ALPERN AT LARGE--Forever we'll debate the differences and similarities of men and women, and forever we'll debate whether treating women differently than men is empowering or demeaning to either gender.  But at least we're on our way as a society to one common conclusion: that treating other human beings like chattel or sexual objects is in no way acceptable or appropriate in a civilized society. 

CORRUPTION WATCH-The hypocrisy about sexual predators must stop -- at least in Los Angeles where it all began anew with Harvey Weinstein. For decades the Los Angeles District Attorney Office has viciously attacked the most famous victims of child rape -- Lyle and Erik Menendez. Even with the current documentaries and TV dramas, the viciously corrupt DA’s Office denies that Lyle and Erik were raped. 

EPPERHART EXPRESS--At the final White House briefing before Thanksgiving, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked reporters to say what they’re grateful for prior to asking their questions. One, at least, remembered to be thankful for the First Amendment. For the most part, the reporters were good natured about Sanders’ question, responding with the usual family, friends, and so on. I don’t think anyone mentioned Donald Trump as a source of gratitude. 

EASTSIDER--Did you ever start a project to find that it takes on a life of its own?  The tenants at 3212 Verdugo Road in Glassell Park (photo below right), and the owners desire to bulldoze them over into 10 small lot subdivision homes, has turned into one of those issues for me. 

BCK FILE--Another week has passed with yet more women coming forward with sexual harassment allegations against a who’s who of Hollywood and politics, including Sen. Al Franken, former SNL cast member, Roy Moore, the candidate to replace Attorney Jeff Sessions senate seat, Roy Moore, actor Jeffrey Tambor, and Russell Simmons, among others. 

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