CORRUPTION WATCH-What exactly is the “role of government?” Answer: to provide the context within which people can live their individual lives. Our government was established back when colonialists were victimized by the abuse of power exercised by England’s King George who was mentally unstable. As educated and wealthy men, American Revolutionary leaders recognized this fact and, accordingly, espoused some basic principles: 

BCK FILE--I’ve written my past few columns about what seems to be a floodgate of sexual harassment victims and each week, a few more men seem to be added to the list that is already bursting at the seams. Although pundits and social media commenters try to paint this as a partisan or “Hollywood” issue, harassment occurs in every industry and town. 

PERSPECTIVE-As much as the California High Speed Rail Authority would like to hold its own version of the Golden Spike ceremony that marked the completion of the first transcontinental railroad, it is more likely to experience rusty nails driven into its already beleaguered and overly-optimistic business plan. 

PLATKIN ON PLANNING--For those who care about the planet’s future, it has not been a good week.  There are no shortages of public officials who have dropped the ball, despite their power and bully pulpit to do good. (Graphic above: Maps of planet earth documenting observed global warming.) 

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