K’TOWN ON ALERT-Koreatown came out ROARING in PROTEST against City Council President Herb Wesson and Mayor Garcetti’s glib attitude in coming out to Koreatown and announcing that the Temporary Homeless Shelter will be located at 682 S. Vermont -- the northern portion of CD 10 that is represented by Wesson.

BELL VIEW--Turns out, liberals aren't as smart as we think we are. So says University of Virginia Professor Gerard Alexander in an Op Ed in the New York Times.Like Professor Alexander, I too, have been trying to figure out a way to relate to the 32% of the population that currently governs the country.

CONSIDER THIS--Some people get their teeth cleaned like clockwork; others change the oil in their cars religiously; and there are those who, like me, never miss an election. I have been known to show up to vote when the only thing on the ballot is a runoff for community college trustee. No waiting in line at that one. 

BELL VIEW-The conviction of Bill Cosby this week on three counts of aggravated indecent assault once again stirred the pot of the #MeToo movement. By adding race to the mix, Cosby’s conviction gave those frightened of the movement of women to take control of the narrative of their lives more ammunition.

MORALITY POLITICS-Speaking as a male domestic violence counselor I was surprised but not shocked to learn about NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's history of abuse against women and his sudden resignation. 

EASTSIDER-Personally, I find President Trump uninteresting. I am very interested, on the other hand, in the group of people referred to in the news media as “The Base,” as if they were a new segment of the population which has magically appeared. 

IMMIGRATION PLITICS--The Orange County anti-sanctuary uprising took the national stage, as a coalition of politicians are in Washington to talk Republican political strategy with President Trump.

It’s a big day for these conservative California politicos, who come from a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 2 to 1 in the Legislature and the GOP voice has been largely muted. About a dozen of them were invited to attend an afternoon meeting in Washington with Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and ICE director Thomas Homan.

They’re gathering to discuss how to attack California’s sanctuary law passed last year that places some limits on cooperation with federal immigration information requests.

Dozens of cities and counties across California havepassed resolutionsor joined a federal lawsuit opposing that law, with the epicenter of that opposition in Orange County. It began with the small city of Los Alamitos, which passed a local ordinance that breaks state law. Other cities haven’t gone that far, but at least 13 of the 34 cities in Orange County have joined the resistance with statements of support. And the county board of supervisors voted to join the federal lawsuit against three California sanctuary laws.

Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel is part of the group meeting with the President, and so is the mayor of Los Alamitos, Troy Edgar. In an email, Edgar outlined what he hopes to discuss with Trump:

“First, I plan to thank him for our mutual interest in upholding the Constitution and I look forward to contributing to this dialogue on sanctuary and immigration law and policies,” Edgar said. He also hopes to get some financial help in fighting a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union against Los Alamitos’ ordinance, and any impending lawsuit that might be brought by the state of California.

“There will continue to be a significant price that comes with beginning this revolt in California,” Edgar said. “Any assistance that our city can be provided by direct or indirect funding would be appreciated.”

By early afternoon, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown weighed in:

Opposition to the sanctuary law is one of the few issues where Republicans have found a little political traction in California, and they plan to make immigration one of their cornerstone issues in the upcoming midterm elections.

The GOP faces an uphill battle for voters in California. They actually come in third in percentage of the state’s voters—with just 25.9 percent of registered voters, the Republicans not only trail the Democrats’ 44. percent but also are outnumbered by 29.4 percent of independent voters who choose no-party or other party affiliations.

According toPolitico, the anti-sanctuary contingent includes Steel, Edgar, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, Riverside County Assembly member Melissa Melendez, and Los Alamitos City Council member Warren Kusumoto, along with some municipal and law enforcement officials.


(David Gorn is an editor and reporter for public media, including NPR and its California stations. This piece was posted earlier at Capital and Main.) 



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PUBLIC ED IN PERIL?-That noisy rumbling sound in LA County comes from teachers who are in “teacher jail” rattling their cages at the news this week that the bought and paid for LAUSD Board of Education announced they hired Wall Street billionaire, Austin Beutner, to finally privatize the District.

POLITICS TO THE END--A Riverside County Superior Court judge Tuesday threw out California’s landmark law allowing physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients, just shy of its two-year anniversary.  

RANTZ & RAVEZ-On May 12 at the Skirball Center, I attended -- along with hundredsof Los Angeles residents, business owners and Los Angeles Reserve Police Officers -- the annual “Twice a Citizen” banquet honoring Los Angeles Reserve Police Officers, author Michael Connelly and actor Titus Welliver from the popular hit Bosch.LAPD Chief Charlie Back and his wife Sharon, along with many members of the LAPD command staff, line officers and detectives were also there to celebrate the 70thanniversary of the Los Angeles Police Reserve Corps and to honor Reserve Officers for their years of service to the people of Los Angeles. All were dressed in their Hollywood best to show appreciation and support for the Reserve Officers. 

CORRUPTION WATCH-In January 2015, the federal courts warned Californians that our entire state judicial system was suffering from an “epidemic of misconduct.”

AT LENGTH-For as long as I can remember, the narrative pushed by the Port of Los Angeles and other boosters of industry and commerce has been this: the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are an “economic engine” that are jointly responsible for more than $400 billion in annual cargo value and create some 190,000 jobs in Los Angeles and Long Beach. That’s 1 in 12 jobs with an impact of creating 2.8 million jobs nationally in direct or indirect employment. 

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