REVEALED—(Editor’s Note: The Los Angeles Times reported this weekend that Democratic Donor Ed Buck’s home was found littered with drug paraphernalia when the sheriffs answered a call to check on a dead body found there the night of July 27. Here’s what the Times reported on Saturday. Here’s what CityWatch and Jasmyne Cannick exposed way back on August 28.)The silence from LA’s Democratic community on the recent death of a 26-year-old Black gay male escort in the West Hollywood apartment of 63-year-old prominent Democratic political donor Ed Buck has been astounding. 

@THE GUSS REPORT-LA journalists will soon blindly trumpet that Mayor Garcetti’s animal shelters are “No Kill” when there is no such thing as a genuine no kill big city anywhere in the country. When they do this, those journalists own that lie. 

JUSTICE WATCH--A wealthy, white Southern California teen, accused of murder and premeditated murder in an Oct. 1 gang-related killing in South LA was released from jail after his parents posted the $5 million in bail. (Exclusive Jasmyne Cannick video here.

PREVEN REPORT--Why not use one or more docked decommissioned cruise ships as a stop-gap measure to provide temporary housing to homeless people in Los Angeles County?

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