1. Call to order by President Anastasia Mann

  2. Roll Call

  3. Approval of minutes

  4. Election for Board Secretary Candidates: Britta Engstorm

  5. Public Official Reports

    1. a)  CD13 – Dan Halden, Office of Councilman Mitch O’Farrell

    2. b)  CD4 –Field Deputy, Madelynn Taras, Office of Councilmember David Ryu

    3. c)  Mayor’s Office, Central Area NC Rep, Angie Aramayo

    4. d)  46th Assembly District, Cindy Vallegas, Office of Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian

    5. e)  43rd Assembly District, Seamus Garrity from the Office of Assemblymember Laura


    6. f)  50th Assembly District, Office of Assemblyman Richard Bloom

    7. g)  25th Senatorial District, Vickere Murphy, District Representative, Office of Anthony


    8. h)  3rd Supervisorial District, Fernando Morales, Office of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

    9. i)  26th Senate State District, Allison Towle, Office of Senator Ben Allen

    10. j)  Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, Lorenzo Briceno

    11. k)  Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Joe Salaices

    12. l)  LAPD

    13. m)  LAFD

    14. n)  LADWP

    15. o)  LADOT

  6. President’s Report (Anastasia Mann )


Mulholland Drive Issues Update

  1. President’s comments

  2. LAPÐ presentation re Enforcement on Mulholland and neighboring streets.

    •   Capt Craig Valenzuela – North Hollywood LAPD

    •   SLO Barbara Galicia - North Hollywood LAPD

    •   Capt Cory Palka – Hollywood LAPD

    •   SLO Nicole Montgomery – Hollywood LAPD

    •   SGT Shannon Geaney – Hollywood LAPD

    •   Additional LAPD TBA

  3. Mulholland patrol and fire protection discussion w/ MRCA, RAP, DOT, DWP, City

    Attorney and LAPD Reps.

  4. Stakeholder update re City Lights area on Mulholland and DWP

Community Issues

i. Hollywood Hills new temp SLO: Nicole Montgomery- intro


  1. Lower Hills/Sunset -Franklin temp SLO: Tim Talman

  2. East end of HHWNC: Ben Thompson

  3. NoHo area/North Mulholland: TBA

  4. Discuss an HHWNC Board meet and greet with AREA SLOs hosted by LAPD.

c) Confirm next meeting date: November 21st is the day before Thanksgiving. Need to decide on a new date.

  1. First Vice President’s Report/PLUM Committee (Orrin Feldman)

    1. a)  6523 West Hollywood Boulevard - Harold's Chicken Shack

      Adolfo Suaya, the building's owner, has applied for permission to to have the City's Planning Department give one of the three (3) conditional use permits under this building's master conditional use permit issued to Harold's Chicken Shack. Harold's would offer a full line of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption at this restaurant, which would be Harold's first LA location. The proposed hours of operation would be from 11 a.m. to midnight daily. The restaurant would be operated by a franchise operator.

      Proposed Motion: The PLUM Committee recommends that HHWNC's Board vote to support the proposal to issue a conditional use permit for Harold's Chicken Shack's operation if the permit requires customers to buy food in order to also purchase alcoholic beverages at the restaurant.

    2. b)  7220 West Sunset Boulevard - Domino's Pizza

      The franchise operator of this Domino's Pizza location has applied to the City's Planning Department to extend the location's hours for take-out and delivery services from 11 p.m. to midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, and to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. There is no on-site dining at this Domino Pizza's location. The City's commercial corner rules for mini shopping centers requires Domino's Pizza otherwise to close at 11 p.m.

      Proposed Motion: The PLUM Committee recommends that HHWNC's Board vote to oppose Domino's Pizza's application to extend this site's hours of operation. While the Board doesn't have any opposition to Domino's operations at this site, the Board is concerned that any extension of this Domino's Pizza's hours of operation beyond what is permitted under the commercial corner rules might set an undesired precedent for this mini shopping center's other tenants and the tenants in other mini shopping centers nearby on Sunset Boulevard in HHWNC's Area 7.

  2. Treasurer’s Report (Michael Meyer)

    1. a)  Motion and Vote to approve monthly expenditure reports

    2. b)  Approve Funding request forms

    3. c)  Approve reimbursement to Serra Aladag in the amount of $71.18 for photocopies of the

      HHWNC Map Your Neighborhood Leadership Training brochure that she was authorized to distribute at the 2018 Love Festival."

  3. Second Vice President’s Report (Jane Crockett)


10. Secretary’s Report11. Committee Reports

  1. a)  Public Safety (Paul Jenkins)

    •   Purchase CERT kits for CERT 1 training = $996.46 (see attached quote)

    •   Motion to approve purchase of food and drink for 3 CERT 1 Training meetings

      (WeWork also sponsored 3) for a maximum of $300 ($100 per night). Actual costs may be closer to $80.

  2. b)  Transportation (Danielle Mead) - Runyon Canyon Dixon Study/ Recap of September 26 Parks and Transportation joint meeting and update on next steps.

  3. c)  Parks and Open Space (Jeffery Masino) – update on the Gay For Good 10th Anniversary Smokey The Bear Sign installation on Saturday, Oct. 13th.

  4. d)  Area 3/Business (Brian Dyer/Oren Katz)Sprint Towers

    In regards to ZA-2018-3107-CUW. Case is Conditional Use Permit pursuant to LAMC section 12.24.w49 for the installation of a new 66 foot, 8 inch high rooftop wireless telecommunications facility and associated equipment (on rooftop) on an existing 74 foot, 5 inch high apartment building, exceeding the 1vl height district of 45 feet.

    The Zoning Administrator, after several Area 3 stakeholders presented at the initial hearing on September 25, 2018l, has requested the case file be left open for sixty days so applicant can present to HHWNC.

    Possible motion and vote on CUP request.

  5. e)  Area 6/Outreach Committee (Mary Yarber/Cristina Diaz)

    The Holiday Caroling Singalong for Dec 14, 2018:

    Stakeholder Laura Devlin is once again offering to coordinate and Assist area six and ourcommunity chairs with organizing this year’s holiday sing-along.

    The 2017 event was “booked to capacity” within a few hours of posting. The eveningwas quite chilly which affected attendance, therefore this year the number would not be cut off.

    Budget would cover rental of the space at Wattles Gardens ($400), F&B (hot chocolate, cider, cookies, etc $450); Carolers/talent song leaders with sound system, or karaoke and projection ($450-$500). Chairs & tables provided by CD4. Heaters if possible (cost


for rentals, delivery & pick up is high). Possibly request financial assistance from CD 4 for heaters.

The 2017 event was sponsored by CD4. They cannot fund this year and advised that it should be a HHWNC event.

MOTION TO REQUEST UP TO $1500 FOR THE 2018 HHWNC HOLIDAY SINGALONG for rental, light refreshments and entertainment. CD 4 to provide chairs, tables and heaters.

12. Public Comments – Comments from the public on agenda items and non-agenda items withinthe Board’s subject matter jurisdiction. Public comments are limited to 2 minutes per speaker.

13. Old Business14. New Business15. Adjournment