AT LENGTH--It seems like it was just two short years ago that we lived in a country that was moving forward past historic racial divides with the election of the first black president —a man who brought intelligence, grace and compassion to our highest office without a hint of scandal. 

NEW GEOGRAPHY--The Republican Party’s road to the 2018 mid-terms looks increasingly like Pickett’s Charge, the Confederate assault on fixed Union positions that marked the high-water mark for the southern cause. After achieving its greatest domination of elective office in 80 years, the GOP seems likely to get slaughtered.

COMMUNICATIONS POLITICS--The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced it will next month vote on a plan to repeal net neutrality laws that require internet providers to give consumers equal access to all content online. A repeal would be bad news for everyone  --  especially women, whose voices, causes and businesses are often shut out of mainstream media. 

MUSINGS BY MIRISCH-There’s something about Pixar and senior citizens. The world’s leading animation studio, groundbreaking within an art form traditionally associated with children and families, seems to be at its absolute best when making pictures featuring senior citizen characters -- perhaps the least traditional of animation characters -- in prominent roles. 

420 FILE—(Editor’s Note: For Californian’s ‘drug war’ is descriptive of the Golden State’s relationship with the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. CA needs more help from its representatives in DC to protect the voter voice that approved the legalization of marijuana. Here ‘s the latest on the battle with Sessions.)

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