Newsom’s Fate and the future of California’s Top Political Leadership is up to all of US to decide

RANTZ & RAVEZ - In a few days we will know if Gavin Newsom will remain the Governor of the once Golden State of California; or if one of the other 45 candidates listed on the ballot will take over the Governor’s office and lead California’s population down a new path to possible Happier Times with new Leadership, Opportunity, and direction for everyone.

With a cost of over $276 million state tax dollars to run the Recall election and millions upon millions of dollars in advertising spent throughout the state, the Recall has brought out a variety of issues and concerns for all of us to consider in voting to Recall or Not to Recall Governor Newsom.  

Let’s look at some of the reasons and motivation for the Pro-Recall vote.  I will admit that many people are upset at the way the state is run in the first place.  California is a Democratic run state just like New York.  The Democratic party controls all California state legislation in both the Assembly and Senate along Governor’s office.  This creates a one-sided system and the disbursement of millions of Federal and State funds on a variety of programs and concerns.  Little compromise is ever accomplished in public policy and the drafting of laws and the overall governance of the nearly 40 million California residents.      

We recently saw what happened to the New York Governor who resigned from office when the tide turned against him with numerous sexual harassment allegations.  Good or bad, Governor Andrew Cuomo will rest in history as a man who was a possible future presidential candidate and some wanted him out of the picture.  He is now in the history books as the former New York Governor and his political career is over.  He will join those elected officials who have not just lost and election, but actually removed from office by a Recall or threatened Recall process.  

The same fate impacted former California Governor Gray Davis who I have known for many years.  I voted against his Recall.  As things worked out, Gray is doing fine in the private sector.  

Now for some of the reasons many believe Gavin Newsom should be Recalled….. 

  1. The Lockdown Crisis. The closure of business, schools,  and other public and private places  for months at a time.  
  1. Crime Issues. Crime is up in most if not all communities in California.  In Los Angeles as of August  28, 2021 Murders are up 22.5% with 256 dead.  There are 961 shooting victims which is a 33.3% increase.  There are 13,035 assault victims which is a 10.2% increase over the same period last year. 

The release of thousands of criminals from prison with no concern for their impact on the law-abiding people of California.  

  1. Our Energy and Water Crisis in California. Governor Newsom has not done much if anything to address the growing water and power crisis impacting the state. 
  1. Wildfire disaster and Homeless Crisis. As we see the state burn with out-of-control fires and a lack of resources to address the raging fires that have destroyed business and homes in many towns in Northern California.

A Homeless Crisis that is getting worse with millions upon millions of dollars not reducing the number of people living on the streets throughout California. 

  1. Passing out millions of dollars like Santa to encourage resident to take the Covid Shot.

With the Recall alive and gaining movement along the way, the Governor used the opportunity to give away millions of dollars to encourage residents to take the Covid Shot.  Why use the precious dollars as a lottery to bribe California voters to take a shot to prevent them from getting sick and possibly dying?  If people want to protect themselves from Covid and the related illness, passing out money is not the answer.  Just another reason why Governor Newsom needs to be Recalled from the Office of California Governor.     

The list continues.  It all adds up to failed leadership at the top and it must change for all of us if we want a better life residing in California. 

For all the reasons listed, I am voting YES to RECALL Governor Gavin Newsom and I urge you to join me in looking for a better California with new leadership and concern for each of us, our families, and communities. 

If you choose to vote against the Recall of Governor Newson, please don’t complain about the lack of a quality of life in California and in particular Los Angeles.   You have a choice to make a difference and that time is NOW. 

While we are on the Recall Bandwagon, How about the Recall of L.A. District Attorney George Gascón. 

The Recall of District Attorney George Gascón continues with thousands of signatures being gathered throughout Los Angeles County.  If you have not signed the Recall petition, I urge you to sign it and mail it in as soon as you can.  If you are a past, current, or future crime victim, you will want to help remove the current District Attorney from office in the name of Public Safety for all who have any dealings with Los Angeles, County.    

You can obtain a petition on-line by going to www.recallGeorgeGascón.com.  Just fill it out and mail it to the address indicated.  It is very simple and will ensure that you are trying to help people avoid the criminal element all 88 cities in Los Angeles County. 

I am the Co-Chair of the Recall Campaign along with former L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley.  Public Safety is what the Recall is all about.  We are concerned with your safety and that of your family. 

That’s it for this edition of RantZ and RaveZ……..


(Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman and current General Manager at Bell Canyon in Ventura County.)