ALPERN AT LARGE--An interesting thing happened when my very large medical group had its meeting in Downtown Los Angeles.  Virtually no one came via mass transit, and no one realistically expected them to, despite attracting physicians and medical executives from all over Southern California. 

GELFAND’S WORLD--(This is another article in a continuing campaign to inform, educate and energize  Angelenos on the reformation of city government … explaining the how, the why and the possibilities.) The advantage to having term limits for City Council members is that you can look forward to seeing the ones you really dislike being forced into retirement -- somebody like Tom LaBonge for example. 

EDUCATION WATCH-The privatizers’ ideal candidate for California State Superintendent, Marshall Tuck, recently suffered a serious blow to his credibility when he announced he was returning a contribution from a mysterious anti-gay zealot but keeping over $61,000 from a PAC. The situation revealed a campaign scrambling to maintain a narrative that appeals to California’s mostly progressive voters when the reality is much darker.

@THE GUSS REPORT-Despite denying for the past year that he is a bigamist, Los Angeles City Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. is on the precipice of getting what he has pursued for the past dozen years: a divorce from Lynn Suzette Green, a Trenton, NJ, attorney, to whom he is presently married. Price is also presently married to Delbra Richardson, a Los Angeles real estate professional.

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