on the 70th anniversary of the formation of Israel.

NEW GEOGRAPHY-Let’s stipulate that Donald Trump is a vulgar, ignorant and often reckless narcissist. Yet he also may well prove a historical necessity, someone who, intentionally or not, has rendered apart a bi-partisan consensus well past its usefulness. 

IMMIGRATION POLITICS-The Fugitive Slave Law or Fugitive Slave Act was authorized by the U.S. Congress on September 18, 1850, as part of the compromise between Southern slave-holding interests and Northern Free-Soilers.

MY TURN--Today’s media love their “darlings” in the same way that they love those that are evil. Since it’s all about the ratings, if they can’t find people to match these identifiers, they will create them. And so they did when it comes to Bernie Sanders and Trump. 

BITCOIN INSIDER--We all remember the Crypto Singularity of December, 2017. Altcoins and the cryptocurrency market grew enormously with Bitcoin’s price even reaching above the $ 19k mark.

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