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How Well Does the City Spend Your Money?

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS-Residents of Los Angeles expect the City to provide firefighters, paramedics, trash collection, drivable streets, walkable sidewalks, police protection, libraries, and parks. These services depend on how the money is allocated in the City’s budget. 

The Budget Advocates are offering all Angelenos the opportunity to learn more about the connection between budget and services at their annual Budget Day on Saturday, August 21. This will be a free Zoom event, running from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and people can register here to receive the link to attend. 

Confirmations have already been received from Ron Galperin, our outgoing City Controller who will be sorely missed, and from Matt Szabo, our new City Administrative Officer, a welcome promotion from the Mayor’s office. 

The Budget Advocates’ Jack Humphreville will bring a critical overview of some of the City’s fiscal challenges, old and new, and Jacob Wexler of the CAO’s office will talk with Barbara Ringuette, the Budget Advocates’ Vice-Chair of Development on how Budget Advocates, Budget Representatives, and stakeholders can learn about what goes into the Budget Advocates’ annual White Paper. 

Although the City budget can appear complicated to us ordinary folks, this will be the family-friendly edition delivered in ten minutes or less. 

Other presenters will be announced as they are confirmed. 

In addition to the individual speakers, Budget Day will include a panel of experts who will debate about when and whether the spaghetti will hit the City’s budget fan. 

The discussion will include the impact of the many fiscal challenges from the past 18 months, homelessness, infrastructure, and the rapid approach of the 2028 Olympics and its implication on the City’s future. In addition, panelists will address how some City commitments have been prioritized while others have been pared back in the current $11.5 billion budget. 

At 11:30 a.m., it will be time for attendees to break into groups and discuss local concerns and ways to prioritize the service needs of our communities. What should the City spend more on? Where can it find the money without raising taxes? These are issues important to all Angelenos. 

We encourage everyone – board members and stakeholders – concerned about where our City is headed to attend and provide their input. RSVP here or on our website at BudgetAdvocates.org – click on the budget day 2021 tab on top where information will be updated regularly.

After Budget Day, whether you attend or not, the Budget Advocates welcome all Neighborhood Council members and other Angelenos to participate in any aspect of our work – meeting with departments, writing reports or addressing challenges specific to certain neighborhoods. 

Please reach out, stating specific interests, to info@budgetadvocates.org.


(The Budget Advocates are an elected, all volunteer, independent advisory body charged with making constructive recommendations on the City's budget to the Mayor and City Council and inspiring City Departments to improve their operations. Budget Advocates engage with Neighborhood Councils across the City and solicit board member and stakeholder input on City services, inform Angelenos on the City's fiscal management and report on the City's progress.)