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Tell The Mayor What You Think!

LA’S BUDGET CRISIS - The Mayor wants your thoughts on how to close next year’s budget deficit that is expected to be over $200 million in the red.

What are your priorities?  

What are acceptable or unacceptable reductions in services?

What are your thoughts on the salaries, medical benefits, and pensions of the City workers?

Does the City need to generate more revenue? And what are those sources of new money?  

Should the City pursue Public Private Partnerships to improve city services and save money?

Should the City improve its financial management?

And what other comments do you have for Mayor Villaraigosa?

Don’t be shy.  Sound off! Make your voice heard.  

Take the Mayor’s Budget Survey here.

(Jack Humphreville writes LA Watchdog for CityWatch He is the President of the DWP Advocacy Committee and the Ratepayer Advocate for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. Humphreville is the publisher of the Recycler -- www.recycler.com. He can be reached at:   lajack@gmail.com)

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Vol 10 Issue 5
Pub: Jan 17, 2012